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  • I can't understand why there are so many poor reviews of this movie. And some to say that this is the worst movie Pauley Shore has ever done. I've seen it about a million times, and I think it is just as hilariois nearly every time I see it. And, sure Pauley Shore's most classic movie may forever be Son in Law, but com'mon, I do not think this is the worse thing he's ever done.

    Jury Duty is largely a parody of Twelve Angry Men, and ...And Justice for All. Tommy Collin's (Shore) mom and her soon-to-be husband take their trailor and head off to Vegas for a quickie marriage. So, unemployed Tommy, in need of a place to stay, finds an opportunity for an extended stay at a luxury suite while serving jury duty on a high profile murder trial. The suspect is "Drive Thru Killer," Carl Wayne Bishop (Whalen), and now his fate is to be determined by eleven jurors who just want to vote him guilty and go home, and one juror (Tommy) who wants to prolong the jury sequestering as long as he can. Eventually, it turns into a parody of Twelve Angry Men when Tommy, trying to prove Carl Wayne Bishop's innocence, must find a way to prove to the other jurors that reasonable doubt exists.

    If you know Pauley Shore, you know that going to be no easy task, but it is also going to be a hilarious endeavor. And the supporting cast of jurors are just as funny as they become ever more irritable as it seems like a verdict is never going to be reached, especially Richard Edson and Sean Whalen.

    So why all the negative reviews? It is such a stupid story, so stupid that it is funny. And it is Pauley Shore, doing what Pauley Shore does best, acting like a total nut and having a blast doing it. For a load of laughs and a waste of some time, Jury Duty is not a bad choice.
  • buttons-318 October 1998
    This is one of the worst movies I think I've ever seen in my life. Who on earth spent money on this piece of junk. Whoever they are I am sure they are regretting it. I am not a Pauly Shore basher, I really liked Son In Law, but this movie is worthless. Do not see it, I'd say burn it and put it out of its misery.
  • Typical Pauly Shore fare that has him stalling the verdict on a murder trial so he can stay in a plush hotel longer. Naturally he has cut a deal to be in the President's suite of a different inn than the other jurors. Anyway as time progresses, it appears that Shore might be on to something when he tries to convince the others that the case is not as cut-and-dried as it appears. Some outstanding performers (most notably Shelley Winters, Charles Napier, Tia Carrere and Stanley Tucci) somehow found their way on this downer. 2 stars out of 5.
  • I think that Jury Duty was stupid but very funny. Pauly Shore is funny because he exists. There's room for anyone in comedy and he proves this point. I'm not sure if this movie damages brain cells, but I watched this movie alone and laughed my ass off. A little tasteless at times. I wonder if Pauly Shore wrote any of it. Andrew Dice Clay made an appearence, I think he's a good actor, very funny. Tia Carrere is a good actress also. It's a true comedy if you think about it, stupid, funny, there's only one part of the film that I didn't find funny. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Pauly Shore's mother runs the comedy circuit, so that's pretty funny in itself. Did he get on the big screen just by talent. You be the judge:)
  • In the future people will not be able to understand the OJ Simpson references that are made in this movie. It is a timely comedy, set to a backdrop of a gruesome killing. The hero, a stupid man named Tommy Collins (Pauly Shore) exposes the jury system for what it is. Instead of making us laugh, it made me think, that courts actually decide the fates of men's lives by using juries. Who is to say who would make a good juror. Anyhow, if your in the mood for something light, pick this film up at your local video/DVD store and give it a chance. It's not too bad, and watching Pauly Shore in a g-string and a bottle of milk poured on him is likely to get even the most Anti-Shore laughing.

    Also look for guest appearance by Andrew Dice Clay as Pauly's uncle.
  • phillafella17 October 2003
    JURY DUTY is exactly what you would expect from Pauly Shore: obnoxious, silly and ridiculous. Here, Shore plays a jobless boy who decides he can get himself a free hotel room by posing as a juror for a murder trial. Usually, I give movies what they deserve, but since Shore never made a good movie, I have to give him credit. I mean, here is another guy whose movies were successful at the box office, but had little or nothing to show for it. If you are a fan of Pauly, I doubt you will be disappointed. Others beware, for JURY DUTY will be a real trial to sit through.

    1 out of 5
  • Jury Duty (1995)

    BOMB (out of 4)

    Pauly Shore plays Tommy Collins, a spoiled brat of a human who can't keep a job down. He lives with his mom (Shelley Winters) and thinks he's gotten the "job" of a lifetime when he's offered jury duty, which will provide him free room and bored as well as some fun.

