Quotes (28)

Potiphar: And to whom are these prayers addressed to? Which gods?

Joseph: Only one, my lord.

Potiphar: Only one god. Must be very poor indeed.

[crowd laughs]

Joseph: My God provides for all my needs.

Potiphar: He hasn't done very well for you, has he?

[more laughter]

Ednan: I thought you were pious, boy. Are you too good to pray to our gods?

Joseph: No, not too good. Only... I, I only pray to the God of my fathers.

Ednan: Well you won't find Him in Egypt.

Pharaoh: The answer is obvious. Then can be no better man for this job then this man himself.

[gestures to Joseph]

Pharaoh: Can we find anyone endowed with a spirit of God as he is?

Pharaoh's Wife: I think not.

Pharaoh: Well said wife.

Simeon: First he sets Joseph above us and now Benjamin...

Judah: [grabs him] Then so be it! We will not tease God another time!

Potiphar's Wife: [after Joseph is spared execution] You sent him to prison? At your pleasure? What about my honor?

Potiphar: What honor?

Potiphar's Wife: How dare you!

Potiphar: I know you, wife. I know you.

Potiphar's Wife: You don't understand. Whatever you may think of me... how could you? How could you humiliate me like that?

Potiphar: Because one humiliation deserves another. Wife, anyone who knows Joseph also knows that if he swears by his God then he's telling the truth.

Joseph: I have seen the evils of rape! It is hateful to me and an abomination in the eyes of God.

Pharaoh: Look upon my face.

Joseph: But surely, great Pharaoh, this is forbidden.

Pharaoh: Only to people who know I am a god. Since you hold some primitive being in higher regard, I think you can look upon me without burning up. Go on, try it.

Joseph: What is your name?

Benjamin: I am called Benjamin, master. How is it that the master comes to speak our tongue? Has you traveled to our lands?

Joseph: [recoils] God be gracious to you, my son.

[Joseph leaves and cries to himself]

Benjamin: Was I wrong to ask the master how he came to speak our tongue?

Ednan: The master has traveled far and wide. He knows a great deal.

Joseph: Forgiveness is greater than vengeance; compassion more powerful than anger.

Potiphar: As I myself have learned.

Joseph: I don't think my father's wealth brings him much joy.

Potiphar's Wife: Then what would?

Joseph: I would imagine... if he could see me again.

Potiphar's Wife: You know your freedom is within my gift.

Potiphar: You had better prostrate quickly.

Joseph: You know I cannot.

Pharaoh: [furious] You what?

Joseph: Clearly the Pharaoh is greatness itself but my faith decrees that I can only kneel before God - even on pain of death.

Pharaoh: [laughs] Come forward. Take heed, magicians. Whatever happens, I know this man won't lie to me.

Potiphar: I'd be careful if I were you. You worship as you like in Canaan but in Egypt only Pharaoh, son of Ra, is god.

Potiphar's Wife: They say whatever he touches flourishes.

Potiphar: Is this true?

[Ednan nods]

Potiphar: Do you think you could bring some order in my home if I brought you out of the fields?

Joseph: Out of the fields, master, I can do anything.

Potiphar: Then out of the fields you shall be! We will see just how things flourish under your hand or perhaps, the hand of your God.

Potiphar's Wife: What is more important to you? His God or my good name?

Potiphar: The truth?

Potiphar's Wife: The truth.

Potiphar: Yes, that's what matters.

Joseph: [screams] God! My God! Why have You forsaken me?

Pharaoh's Wife: [whispers] He is a beautiful boy.

Asenath: Yes, he is.

Pharaoh's Wife: Do you know what his crime was?

Asenath: I've heard the rumors but I don't believe them. He doesn't strike me as a fool. And everyone knows that Potiphar's wife deceives him.

Joseph: Your husband has entrusted me with everything in his house. The only thing I cannot touch is you!

[pushes himself away]

Joseph: How could I betray your husband and sin against God?

Potiphar's Wife: The time will come.

Joseph: Forgiveness is greater than vengeance. Compassion more powerful than anger.

Simeon: Come to save him, have you?

Reuben: I won't have the boy's blood on my hands.

Judah: It's too late for that now.

Pharaoh's Wife: Asaneth on the other hand...

Pharaoh: Yes, let me guess. She's so taken with this foreign slave. Oh yes, nothing escape's Pharaoh's eye when it comes to a woman.

[Paces and looks at Asaneth]

Pharaoh: She thinks he has the answer.

Asenath: By your own word lord, we know he does nothing against his conscience - even on pain of death. And you yourself seemed reluctant to have him hanged. There must have been a reason why you withheld your mighty hand and spared him to see another day.

Pharaoh: [places his ring on Joseph's finger] I make you the governor of all Egypt. I place you over my house, my people, my kingdom. From this day forward no man shall life a hand or foot without your consent. Your name shall be "Zapaneth Paneah".

[beckons to Asaneth]

Pharaoh: And this fine woman shall be your wife.

Joseph: What is your name?

Asenath: I am Asenath, daughter of the high priest of On.

Joseph: What is my name, my new name? I have forgotten it already.

Asenath: Zapaneth Paneah.

Joseph: Zapaneth Paneah. What does it mean?

Asenath: The savior. Am I pleasing to you?

Joseph: Yes, greatly.

Reuben: Father, I cannot leave Simeon in prison. If I fail to bring Benjamin back I offer the lives of my own two sons.

Jacob: How typical of you, Reuben. If I lose Benjamin I can begin exterminating my entire family!

Judah: You're a very courageous girl, Tamar.

Tamar: But not brave enough to face death.

Judah: That won't happen. I have enough to answer for. The crime of taking your life for something I have done is more than I can bear.

[embraces her]

Judah: You were right and I was wrong. I should have given you to Selah. The only sin there is belongs to me.

Judah: You will live to have your child and raise him as a mother should. Living in your own tent with respect and love.

[kisses Tamar]

Merchant: He's submissive, he's obedient, and he knows his place! Never opens his mouth except to pray.

Potiphar: Is that true, boy?

Merchant: Answer the master!

[Joseph nods]

Joseph: I am not a vindictive man. You can return to your father. I shall keep only Benjamin.

All brothers: No!

Joseph: You DARE to raise your voice to me? Men can die for less!