Dorothea: What ARE you?

Nix: A man who wanted to become a god... then changed his mind.

Butterfield: A lot of people believed in Nix. They haven't forgotten his promise.

Ray Miller: About...?

Butterfield: Death.

Ray Miller: What about death?

Butterfield: It's an illusion.

[first lines]

Title Card: There are two worlds of magic. One is the glittering domain of the illusionist. The other is a secret place, where magic is a terrifying reality. Here, men have the power of demons. And Death itself is an illusion.

[first lines]

Nix: [fire in his hand] And the fire said to me, said to me... Nix, Nix, you are my instrument. From now on you shall be known as "The Puritan".

[last lines]

Dorothea: Flesh is a trap... that's what he used to say... flesh is a trap, and magic sets us free.

Nix: The grave is lonely, but living is worse.

Nix: I was born to murder the world.

Loomis: What's the story? Was the kid really possessed?

Harry D'Amour: Probably.

Loomis: You gonna tell me by what?

Harry D'Amour: Oh, you know, the usual.

Exorcised Boy: Taste the darkness, D'Amour, it's been waiting for you.

Butterfield: You ever watched a man die? If you watch very closely, you can sometimes see the soul escaping. And if you're very quick, you can catch it.

Butterfield: [to D'Amour] You don't have a clue what you're into, did you?

Ray Miller: I feel it!

Butterfield: [to Tapert] Shhhh.

Harry D'Amour: Deep shit?

Dorothea: [talking about Nix] Think he'll be in a fit state to resurrect after 13 years?

Butterfield: If he was just a man, like me, then no. But... he's not.

Dorothea: What is he, then?

Butterfield: Maybe he'll show you.

Nix: I've got so much power to give you, Swann. All you have to do is beg.

Philip Swann: Fuck you.

Nix: Are you ready for my wisdom?

Harry D'Amour: Any movie stars buried here?

Valentin: Probably.

Harry D'Amour: It's not a bad place. It's warm, lots of palm trees.

Valentin: I don't think the dead much care.

Harry D'Amour: You sure?

Valentin: Are you a believer, then?

Harry D'Amour: Oh, yeah. I signed on for all of them in my time. Catholic, Hindu, Moonies. You can't have too many saviors.

Harry D'Amour: [missing body] He got up and walked!

Maureen Pimm: After that fall he would have broken half his bones.

Harry D'Amour: I don't think he'd have given a shit.

Harry D'Amour: Where did the flower go?