    When you look back at the 1990's it seems that there were several comedies making some really awful movies. To most people Shore was the most boring and obnoxious of the group of comedies but I honestly enjoyed his act. I loved him in ENCINO MAN as well as SON IN LAW, which allowed him to have the lead spot but after that things started to go rather bad and JURY DUTY is the prime example.

    I don't know the production history of this movie but at the time the O.J. Simpson case was in the headlines and there's even a joke about it in the film. I'm going to guess that this movie was put into production to try and cash-in on that craze but this is without question one of the worst comedies of the decade.

    It honestly seems like the screenplay was never finished and they just let Shore loose in a courtroom to be his obnoxious self. Again, I think Shore is funny but it's clear that he has nothing to work with here and you get non-stop annoying jokes that make you want to turn the movie off. It's just not funny and the film just grows more and more aggrevating as it moves along. It's really too bad that more wasn't done with it and especially since there is a nice supporting cast.
  • I first saw this movie when I was in grade school, so naturally I wasn't too critical. It's a silly comedy and I got a few laughs at the time. I also didn't see what people hated about Pauly Shore. When you're 11 years old, you don't find a dude like that obnoxious. Now...he pretty much annoys the crap out of me.

    I'm not jumping onto the bandwagon of Pauly Shore-haters. As a matter of fact, I recall very few comic actors who hardly retain an ounce of merit. The thing that's jarring about Shore is he tries hard to hammer a laugh out of his audience, but he does it in such a dull, low-key manner. If you're gonna be obnoxious, flaunt your obnoxiousness. Obnoxious can be funny. Just look at Vince Vaughn's portrayal of Trent in "Swingers." Shore is like that class clown who tries hard to annoy everyone in sight, yet at the same time tries hard to be liked. If Shore had charm, that might be possible. A guard dog has more charm than him.

    The cast is pretty much second-rate. Tia Carrerre would grab any script that's hurled in her direction, and so would Abe Vigoda. Sure, Vigoda was popular in his hayday, but that's the whole point. He was popular IN HIS HAYDAY. Andrew Dice Clay has an amusing cameo, though. And what in the world was Stanley Tucci doing in this film??!!! Yes, THE Stanley Tucci. The Stanley Tucci from "Sidewalks of New York" and "Big Night." And here he is, playing a fanatical environmentalist. I can betcha 100 bucks this film is now crossed off his resume.

    Unless you're a die-hard Pauly Shore fan, this film is as boring as sitting in a jury for 4 straight hours--and the movie's only 90 minutes long! The only hints of wit are occasional references to "12 Angry Men."

    My score: 3 (out of 10)
  • There is a scene early on in "Jury Duty" when Pauly Shore stands on a bus and imitates a town tour guide. It is obvious that this scene was written to showcase Pauly Shore's comedic talents, however, he makes noises and is loud and generally obnoxious and unfunny.

    "Jury Duty" is the point where Pauly Shore officially abused his stay in movies. After this movie, he would forever be sanctioned to the lunch table in the corner with the smelly kid, Carrot Top and the Noid from the Dominoes commercials. But not until he showed the world his versatility in Bio-Dome.

    Jury Duty is bad. Not bad like "In the Army Now," but close. There is little originality to the script, no amusing characters and about four funny lines. I did enjoy the scene where the witnesses from restaurants give testimonies in their respective fast food uniforms. There isn't much else here. It just isn't funny.

    Shore also lacks the wit his idiotic leading men contemporaries like Adam Sandler and Chris Farley showed in the 90s. These were all, more or less, bad versions of Steve Martin's wonderful "Jerk" character. All Shore shows in this movie is that he has the talent to bug you.

    Of course, not all the blame can be put on his shoulders. He has no script to work with. Nothing. I don't know why Stanley Tucci thought this movie would be good for him and or how the studio blackmailed him into being in it.

    I remembered both "Encino Man" and "Son in Law" were kind of funny in a stupid way. "Jury Duty " on the other hand is stupid in a very unfunny way.
  • Well if you're not a Pauly Shore fan, skip this one, but if in facts, you appear to like him, this one might please you. I'm not very picky when it comes to movies, but I'd say this one was not bad at all. Lots funny parts and stuff, maybe you would like to rent it first though, but well worth the money!.

    Pauly Shore is of course a like it or not, the way he tries to sound annoying might offend you, but like I said earlier, I don't really care about it, as long as its funny!

    Too bad he stopped making movies!

