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  • Now I'm a huge Don Bluth fan, so it's no wonder I love all of his films to death, with the exception of Rock-A-Doodle-Doo, which had potential but dived like a nailed duck than sang like a rooster.

    Back on topic, I felt that "Penguin" is a vastly underrated film. The basic story is that Hubie, our shy, lovestruck hero, must make his way back to his love Marina after being left for dead by the jealous Drake, whose also got his eye on Marina. Accompanied by the strong and hyper-active Rocko, Hubie braves the waters to make the 3000 mile journey and give her his unique "engagement pebble" before his love is banished forever.

    The adventure itself is everything I want in this type of movie: Action. Hubie and Rocko's flights from the numerous seals and whales who see our fair duo as an appetizer are always enough to hold my attention, because it was fast. And the faster and livelier the animation, the better for me.

    But of course, the slower moments made me like this movie also. In these scenes, we see the birds' true personality emerge. Hubie is this shy and timid thing in the beginning...Quite lame actually (Who calls anyone a "big bully" anymore?) And in the end, he's brave and not afraid to speak his mind. In fact, he learns to fight and defend himself, taught by the tough-guy Rocko, who begins showing compassion and friendship for Hubie as the movie goes on. He also shares his dream with the penguin: To be the first penguin to fly, a cute little personality quirk to this diamond in the rough.

    It has your typical Bluth animation: Fluid, bright, lively, and Disney-like, and that's the main thing I've come to love from animation produced during the bygone era. Just plain beautiful in all aspects.

    The songs are pretty charming... once they wear on you. After all, this is a movie intended more so for 7,8,9,10 year olds, so these songs aren't "Lion King" material. But I've come to find something I like about each. For instance, Hubie's jokes in "Looks Like I Got Me a Friend" are lame... but I've come to love that about the cute lil' penguin!! All songs are acceptable, excluding "Misery." Waaaay too childish. But the score was absolutely breathtaking.

    To me, this movie only had one setback: Drake, the aforementioned villain. He's not the most likable villain at all and only held my attention with one or two threats, and a few lines from his song "Don't Make Me Laugh." He's more annoying than anything else, and made me all the more happier Hubie kicked his white-and-black behind.

    In conclusion, "Penguin" has been adored by me since the first time I laid eyes on these quirky birds. Given this is a children's movie really makes me appreciate it even more. The music, main characters, action scenes and character development of Rocko and Hubie were perfect. The villain and a few songs were the only drawback to a wonderful movie. Don Bluth is one of the best, independent animators of the 80s-90s and he has kept his rep very well.
  • poninegavy2460123 December 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    As others have said before, this a movie you watch when your seven, and then you don't remember a thing about it until 10 years later. That's true for me. This was possibly my favorite movie at the age of 6. Then I didn't even think about it for 10 years until March of the Penguins came out. I was watching a commercial for it and thought 'Wasn't there a cartoon about penguins?' and then I remembered. I sent my brother to Hollywood Video to get it immediately.

    When I first put the DVD in I was scared that what used to be my favorite movie would suck. But I enjoyed it, possibly, more than I did when I was little. I was able to appreciate some things I used to be too young to see. When I was young I found the romance scenes quite "icky". But they were actually pretty gosh darn sweet. And the humor still amused me greatly.

    The plot is simple enough for any child to an to get into: The story's about Hubie (brilliantly voiced by Martin Short), the lovable, stuttering hero. He's shy when it comes to the ladies and has little confidence in himself. He's in love with the beautiful Marina (vocalized by Annie Golding) who he's never even spoken to before. But that all changes one day when he stumbles down a hill into her. Their relationship blossoms and he takes her to a place where he opens his heart in a very sweet song but doesn't get far enough to tell her he loves her. Hubie then decides to find the perfect pebble for Marina and ask her to be his. The penguins have a special ritual in which the male presents the female with a pebble expressing his love for her. If she accepts, they mate. Hubie is heartbroken when no good pebbles are left, when suddenly a green pebble falls from the sky (corny yes, just play along). He immediately starts looking for Marina. But there's another penguin in love with her. Drake (another awesome performance by Tim Curry), wishes to make Marina his. He's everything Hubie's not: big, strong, and handsome. He sees Hubie as an obstacle, so he disposes of him by throwing Hubie off the ice structure. At sea, Hubie gets lost and is picked up by humans who are taking him to a zoo. While trying to figure out how to escape, the humans bring down another penguin, Rocko (done by Jim Belushi), who is feisty and determined to escape. Hubie realizes he only has 10 days left to get home and convinces Rocko to help him. Together, they escape and end up on a beach. Rocko then decides it's best if they go their separate ways. Quickly thinking up a lie, Hubie tells Rocko about a penguin named Waldo who can fly. (Rocko earlier expressed his dream of wanting to fly) Rocko wants to meet the nonexistent Waldo, so he agrees to help Hubie find his way home. Hubie and Rocko face many adventures on their way back, from sea lions to killer whales. Rocko and Hubie build a great friendship, and Rocko even helps Hubie learn to fight and build self esteem. When close to home Hubie believes that Rocko has been eaten by a whale. Revengeful, Hubie sets out after Drake. After a fight scene with Drake, Hubie recovers Marina and is relieved to see Rocko alive. Drake's lair begins to crumble, leading to Hubie and Marina falling to their doom. Rocko leaps to save them and begins to fly! His dream has been fulfilled. Rocko takes them back home and Marina and Hubie get together.

