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  • I just saw this film and thought i'll find out what people say about this film on IMDb. Guess what, NOTHING AT ALL!! Mithun in a totally convincing double role plays the main villain Amavas and the son Shakti who is an inspector. What can i say?, This film has everything action, romance, great storyline, great songs, the background score every time they show the villain Amavas (Mithun) is slightly chilling yet tense which totally adds to the quality of the film. And also the great Mithunda is in his best role ever for which he even won a film fare award 1995 (best villain). This is the only film directed by T.L.V Prasad that is actually brilliant (its also the only one to receive an award & some critical acclaim), he tried recreating the magic of Jallaad in his other 20+ films with Mithun but they weren't this good. Trust me, this double role is not like the one mithun played in the boring "Swarg Yahan Narak Yahan"(1991) which is a copy of Amitabh/Dilip kumar film "Shakti". People think that Mithuns films like Surakshaa, Wardaat, disco dancer and commando (amongst others) are his best. There are good but are in no way up to the standard of this film. This film is an action film too but not those brainless ones that mithun made in the 80s and 90s, This one actually has a brilliant storyline which touches on politics, childhood abandonment, hatred and ultimately revenge. BOTTOM LINE:- Watch this entertaining film and you'll enjoy it, GUARANTEED!!!.
  • I've seen Jallad many times, and I have enjoyed the film every time I watched it. Mithun, The Legend Of Indian Cinema delivers a performance of a lifetime, In fact he won a Filmfare and Star Screen awards for Best Vllain.

    Mithun is a superb actor, his energy and style is untouchable. Jallad is a superb film.

    Don't miss Jallad, watch it for its interesting storyline and the award winning performance by Mithun. Jallad was a huge hit at the box office, when it had released in 1995. The film is a must watch, watch for the Milestone called Mithun.
  • Jallad review :

    Mithun Chakraborty, an excellent actor that he is, could rise above any godamn script to make an entertaining film. A thrice National award winner, Mithunda gave another winning performance in Jallad (1995) which fetched him the Filmfare award for Best villain.

    Before a few of you start sniggering about Mithunda, I would advise you to please watch his Mrigayaa (1976), Tahader Katha (1992) and Swami Vivekananda (1998) to understand what a great actor he is!!

    Anyway, Jallad was a part of Mithun's mid 90s Ooty phase where he made some three dozen odd films in span of five years all directed by TLV Prasad. This was the best amongst them all and featured Prabhuji (Thats how Mithun is still referred to in North India interiors which formed the loyal market for his Ooty products. Prabhuji, by the way, means God) in a double role of baap-beta.

    As Baap, Prabhuji is called Amavas, an opportunist, who uses a fellow politician Kader Khan to win the local election and renames himself Vijay Bahadur Kunwar. He also marries the much older Moushumi Chatterjee while deserting his pregnant girlfriend Madhoo.

    In a world class ham scene, Madhoo gives birth to Amavas' child while arguing with Bhagwaan in typical Amitabh Bachchan style. Phew! Anyway, beta grows up to be a cop and stiff opponent to baap's nefarious activities. The voluptuous Rambha forms the love and lust interest of both son and father respectively.

    The baap beta confrontation scene is the film's highlight :

    "Arre paida hi hona tha, to apni maa ki shakal leke paida hota, humri kahe lee?" asks baap Mithun.

    "Main tere paapo ka saans leta saboot hoon", the son Mithun retorts..

    Quite naturally, there is nothing in Jallad other than Prabhuji Mithunda and his villainous act is simply brilliant. Whether ordering a riot for political gains or gyrating to Sonu Walia's item number, Mithun Chakraborty is first rate. The film is not.

    Regards, Sumeet Nadkarni.
  • farazdiana3 November 2019
    If you are a Mithun fan plz watch this movie. No one could have played this role better then Mithun himself. Jallaad story is nothing new but all characters in this movie are okay madho didn't have much in the movie.Watch it for Mithun plays the negative character and positive it's a double role. Cannot get over his acting even if this movie was to be remade couldn't decide who can do justice to this Role..
  • elshikh429 October 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    So, according to the Indian movies, all the Indian politicians are deeply corrupted; namely thieves and killers! But anyhow, this time, there was a good movie there. The story of Mr. Corruption, who's running after some chair, preparing for some election, then finds a lost son / an honest officer from a forgotten past--was catchy. As if the relationship between such a man and justice is illegal. The idea of a conflict between them could have been great. But the thing is the movie I watched wasn't great.

    It takes the outward of everything, mixes it with cheesy movie-making, then ends it with crazy violence. I didn't love the outcome of that at all. Not even as a commercial take on real life, since nearly nothing was real in it. The only real thing from my point of view was that pure hatred to the Indian politicians. As they're the devil in earth, or maybe more damned!

    The music number of (Kya Kehti Hai), in which the lead sings with his love, reached a new level of being campy; look at the dance's moves, the uncountable dancers who appear suddenly from no where to sing and dance gaily with the leads, only in the Indian movies I think (at least they were made as a daydream this round!), then the horrible costumes; orange nightmare; that's all what I can say about them! By the way, save few scenes, the whole movie is artistically dry. Some scenes, like the wife's flashback of her wedding night, were theatrically and poorly directed.

    Over and above, look at the heroine; she's someone who the lead loves, sings and dances with, then rescues later. Does somebody, anybody, hear about making a character before? But wait a minute, who needs that here in the first place? The 47-year-old (Mithun Chakraborty) seemed old and weary as the son, and no way close to 20 something! I hated some coincidences and exaggerations. Some of them might have been better with another writing. And when it comes to the way the bad guys "jump" in this movie, as in the street's fight, I must laugh my heart out!

    The last sequence sums up the movie's case well; with primitive cinematography, loud music, idiot melodrama, or not well made one, and the violent solution. It was ugly killing to any beauty that this movie has. However, from assured angle, it is a rare movie. To challenge the famous Indian values of Gandhi about indulgence, and "eye for an eye makes a blind world", was something that I didn't see much in the mainstream Indian movies. Yes, the revenge theme runs like blood in the veins of Bollywood, but not to this extent; notice well that the lead killed the evil man while the last was unarmed, rather we saw the lead's "god" suggests the killing itself, with decapitated head in the hand. And when the movie punishes his lead with only 3 years in prison, it just harmonies with the fact that the photo of Gandhi never showed up all the time. What agreed with this spirit of disrespect was the way the movie parodied a holy icon in the Indian cinema, or the Indian history, (Sholay - 1975), in separate short comic relief.

    Along with the basic story, that was never completed, the bright points were few. Surely their first was (Chakraborty)'s performance as the evil man. I knew later that he won The Filmfare award, and The Star Screen award, both for "The Best Villain". No wonder since he did a fine effort with it, giving no chance to his other role, the lead, to shine even if a little. One of his best scenes, and one of the movie's as well, was when he demanded from his secretary to hit him right in the middle of a fixed riot. The hypocrisy of such a character was so true and bitter it's laughable. (Kader Khan) was fine also, as he always is. His performance was a genuine thing unlike many things, if not all the things, around.

    Finally, it's a movie to discharge negative emotions towards unfair chiefs, but surprisingly it looks made by these unfair chiefs themselves. Since it, with an easy bloody end such as that, discharges all the negative emotions, transforming the viewer into emotionless, real dull, person with no vitality to resistant. Or - in other cases - someone who solves anything and everything with his gun; i.e. a killer. Bad result, and brusque movie, both ways!
  • Too many plot holes and unnecessary scenes. Otherwise, good direction, good editing. Mithun as his best. Every actors did well. Chinai chun chun is good music, my childhood one. Overall not a bad one.