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  • I was under the impression that Uri Geller was illusionist using simple parlor tricks to impress his gullible audience. After watching this movie however, I realized that I was misinformed. It turns out that Geller is a superhero on the run from the military, that wants to use his powers for evil. Yes, it's that stupid.

    Endorsed by Geller himself this is a lame, selfserving piece of crap. Is it drama, comedy, or sci-fi thriller? Who knows? It appears the director couldn't decide, and made it a little bit of everything, none of which has any redeeming qualities.

    As a reasonably intelligent person this movie made me want to beat myself in the head with a shovel.
  • Pzachlen11 August 2019
    For me to say that will amaze people that know me because Ken Russell directed it and wrote it. BAD Ken, Bad Boy Ken. On a visit to L.A Ken showed it to Dan Ireland and Myself. When He asked what we thought..........WE did not soften the blow. Horrible must have been my comment but I do remember Dan just Laughing in disbelief. I hope they both are sharring a good laugh where ever they may be. These were two of my best, Very Best friends of mu life. How I miss them.