    I give it an 8!
  • Tommy Collins (Pauly Shore) drives off all the ladies and loses the stripper job at his uncle Sal's. He is hopelessly unemployed and living with his mom (Shelley Winters). The police captures the Drive-Thru Killer and Tommy gets jury duty. His mom takes off for Vegas and he's aiming to get sequestered for a long free hotel stay. And it pays $5 a day. Monica (Tia Carrere), Frank (Stanley Tucci) and Tommy's old Principal Beasely (Richard Riehle) are some of the jurors.

    Pauly Shore is playing the moron and a slacker jerk. He's doing it solo. It's boring and unfunny. The script is stupid and not in a funny way. It's like a really weak '12 Angry Men'. The best I could say about this movie is that Pauly Shore could have been more annoying. That's little comfort.
  • Pauly Shore is just not funny. How can one man continually create such irritatingly grating roles one after another and still be allowed to make more movies ? Answer: if Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Chris Elliott, and Tom Green can do it, why not ? The one thing that does carry this film is by filling it with actors who do know what they are doing so that he can ride on their coat tails and stay in the minds of a tiny legion of fans blind to the truth. Tia Carrera shines in this movie as she struggles to remain aloft, but Shore just drags her down to his level at the end. Richard Riehle starts out like everyone else wondering how he got into this mess and how to get out, but then gets brainwashed to down to Shore's level. Some of the film is funny, much of it is not. Shore's dog, a long-haired chihuahua, does a better job at being funny as well as carrying the movie. Another thing which makes the movie is spotting the celebrity cameos through out the plot. If only they got rid of Shore, maybe it would have worked!
  • This is a perfect example of someone with little to no talent succeeding as a comic or actor simply because he was born into a family with connections in the film industry. Pauly Shore's mother owned The Comedy Store. He is not funny. His acting abilities are pitiful. For every "Pauly Shore" there are thousands of better or more more talented actors. That is the name of the game in Hollywood with so many people. Please don't misunderstand. There are supremely talented actors who were born into similar conditions (or far worse) that have succeeded wildly. I will not name anyone, as I don't want to denigrate them. However, this is an exception. I have no doubt in my mind this guy would never had a chance if not for family connections. I am not an actor (and never have been). However, I am a huge fan of films in general. This is one of the worst cases I can think of where the person achieved "Superstardom" (not my quote) for the reasons I listed above.
  • bkoganbing1 February 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not a hater of Pauly Shore by any means, he can be a very funny guy and I rather liked Biodome which came after this film. But this one really stretched Shore's smart aleck personality way too far.

    Jury Duty is now something I try to avoid figuring that back in the day I served on three of them at one time or another. And the next time I'm eligible I would be over 70 years old and would get an automatic exemption should I choose. But if you have nothing else to do, your life isn't going anywhere, why not take that magnificent sum of $5.00 a day for service.

    That's what Shore figures when his mother Shelley Winters and her long time boyfriend Charles Napier get married and he's at loose ends. And wouldn't you know it, he gets on the jury of an accused serial killer, Sean Whalen. Shore however finds a way to make Jury Duty not only profitable, but quite comfortable.

    Whalen is accused of butchering and dismembering several fast food managers when he's found sleeping at the place their bodies were stashed. If he didn't do it his hopes for justice rest on the shoulders of Pauly Shore a fate I'd not wish on anyone.

    Pauly gets way too over the top in Jury Duty and you'd better like him if you have any hopes of liking this film. Also I just can't believe that fellow juror Tia Carrere would ever fall for someone like Shore. But that's movie magic for you.

    Among other places Pauly takes his cues from is that flawed classic 12 Angry Men. When I reviewed that I said that Henry Fonda's actions, one in particular would have been grounds for a mistrial. Ironically because of what Shore does, Judge Abe Vigoda does declare a mistrial.

    Justice does get served in a highly unusual manner. If that pleases you by all means see Jury Duty. Otherwise people who are not Pauly Shore's fans will have a hard time with this film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When jobless Tommy Collins discovers that sequestered jurors earn free room and board as well as $5-a-day, he gets himself assigned to a jury in a murder trial.

    Once there, he does everything he can to prolong the trial and deliberations and make the sequestration more comfortable for himself......

    Depending on how you feel about Shore will make or break this film for you. As the box office shows, his popularity and schtick was wearing thin after the likes of Son-In-Law, and In The Army Now, but here, he appears to be that little bit more humble, and thanks to a wealth of support, it doesn't outstay its welcome.