    The vocals are great in this movie. They choose such a great cast of actors! Martin Short, Jim Belushi, Annie Golding, and Tim Curry. You can't beat that, can you? They're all so great at what they do, and they're all great singers too.

    The score is absolutely breath taking. Short and Belushi make a very comical duo in Looks Like I Got Me a Friend. You grow to love Hubie's lame jokes. Now and Forever is fantastic; I found myself swaying along with the penguins. But the songs that really blow me away are the two Sometimes I Wonder songs. The Sometimes I Wonder Reprise actually managed to make me cry. Marina's heartfelt cry for her lost love is so moving. Hubie's Sometimes I Wonder is so cute I couldn't stop squealing. Martin Short makes the cartoon come to life in this one scene. I love how Hubie's so shy and unsure of himself at the beginning, but in the middle he just opens up and doesn't even realize what he's saying. My only wish is that he actually told her that he wanted to be with someone like her instead of stuttering off. Otherwise, the rest of the score makes up for Good Ship Misery and will make you want to get the soundtrack.

    Now, my review has been good the whole time. Sadly, here must come the bad. The animation, unfortunately, was a bit choppy. I've heard rumors of why, and don't really know what to believe. The song Good Ship Misery isn't good. I wanted to fast forward through it, but I refused to. The other thing that made me angry was Drake. Not Drake in general, he was the perfect example of a true villain. But his, I mean he can fall down nearly a 100 foot drop and still live, yet he dies immediately when the hideout caves in? I just found that sort of wimpy...

    Otherwise, I love it. As corny as people may say it is, I think it's sweet and a great family film. Children 5-9 are sure to get a kick out of it and adu.lts shouldn't have too much trouble sitting through it. It's great, and I recommend it to everyone.
  • Mightyzebra26 August 2007
    Genre: Penguins, animation.

    Main characters: Hubie, Marina, Rocko and Drake the penguins. I feel for most of these characters and I like them very much indeed. I also like Drake, the baddie – but I do not feel for him.

    Actors: Martin Short (Hubie), Shani Wallis (Narrator), Annie Golden (Marina), James Belushi (Rocko) and Tim Curry (Drake).

    What happens: All of the Adelie penguins on a big iceberg are ready to mate, finding their pebbles to give to the penguin they love so they can mate. There is one rather clumsy and dreamy penguin called Hubie, who is in love with one particular penguin – but someone else loves her as well…

    Message: It's not the gifts that you give your love that matter, but the giver.

    My thoughts: I like this film rather a lot. I like the actors, the animation, the characters, the songs and the adventure of the story. The jokes are also amusing and I wouldn't be surprised if at least one person who didn't like this film liked at least one joke from it. The actors are well-picked and many people may like this film JUST because of them – as there are many famous ones (including James Belushi and Tim Curry). The animation is good, I especially like the backgrounds – sometimes it seems like you are going across the sea with the penguins! The characters are very lovable and have distinct personalities, not subtle though, which is one slight problem with this film. I especially like the characters of Hubie and Rocko, some may think otherwise. I also really like the songs, there is an amusing one, there are two romance ones and there is one "bad guy song" that we all have to have in a children's film! Well, we don't have to, but "Don't Make Me Laugh" is fun anyway, good singing from Tim Curry. The adventure of the film is very engaging and it keeps you focused on the film.

    One thing I am not so keen about this film is that it's pretty average. Average acting – and the plot is quite average. Otherwise – I think this is a very good animated family film!

