• WARNING: Spoilers

    William 'Bill' Gartley (Robert Englund) is the mean owner of a factory, shouting and bossing everybody around. He looks from a corridor outside his office in a higher floor. He's got some weird metal crutches attached to his knees and has trouble walking. Men and women earn their bread in a noisy, warm, full of vapours, dim-lighted environment. In a factory line, huge Hadley Watson machinery wash, dry and fold sheets. Miss Adelle Frawley (Vera Blacker) and Sherry Ourelette (Vanessa Pike) greet each other. Lin Sue (Lisa Morris) is the new employee, but she doesn't stop to help Sherry with her heavy equipment. Adelle tells her to be careful. Doris is the one who finally helps Sherry. One of the female workers hurts herself and her blood is split everywhere. There is an electric shortage. Gartley's pissed off that the production line has to stop. The second-in-charge is as mean as Gartley. Gartley calls his employees boys and girls and tells everybody to go back to work. The machine keeps on working, and stains of blood are everywhere.

    The small town where they live is Rikers Valley. Officer John Hunton (Ted Levine) almost has a car accident against a delivery van, which is transporting a new electricity generator . In the factory, Adelle takes some medication on the spot. She looks around. The machine from the accident seems to open her mouth to eat her, but she backs down in the last second. The "overseer" George Stanner (Demetre Phillips) shouts to Adelle and Doris to go back to work, while the bandaged hand of Sherry starts bleeding again. With the scare, Adelle has thrown all her pills, and there are some only in the mouth of that huge machine. Dizzy, nervous and sweaty, Adelle tries to retrieve some and the machine takes her whole body. Everybody is frantic, there is blood everywhere, the machine takes the whole body of Adelle, while Bill shouts "Daisy May, let's do like dogs".

    John is called. Mark Jackson (Daniel Matmor), the guy from the delivery van, is still moving the generator around. There is havoc outside the factory, with an ambulance taking away the body. Stanner looks unsympathetic, but he doesn't want to look at the body. Hunton feels sweaty and nervous because there is only gore everywhere. The photographer keeps on working while Hunton throws up. All the textile factory / Blue Ribbon Laundry depends on that machine, and all Gates Falls depends on the factory to survive.

    Sheriff Hughes (Larry Taylor) arrives. Adelle is taken in a box. There is a safety bar which seems to be working fine. The inquest is done with: accidental death. Hunton talks with a town punk and takes some pills. M

    Jeremy Crutchley ... J.J.J. Pictureman / Mortician

    Ashley Hayden ... Annette Gillian Danny Keogh ... Herb Diment Ted Le Plat ... Doctor Ramos

    Todd Jensen ... Roger Martin Sean Taylor ... Derrick Gates Gerrit Schoonhoven ... Aaron Rodriguez Nan Hamilton ... Mrs. Ellenshaw Adrian Waldron ... Mr. Ellenshaw Norman Coombes ... Judge Bishop

    Irene Frangs ... Mrs. Smith Megan Wilson ... Ginny Jason Odile Rault ... Alberta Ron Smerczak ... Officer Steele

    Ashley Waldorf ... Paramedic Driver (uncredited)