    It starts off with a random joke about Tuna Salad, and its so leftfield that it is laugh out loud funny, and that's the last time I laughed throughout the film.

    Don't get me wrong, I smiled during the film, and appreciated a few of the jokes, but I watched this for one reason, I'm so curious about Shores career, he made a massive impact with Encino Man, and the studio gave a rare picture deal, its a kind of sadistic thing to do, but I want to see if the movies were really that bad, because they crashed and burned, but they are nothing out of the ordinary.

    The film starts like any other of his, a brief introduction, the realisation that he's a little eccentric, the concept, the love interest, he wins over who he wants to, they find out that he's done something selfish, he wins them over again.....end of.

    It's hardly a spoiler, this tropes happen in the majority of comedies released in the nineties, and they are all harmless enough, much like this.
  • Meredith-717 May 2004
    In my opinion, a film starring Pauly Shore is going to be bad, however, while some of his films are good/bad (Encino Man), this is not one of them. This is Shore at his most gratingly annoying, throw in a tired storyline & terrible jokes & you have jury duty. Nothing can save this film, it's bad from start to finish. I expected better from some of the cast - they must have really needed the money. The strange thing is the premise of the story could really work - if it had different actors, an appealing lead & a much better script. Unless you are a die hard Pauly Shore fan I suggest you stay away from this one. There are thousands of better films to watch.
  • See this film if you're not in the mood for something too heavy. Pauly Shore is his usual comical self, not doing anything that requires major mental work. Tia Carrere is hot and juicy... and Stanley Tucci does his thing once again to critical acclaim. The film came out when the OJ Simpson saga was transpiring on all of our television sets, so it is worth seeing to just remind you of that time in our recent history.
  • When this was released for video (the same year it was released in theaters, a shockingly low 3 month gap in between) I was expecting it to be just a silly, lightweight farce involving no imagination. Nothing much can really be expected from Shore's movies but despite his whiny personas, they can be fun on a mindless, youthful level.

    Since everyone else in this movie is a caricature, all it has going for it is Pauly Shore's whiny personas and nothing but. At first it's harmless but as soon as Shore's character cheats the judicial system it becomes both excruciatingly brainless and dull. The film's main point was to spoof the almost coinciding Simpson case, but all the "humor" in that (and Shore's "attempt" at "humor") was completely idiotic.

    If it weren't for the scene with the dog on the game show, I'd have to honestly say that this is *THE* worst movie ever.
  • Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I have always found Pauly Shore to be a mildly funny guy. Apparently I'm one of the few people in the world who thinks so since he no longer has a film career. There was, however, a time in 1990s where Pauly Shore did have a film career and a moderately successful one that. A year before the awful BIO-DOME ended his film career, there was JURY DUTY, possibly the only comedy from the 1990s that is hated as much as BIO-DOME. Currently, JURY DUTY holds a 3.5 user rating here on IMDb, which is undeserved in my opinion. I'm willing to bet half the people that voted a 1 for this movie have never even seen it. They simply voted it a 1 because they are one of the millions of Pauly Shore haters in the world. As I said before, I find him to be somewhat funny, which is probably why I enjoy the film to a certain extent. It's pretty funny for what it is. I enjoy the premise and the energy of the film. It's not a great comedy by any means, but it has some good laughs and Pauly Shore is likable in the lead role. Besides, any movie with Tia Carrere is okay in my book. It's not Pauly Shore's best work, though its passable fun entertainment. Highlights included the opening scene at the strip club and the "penis, penis, penis" scene. My rating: 5/10
  • Tommy still lives with his parents in a trailer park. He's trying to improve himself, but his parents aren't really pushing him. Though Tommy's father has a dream: collect styrofoam, no matter how dirty, from all the dumpsters and landfills he and Tommy can find, clean it, and recycle it. Oh, yeah, that's the way to live.

    One possible job for Tommy: a stripper at the club where his Uncle Sal works. Sal gives him a chance because he's family, but he just hasn't got the talent. Or the body.

    Then comes the terrible news: Tommy's parents are finally going to get married. In Las Vegas. But where will he live until they return? The couple who will take care of him are even worse than being homeless.

    But wait! That notice Tommy got in the mail about being called for jury duty. He can make a little money doing that, if it's a long trial. And he has to make sure to get a case where he gets sequestered. And, oh yeah, in nearly all situations like this ... do I really have to say what's going to happen?

    And the defendant is an accused serial killer who one can't possibly like, with an incompetent lawyer.

