52 puppies were used to portray Napoleon over the course of the 28-week shoot, with anywhere from three to eight being used for a single scene. This was because the puppies slept a lot, cutting down filming time, and because a puppy could only be used for three weeks before it grew too big.

With a budget of 4.3 million Australian dollars, this was, at the time of production, the most expensive independent film made in South Australia.

'Captain Johnno' (1988), a movie length film made for television, was the first family and children's feature film directed by director Mario Andreacchio. Previously, he had directed just recently the year before all ten episodes of the family and children's television series 'Pals' (1987). Andreacchio would go on to direct a number of family and children's feature films such as 'Napoleon' (1995), 'The Real Macaw' (1998), 'Elephant Tales' (2006), 'The Dragon Pearl' (2011), and 'Sally Marshall Is Not an Alien' (1999). Andreacchio has also directed family and children's television series such as the 'Second Childhood' episode of the 'More Winners' (1990) series, episodes in the 'Lift Off' (1992-1995) and 'Sky Trackers' (1994) series, and all four episodes of 'The New Adventures of Black Beauty' (1992) mini-series.

First childrens and family film starring an animal or animals directed by director Mario Andreacchio. The second would be 'The Real Macaw' (1998) whilst the third would be 'Elephant Tales' (2006) and the fourth would be 'The Dragon Pearl' (2011).

Director Mario Andreacchio conceived the story of "Napoleon" with the inspiration of his three children.