    Recommended to: Families who would like to sit down to a cartoon film (maybe over some Haribo or a box of Popcorn), children who like penguins and cartoon and grown-ups who like penguins and cartoon films. Enjoy! :-)
  • I don't know why the rating is so low. This is a beautiful movie, that only has a couple of flaws. It is not as good as An American tail and Land Before time, but way better than Rock A Doodle Doo and Troll in Central Park . I really don't understand the criticism that it is unimaginative, with Rocko flying. Hello? Elephants can't fly, and look what Disney did with Dumbo! The songs and musical score are lovely, especially Now and Forever and Sometimes I wonder. The only song I didn't like was Good Ship Misery, because it was badly sung. The animation generally was good too, the highlight being the killer whales scene. True there were a lot of colour changes and some animation errors(Good Ship Misery), especially in Drake's song. And unlike some people I thought Marina and Hubie's romance is very sweet. The worst character animation was that of Drake. Nobody would draw a penguin like that. The voice overs were what made the movie, and they WEREN'T racist. Shani Wallis is lovely as the narrator, accompanying the beautifully-animated Antarctica-landscape beginning, certainly an improvement on the narration in Rock a Doodle Doo. Martin Short portrays Hubie's nervousness with such conviction, and James Belushi steals the show with a hilarious characterisation of Rocko. Annie Golden made me cry with her beautiful singing voice, her rendition of Sometimes I Wonder is heart-rending and Marina is such a cute and beautiful penguin, and Tim Curry voiced Drake beautifully, even if he got a tad annoying. In fact, Don't Make Me Laugh is special to me because that is the best I have ever heard Tim Curry sing since Blue Money.And by the way, Curry is the most experienced singer on the soundtrack, so I was shocked by the comment that compared the singing to howling monkeys. Barry Manilow and Sheena Easten's duet at the end was sublime too. All in all a beautiful and imaginative movie, if a little on the short side. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • Looking back at Bluth's previous entries from the 90s, I was beginning to think about what I think about this one. Well, just say that when I was a little kid, I seemed to enjoy it, but as a young adult, I'm gonna call this movie decent. So, some of you are wondering why a 80%? Here's the reason why.

    Here are some letdowns.

    Letdown #1: The story was just... weird for a movie about penguins despite it's credit for a romance between two main characters. There were some things that were unexplained like "Why do penguins have clothing and hands to begin with?" and "Where did the three non-penguin birds came from?".

    and Letdown #2: The songs made by Barry Manilow (despite it's decent music score from Mark Watters) weren't that bad. "Now and Forever" (pop song included), "Sometimes I Wonder" and reprise, which was hear-rendering, and "Don't Make Me Laugh" were enjoyable, but "Good Ship Misery" was badly sung, although "Looks Like I Got Me A Friend" has a decent melody.

    That's it for the letdowns. Now for the highlights. The animation is very good, the character designs aren't that bad, and the voice acting is entertaining with the likes of Martin Short, Annie Golden, James Belushi, and Tim Curry. The characters are likable too. Hubie is great and his romance with the beautiful Marina was so sweet and cute altogether. Rocko never fails to amuse me with his comedic moments and his comic-relief voice and the villain named Drake is great and I think that he totally frightened me the first time I saw him as a kid.

    So, is this movie weird? Well, kind of, but once you compare it to A Troll In Central Park, it's not a bad movie. It's just a decent and very cute penguin movie and it's worth watching for kids who like decent entertainment.

  • Let's face it, a lot of the reviews that 'The Pebble and the Penguin' has gotten here at IMDB are right that this movie's pretty bad, but trust me, there's worse ones than this. 'Rock-A-Doodle' without question is the worst of Don Bluth's movies (though I haven't seen it in years, I remember it being hideous), and although I haven't seen 'Thumbelina' all the way through, I know that it's worse than 'Pebble and the Penguin' too (the few minutes I saw of 'Thumbelina' were just too painful).

    Anyhow, 'The Pebble and the Penguin' is a bit of a mess. As you may know, a shy penguin named Hubie is hell-bent on getting this strange green pebble to his lovebird, Marina. This could have been pretty good, but you can tell that they really rushed it. Then there's Drake, the most annoying villain... ever. In order to have a really good villain, he/she has to be somewhat likeable as well as sinister. But Drake's not likeable by a longshot. Tim Curry did voice him beautifully, though, so I've got to give that fact some credit.

    The only great character is Rocko. Now HE has some personality going on. Hubie and Marina are okay, but Rocko's the one who steals the show.

    One of the most glaring things about this movie is the animation. But I wouldn't entirely blame Don Bluth for this. I think he left this movie before it was finished, and who could blame him? There's a lot of odd coloring here, and the animation can vary from good to unbearable. And somehow the penguins in this movie just didn't look 'penguiny'. They just looked... wrong. Chilly Willy is more accurate to looking like a real penguin than any penguins here.

    Don't expect much for great songs either. The only nice one is "Now and Forever" at the very beginning. The rest will give you a chance to go to the bathroom.

    And I'm fed up with writers thinking the only way to defeat the antagonist is to beat the tar out of him. What kind of message is that?