    One more detail: Although he ends up in a suite with the principal who expelled him from high school and still hates him--and keeps him up all night listening to motivational tapes--Tommy manages to con the hotel into giving him the best accommodations he can ask for!

    How have I never seen this? I love Pauly Shore movies. Actually, Shore didn't have quite the edge that I'm used to in this one. He had some great moments when he was trying to make sure he didn't get on the wrong kind of jury, and toward the end he really does a good job, considering he's Pauly Shore.

    I was concerned at one point, but the last 20 minutes or so make this movie really worth seeing. Sure, the writers have no concept of what would be legally permissible, and the number of offenses by jurors and other participants that could have resulted in a mistrial or contempt charges would fill a filing cabinet. But it's all entertaining. Eventually.

    Tia Carrere is really pretty and she has some good scenes. But it's hard to believe from his performance here that Abe Vigoda was ever part of such a respected show as "Barney Miller".

    You pretty much have to like Adam Sandler and Pauly Shore to like a movie of this type.
  • I've heard about how awful Pauly Shore's humour is. This film easily and quickly confirmed that.

    This film is a horrible parody of a great film, "12 Angry Men". It disgusted me to see such a great film treated so.

    You are better off steering clear of this film. If you are interested in a quality drama, just watch "12 Angry Men"; if you want a good laugh, make sure Pauly Shore is not in it.
  • hipriti12 December 2004
    It is a bad movie that gives wrong idea out to the public. There is no way that wasting taxpayer's money can be made to look funny. The guy is healthy educated guy and living on his parents money. And then he decides to live off tax payers' money like a parasite. That certainly does not count as funny.

    Being a jury is a serious business. Making a comedy is a serious business. Unfortunately, the movie maker seems to care for neither. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. It is a waste of time.

    The actors did a fairly fine job in the given scope. Story and direction failed the movie.
  • ...and Pauly Shore was exactly that: a one trick pony. A comedy based around one guy's complete immaturity and inability to survive without leeching off others is all well and good, but when you start making an entire career out of them, it wears thin pretty quickly. It's just like Bob Goldthwait's or Jim Carrey's career based on pulling stupid faces and screaming incoherently, or Jerry Bruckheimer's career based on absolute disrespect for simple facts. Eventually, people are going to get tired of you doing the same thing over and over, then you're going to be all washed up.

    Having said all of that, Pauly Shore's last vaguely credible comedy, Jury Duty, is not too bad for the once-over. Having never seen Twelve Angry Men, I can't comment on its relative dramatic merits, but as a comedy it is passable. After all, who can't laugh at an imbecile who has spent his entire life cheating the system or other people suddenly deciding that getting on a jury and being sequestered is a pretty sweet deal. At first, he is deadlocking the jury because he just wants more free food, but he soon finds himself in a pickle when he finds a real reason to believe in the defendant's innocence. Not only does he have to convince the other jurors, but he also has to convince them that he is not doing it just for more free coffee.

    Everyone in the film gives the sort of performance you'd expect when Pauly Shore is the "main talent". Rather than attempt to act and look silly as a result, they simply recite their lines and hope that the audience won't notice too much that they're just waiting for their paycheck. Considering that Tia Carrere or whatever her name is had just appeared in such films as True Lies, I guess she must have owed someone on this film one heck of a favour. Anyway, to make a long story short, I give this film a three out of ten. It's worth watching once, but once only.
  • BuffSpike15 November 2005
    First of I want to point out that I like Pauley Shore and have enjoyed watching other comedy movies that he starred in and but I just didn't like Jury Duty and didn't find the humor to be that funny and it was kind of boring and a let down compared to Bio-Dome and other Pauley Shore movies! I had bought this movie on video before I watched it because since I had liked his other movies I assumed I would also like this but I didn't like it and I learned a lesson that I should watch a movie first before I buy it! This movie just didn't appeal to me at all! I would recommend people rent this before buying or try to watch it on TV first!
  • In my opinion the Jury Duty isn't as bad as people say/write - I actually liked the idea for the script, but the main problem is... the main actor. I just can't stand Pauly Shore's overacting in any of his movies, which is sad that he spoiled this promising idea with his lack of skills.

    I mean what bad can be said about Tia Carrere, Stanley Tucci, Brian Doyle-Murray or Abe Vigoda? They all are great, but why oh why they had to hire Pauly Shore? They could hire anyone (well, almost anyone, I don't think Rob Schneider or Adam Baldwin would make much good) in his place and the project would turn out well.
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