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  • I saw this in 2003, but it dates 1995. That was the dot com boom era, I know and was in New York and couldn't leave coz my phone and email box were ramed with jobs every week - it was madness and the gold rush posse included many 'artists' looking for a new cyber angle to sell their s**t..

    I consulted a lot for 'visual artists' who were usually film guys looking for a new spin to get bucks to put thier ideas up. That's me, now this film is intersting coz it's from the UK, London who were behind NY in the cyber media buzz. Now most of the interviews are with Americans P.Funk, Tate, Delaney etc. This poses the problem how do you make a documentary interesting when it is full with folks who already have been interviewed tons of times, who already have bodies of work out there?

    Well these guys put in this Cyber detective character myth, that doesnot make much sense. My mate said it didn't need to coz it's Sci Fi, but I don't buy that. My mate like that spin, I said it was a cheezy attempt to make lame music doc. interesting by adding a sci fi tinge to it. Check it for yourselfs. At the very least it's a one off, not many black made cyber docs with P. Funk in the mix that I know of from Europe. PS: I just know the germans went crazy for rubbish like this, they went for David Hasselhoff