    I think if they spent some more time on this movie it wouldn't have been too bad. In fact, it could have been good. Still, it's better than some other late movies of Don Bluth's.
  • I am 13 years old and still loving this movie. I saw it when I first came out and was obsessed with it. Still, I look back and find this movie and watch it when I do find this. I love this movie. If anyone watches Hey Arnold, the man who plays Coach Wittenberg is in this movie. That makes it even more fun to look bad on and see. Go see this movie if you get the chance. Rent it or go to your local library. Hubie is so unbelievably adorable and the part when the penguins sing is still the greatest cartoon musical. Hubie is just the cutest most adorable penguin and the pebble idea is so great. The ending is so sweet, it'll make you want to rewind and see this movie again. So, go see The Pebble and the Penguin!
  • ashenyoni12 March 2005
    The Pebble and the Penguin is a fine example of animated film at its best. Hubie, the endearing penguin, illustrates perseverance in its finest form, and his tenacity is something to be admired. This timeless story is delightful to audiences of all ages. In today's world, where divorce and unrequited love run rampant, this simple story inspires and reminds everyone that true love is possible. In order to find the perfect pebble for Marina, Hubie searches the world. The emotional turmoil that Hubie subjects himself to on his quest is akin to the interior tumult any human being feels. This film captures the essence of human love in a captivating and moving way. The musical talent of Barry Manilow only adds to the quality of this film. I think that this animal story offers incite to one of the most pivotal moments of human life: engagement. Everyone should watch this classic tale.
  • By the mid 1990s, the career of animator-director Don Bluth had seemed to drop to its all-time low. Before, Bluth had made a series of popular animated films, many which remain beloved today such as "The Land Before Time" (1988), "The Secret of NIMH" (1982), and "An American Tail" (1986). But beginning with "Thumbelina" in 1994, his films seemed to decrease more and more in quality and popularity and one of the many unfortunate entries is 1995's box office bomb "The Pebble and the Penguin", a film that didn't attract audience members beyond parents and children under the age of seven. Frankly, the latter are the only audience members I can comprehend taking enjoyment out of this rather bland animated feature.

    The story is absurd. The film stars a poorly-drawn, stammering, and chubby penguin named Hubie (voiced by Martin Short) who falls in love with a female penguin with a surprisingly healthy flower on her head (voice by Annie Golden). SORT OF like in real life, penguins present their bride-to-bes with a pebble as a substitute for a ring. But when Hubie is swept away by the current, he teams up with a lone rockhopper (James Belushi) with a dream of flying and they race against time to return to Antarctica before it's too late. The reasons why they could be too late is one of many underdeveloped elements of this weak story that would still be weak even if they were there.

    It becomes very clear very early on why this animated children's musical does not and will not work for anybody older than say six or seven years of age. It just does not have any of the qualities that are required for a good animated feature. Number one, the film looks bad on account of a very poor drawing style. The animation in this film is very cartoony (even as far as animated films go); it's dark, gloomy, there is no vibrancy in the colors, and on top of that, the design of the film and the elements in it are universally droll and laughable. Take for instance, the penguins who star in the film. With only a few background exceptions, every single penguin looks absolutely nothing at all like a bird. Hubie, for example, looks absurdly ridiculous with wide cheeks, a stubby beak, big eyes, and that preposterous hat that he wears wherever he goes. Combined with his hand-like "flippers" he looks like Chris Farley in a penguin suit. Result: he's an ugly, poorly-drawn cartoon character. But the most absurd-looking and absurdly-designed character is the evil penguin, Drake, who frankly looks nothing at all like a penguin. He's a muscle-man wearing a penguin mask. He's got a chest broader than that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and teeth larger than the teeth of the leopard seals and killer whales that serve as the film's predators. Basically, he's a two-dimensional, recycled villain. He lives in a cave shaped like a skull, he wears a cape, laughs a lot, and gets mad when people laugh with him. Result: who cares? And what's also bad, and maybe worse, is that this is an animated musical and there's not a single noteworthy or memorable song to found anywhere within its running time. The opening hymn was harmless—not memorable, but harmless. But after that, the songs became duller and duller and there was one in particular that had me grimacing all the way through. It's the moment that viewers press the fast-forward button for whenever it comes up.

    I felt "The Pebble and the Penguin" was lame all around save for the very few moments when Hubie and the rockhopper penguin Rocko are placed in peril at the jaws of leopard seals and killer whales, who were thankfully, given no dialogue and treated as animals instead of cartoon characters. But in a way, for this reason, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this movie to children. This is the reason. The film displays killer whales are the natural predator of the penguins. My concern is that children familiar with "Free Willy" (1993) may be offended or downhearted by seeing their favorite denizen of the sea portrayed as a bloodthirsty carnivore. The leopard seal was a better antagonist and was more funny seeing as how his jaws opened wider than a rattlesnake's and how he appeared to smile while growling. But the point really is, these moments with the predators—and there are only a few—are the only interesting moments. And they're not enormously interesting, mind you.

