Napoleon: This kittens really lost her mittens.

Cat: MOUSE... MUST... DIE.

Napoleon: H-huh... good thing I'm not a mouse...

Cat: Ahh, but you are a mouse. A big, yellow mouse.

Napoleon's Mum: I want you to promise me you'll never run off like that again!

Napoleon: I won't. And I want you to promise me something too.

Napoleon's Mum: Anything!

Napoleon: I want you... to call me Napoleon!

Napoleon's Mum: [laughs] From now on, you're my little Napoleon.

Cat: Ahh... not a mouse... a dog. DOG MUST DIE!

Conan: What? Oh, no! Oh, no! It's my mother!

Mother Penguin: I'm telling you, he came down there!

Conan: Quick, you gotta hide me!

Mother Penguin: Pengi?

Conan: Maybe, I can hide behind these rocks.

Mother Penguin: Pengi!

Conan: Oh, no! It's too late!

Mother Penguin: Pengi, come home with us! I don't need this aggravation!

Father Penguin: What are you, nuts? You're giving us a heart attack!

Conan: My name's not Pengi! It's Conan and I'm not leaving!