    Bottom line, I cannot recommend this to anybody below the age of seven. My advice: if you have children around that page, rent it for them. They might enjoy it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This Don Bluth film concerns a penguin named Hubie who is in love with Marina and at first the movie starts off with a bright musical song Now and forever that follows their giving of pebbles to their loves for being mates with one another. But an evil penguin named drake is jealous over Hubie for taking the most beautiful girl penguin in the colony of penguins. So he manages to get rid of hubie by throwing him in the sea with a blood thirsty Leopard Seal. Hubie jumps out of the water onto an iceberg and is swept far away from Antarctica and is captured by humans on a boat to take them to zoos. But then he meets up with a tough penguin named Rocko who he escapes with when he realizes that there only ten days left to get back home before the full moon mating ceremony. He and rocko on the way to Antarctica don't exactly get along at first but before the end he convinces him to like him as a friend. Rocko accepts Hubie for who he is and he teaches hubie how to fight to defeat Drake before it's too late. Then Hubie fights drake and he falls into the pit of his lair and he manages to get back up and the gets smashed by the rocks that crumble on him and Hubie and Marina nearly fall to their death when Rocko saves them and he sees that he can fly like his dreams that said to him.To me that sort of reminds me of Dumbo in some ways. Then at the end Hubie and Marina get married and have a few kids and live happily ever after.This has got to be one of my favorite Don Bluth films even thought it didn't do well at the box office it still remains to me and a lot of people a Don Bluth Classic.
  • penchantpoetry7 September 2008
    Hubie -- like Stanely the troll from Bluth's A Troll in Central Park -- lacks the spark of personality to be the main character that carries an entire movie. We're supposed to like him because he's nice, but that's about all he is.

    His character design is unappealing. The top of his head is a sort of dome that is narrower than the pudgy bottom half of his head.

    And penguins should not have teeth. I know that Iago the parrot in Aladdin had teeth, but maybe that worked because it made him look more like his voice actor, Gilbert Gottfried. Hubie, with his weenie little voice (provided by Martin Short), looks funny with that big set of chompers in his beak.

    Tim Curry, who is usually delightful at being evil, does some sort of dippy surfer dude accent as the villain (might have been a good voice for a comic relief accomplice, not the supposedly menacing main villain).

    The entire plot revolves around the hero and villain's love for female penguin Marina, who is just as dull as both of her suitors.

    Worst of all is the pacing. We keep cutting back to the villain to watch him threaten Marina some more - this time in dialogue, this time in song...

    Barry Manilow may be a great songwriter, but in animated films like this and Thumbelina, his songs feel limp and listless - especially the ballads. The only song I liked was the 1930's-ish "Good Ship Misery" song.

    I read that the distributor made some cuts in this film against the filmmaker's wishes, and that could have caused some of the problems - though I suspect the real problem is that they didn't cut the rest of it ;).
  • tiggerisdabomb1 October 2006
    I loved this movie! i haven't seen it in awhile but i loved it!! unlike the other comments i have read about this movie!! It was a very cute movie..and the other comments i have read said that the penguin girl only would love him if he gave her the pebble. Well that is not true..its just like what happens in real life.. he THOUGHT that this was the only way to get her..but it wasn't true. THis is a children's EVERYTHING doesn't have to make sense and its a cartoon! and since its a cartoon...PENGUINS CAN FLY! get over it! Its very cute to see how this one penguin goes through such great lengths to get a pebble for the one bird he is crazy about. The cutest part is that he didn't even NEED the pebble to win her heart!..(even though she loved it anyways)..

  • jacepi_rules26 May 2006
    i believe that this movie is the best ever!! i remember watching it when i was a child but when i watched it just the other day i saw just how much better it was!! the whole story line of loving people for who they are and not what they have is the best lesson for little kids to learn! i know that i loved the way the most beautiful penguin went for the fat penguin that no one thought had a chance it was so cute! Rocko just made the movie!when he gave the pebble to him at the end was so cute! i couldn't have thought of a better ending!! i love the singing it just makes the movie i always sing the songs, sad i know but thats how much i love it!! ahahhahaha over all its the best movie and i love it very much!! thanks for making it guys!!
  • ann-chess25 July 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Don Bluth made some wonderful films (Secret of NIMH, Land Before Time, An American Tail, just to name a few.) But as he went on with success, he suddenly tossed out some really STRANGE films. And I'm talking strange. These films are Rock-A-Doodle, Thumbelina, A Troll in Central Park, and Pebble and the Penguin.

    So, Pebble and the Penguin is what we're looking over today. If it's apart of the "Strange" family, then we're gonna be in some trouble.

    PatP is about a penguin named Hubie, who is in love with the penguin Marina. He wants to propose to her, but the evil penguin Drake wants Marina for his own. Hubie finds a beautiful stone that he can use to propose to Marina. But Drake almost kills him and Hubie sails away on an iceberg where he meets Rocko, a tough penguin who constantly tries to escape the S.S Misery. The two penguins manage to escape, form a friendship, endure some enemies here and there, and finally get back to Antartica to save Marina from marrying Drake. That's the plot, ladies and gentlemen.

    What do I think of it? I was watching it the other day, and every twenty minutes or so, I would just stop the movie and change it to something else. I couldn't take it. I don't know what it really was at first, was it the voice acting? The annoying characters? The plot? I couldn't put my finger on it, but as I turned it on again, and after about fifteen minutes, I turned it off...I figured it out.

    The MUSIC.

    The first song is practically NEVER-ENDING, and you just keep asking yourself "Are they still SINGING?" The second song is boring, can't capture the rhythm of anything, and is even a bit obnoxious. The third song, sung by the penguins on the S.S Misery, is just disgusting...and I'm being nice when I call it disgusting. Really. Listen to the song and see how you react. It's badly sung to the point of wanting to rip your ears out. I think the only song I could tolerate was "Don't Make Me Laugh", sung by Drake...and well, I think I know why: because it's Tim Curry. And Tim Curry seems to steal the show often with song. It's because he's an AMAZING singer. I have to ask how he agreed to do this film, though...maybe to show us that he can take a bad movie and make it better with that song.

    I also highly dislike the main character. I understand they're taking a clumsy guy and turning him strong, but seriously, this GUY is annoying! And he also lies, too. Every kid wants to look up to a liar, right? There are also a bazillion things never explained. For example, how on EARTH can Hubie suddenly see what Marina is doing with his pebble? Is it suddenly a crystal ball? It's never explained! If they said something like "Oh, this is a magic pebble that acts like a crystal ball." then I would leave this alone, but it just sort of...happens! There were FEW parts I the part where Rocko is strangling Hubie.

    Overall....a movie that is slightly below average, with terrible music (except Tim Curry's song!!), and many things NEVER EXPLAINED. I think kids will like it, but that's it. Kids. This film was made for kids, so they don't have to point out the big mistakes in this movie. If you're older than about seven, you won't like this film.
  • Katt_jamie17 February 2007
    I LOVE this movie, and I'm 14. It's cute and funny, and if you didn't like it then don't diss it, Toonboy. The animation is for small children and the songs are understandable to them. I know, I was three when it came out and I loved it. I only liked two movies better, and they were Ferngully (another great movie) and Rock-a-doodle. Take it from a kid who watched these when they came out, They are cute and wonderful, and there are few people (adults) who would understand how small children think. I like to think I do, since I was one not that long ago. That's why I still love this movie and will continue to do so.

    It's a love story and it's wonderful and Bluth should be given medals for making this. SO THERE.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Pebble and the Penguin is a major letdown for Bluth. Apparently he was not a fan of the final product and demanded his name be removed from the credits. You can't blame him.

    Basic plot. Hubie the penguin longs to tell a penguin of female persuasion that he loves her. Hubies is shy and reluctant to tell her but eventually sees that she feels the same way. Hubie goes to search for the perfect pebble to present to Marina, but he soon finds out that he will have competition from an evil penguin, The Drake. The Drake confronts Hubie and tosses him into the ocean. The Drake tells the other penguins that Hubie is lunch for the Sea Lion.

    Hubie doesn't end up dead. He ends up on a ship that holds other penguins. These penguins are being picked up and shipped off to zoos. One penguin that ends up on the ship, Rocko, doesn't like being held captive and tries to rally everyone to escape. Hubie is the only one that wants to escape with him, naturally because he wants to get back and present Marina with the pebble and marry her. He and Rocko end up escaping and Rocko agrees to help Hubie take him back to Antarctica.

    This is not Bluth's worst film by any means. I think that title goes to Thumbelina. Though I did like the bird in that movie. There are some good parts in TPATP. In some scenes you can see where Bluth's work is still rather present. In others, and most of the film, it seems to be nonexistent. I really enjoyed the scenes of Hubie and Rocko in the ocean trying to escape the Sea Lions and the Killer Whales. Both of those scenes were done well in my opinion. The thing that really hurts this film is the constant pop up of songs that shouldn't have been thrown in the movie to begin with. You knew every time one of them was coming and they were not good songs. The narrator only comes up a total of 3 times. Why? Now to the characters. Most of the characters in the film are blah. Hubie is downright annoying. I actually enjoyed the fact that they gave him a stutter. I wish they had kept it throughout the movie. Marina was so-so as the love interest. The Drake was nasty but not nasty enough. The only character I really felt that had any personality was Rocko. He could be irritating at times, but he had the most heart in my opinion. I thought Rocko and Hubie seemed to have more in common than Hubie did with Marina. They both acted like a gay couple.

    In all this movie could have been better. It's sad that several of Bluth's films had internal affairs go bad. It happened on All Dogs, Land Before Time and this.

    P.S. The penguins did not need teeth. Yuck!
  • This movie is a very well put together family movie. It represents good times and happy moments. Now a days all thats in the movies is killing or violence. This is what a movie is supposed to be like. I thank Martin Short and Jim Belushi for giving life to such lovable characters. Thanks.
  • Forgive me. I am being stuck on the word "adversary" in the movie. Hubie was being kinda hilarious, though. He was desperate to fight. I should invite my adversaries, Maverick and Steve the Wolf to watch Hubie confront against his 2 adversaries. What were Hubie's 2 adversaries? The answer, my adversary, is the leopard seal and the killer whale. And by way, they're savage. Maybe my adversaries, Fox Pennington and Archie the Wolf would like to see it. The leopard seal appeared first after Drake threw Hubie into the sea. And the killer whale later appeared in the film. What is adversary? A person or group that opposes another, an enemy. I should glare my eyes on the film to see Hubie's adversaries. And I often considered before Hubie was going to face off his archenemy, the evil Drake. It was a tough thing for Hubie to fight. But by the way, I hope I like this adversary scene from The Pebble and the Penguin!
  • Someone asked why Hubie wanted to get the pebble for Marina. Well, as the film explains before the feature, penguins really do give stones to their mate in the wild. This part I can understand. It's the same as a guy wanting to get the perfect ring to let his girl know he loves her.

    But the film's still not that great. In fact, it's Jim Belushi (Coach Wittenburg from Hey Arnold) that makes the thing worth a tiny peek. The rest of the film falls flatter than a penguin on ice. Hopefully, this will be one my sisters never find. On the other hand, I'm probably not that lucky.
  • I had heard a lot of bad things about Don Bluth's movies from the 90's and sure Thumbelina, Rock-a-Doodle and Troll in Central Park are bad, but I found Pebble and the Penguin okay. Not at all near his masterpieces from the 80's which I simply love, but okay.

    Tim Curry is the highlight of the movie, because it's Tim Curry, c'mon. He is the ultimate voice of a bad-guy and an amazing singer too! His song, "Don't Make Me Laugh", was bad-ass even though it sort of came out of nowhere.

    I like the other characters as well. Martin Short did a good job as the introverted and shy Hubie and Annie Golden voiced Marina very well and sincerely and gave us a beautiful song. My least favourite was actually Rocko, he was meant to be this grumpy penguin, but I found that he was a constant asshole being passive-aggressive towards Hubie. But he is not totally one-dimensional, because he changes as the movie progresses and teaches Hubie some lessons too.

    The animation had a lot to it. It changed a lot throughout the movie, but mostly it fit the scenes. The music was pretty good too and I don't get why many people say that there are too many songs. They were catchy and well sung. A certain improvement after Thumbelina and Troll.

    Tim Curry's character's design was a little stupid, because a penguin on steroids is a little far-fetched to be honest. That was what he looked like, but he was entertaining and that is enough.

    In general, an underrated film that will amuse the kids and maybe adults' eyes will get caught by certain aspects of it.
  • Don Bluth continues with his weird obsession with animals, bizarrely dark undertones and musical numbers that in no way enhance the story. Plus with stories that make no sense whatsoever, but which take themselves way too seriously.

    So in this case we have penguins approaching the mating season. And it just so happens that apparently the boy penguins have a custom of gifting their intended with beautiful pebbles. Unfortunately Hubie, the scruffiest penguin who ever penguined, is forced to fight for his girl with a steroid-abusing macho penguin named Gaston- I mean Drake. Played by Tim Curry, because who else. But then a meteor strikes the Earth, almost killing Hubie.

    If you haven't caught on already, it's weird. It's so weird that it almost makes Bluth's other films seem normal by comparison. Almost. Not helping the matters is the involuntary road trip Hubie ends up taking, taking him all across the southern seas. Along the way we get beaches, songs, ships, songs, water, songs, a lunatic penguin named Rocko, songs... and oh yeah, more songs! I mean, by heavens, how many songs can a film have? Well, in this particular goes, way too many. It seems like every single scene ends with a brief song number. Are they any good? Well, there's a catchy tune here and there, but not really, no. They're forgettable more than anything. They're not offensively bad like in some other Bluth productions, but neither are they any good.

    So... is it worth watching? Well, it is pretty to look at and there is something about Bluth's style of story telling that is at least fascinating if not exactly good in the strictest meaning of the word. And quite honestly while this has probably the blandest main character out of all of his films, it at least has a semi-coherent plot, even if it is weird beyond belief. If you've liked his other films, this might interest you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had seen a short trailer for this animated film a number of times, I found out much more about it before watching it, like it being directed by Don Bluth (An American Tail, The Land Before Time, Anastasia), and featuring songs by Barry Manilow, so despite a low rating I was still up for watching it. Basically in the frozen lands of Antarctica, there is an ancient ceremony where a penguin must find the perfect pebble to give to his future bride, shy, gullible but kindhearted penguin Hubie (Martin Short) is in love with beautiful Marina (Annie Golden), but is bullied by vain and cruel rival Drake (Tim Curry), and struggling to find a pebble to propose with. He wishes on a star to make his dream come true, and this magical star turns into a large emerald, the perfect pebble, he rushes to give it to Marina, but Drake demands he give it to him, and refusing Hubie is thrown into the water and drifted out to sea, to be picked up by humans on a ship transporting various penguins to a zoo. Grumpy, streetwise but good hearted rockhopper penguin Rocko (James Belushi) and Hubie break out their cages, they lie low for a little time on a beach, Rocko has a desire to fly and he only agrees to help Hubie get back to Antarctica because he has lied that he knows a flying penguin already, meanwhile Drake is trying to force Marina to accept his proposal, she would be breaking tradition if she refuses. Despite finding out he lief to him Rocko praises Hubie's determination to get back to Marina, she meanwhile is worried about him, he and his new companion meanwhile run into a hungry leopard but escape it, and then they are attacked by a killer whale, causing the pebble to get lost and Rocko seemingly perish. Hubie reaches home and confronts Drake, he is able to fight him with the techniques friend Rocko taught him, after a fight where the villain falls Rocko returns safe and sound, Hubie finally proposes to Marina and she accepts, returning Drake is finally defeated being crushed in a rock fall, Rocko achieves his dream to fly, the found emerald is loved by Marina, and time goes by and she and Hubie have had children. Narrated by Shani Wallis, also starring S. Scott Bullock as Chubby and Gentoo, Pat Musick as Pola and Chinstrap 1, Louise Vallance as Priscilla and Chinstrap 2, Angeline Ball as Gwynne and Chinstrap 3 and Kendall Cunningham as Timmy. The voice acting is not all that great, the story is full of rubbish sentimentality and silly action sequences, the colourful animation is good but patchy, and the songs by Barry Manilow are I agree dreadfully cheesy, this may be based on the real courtship ritual of the Adeli penguins, but as a children's film it is a dull and boring animated family musical comedy. Adequate!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I might only be 19, which isn't considered an age when one knows a lot of things about life. But young as I am, I already know what nostalgia is. And that might just be the word to describe this movie.

    I saw this movie more than 10 years ago, in my original language (which is dutch). After years of forgetting this movie, I saw it again, in English this time, but all memories of it came back nonetheless.

    First I should explain this story in short. It's about Hubie, a penguin who is in love with Marina, a beautiful female penguin. Problem is, he's very shy and he thinks the only way he even has a chance is to find her a nice pebble. Luckely for him, divine intervention delivers him one. But he has another problem in the form of the gigantic (buffed up with steroids probably) penguin named Drake, voiced by Tim Curry(!!). He wants Marina as well and he gets rid of Hubie. Now it's up to Hubie to get back home and rescue his girl. On the way, he gets to know Rocko, a rock hopper who is tough as nails but a real nice guy when you get to know him (just don't mention anything about flying).

    The movie is well animated, the backgrounds are nice and the colors are pretty. Alright, you can't compare it to the Disney classics, but then, what can be compared with those? The story is simple but it is interesting enough and the pacing is just right. Some songs are catchy, some are just OK, only Drake's song is awesome! The voice acting is great as well. Rocko sounds exactly as he should, marina's voice is lovely and Drake... well you can't go wrong with Tim Curry doing the voice acting can you? God I love that guy. Only problem is, Hubie sounds terrible. His voice in dutch was annoying but bearable. The English one is just terrible. Hubie is a adorable character though, even if so many don't like him. So is Rocko, just cause he is bad ass. And I wish we had seen more of Drake cause we just get to see him as he is bugging Marina, either through threats or singing. There are some awesome scenes, like on a ship called the "misery". Some call it disgusting, I call it brilliant. Or the scene in which Rocko discovers he has been lied to. Violent but very enjoyable to watch.

    There wasn't much that bothered me about this film that I haven't covered already, except for the ending. It is kind of sweet, but there are some things that are illogical and just annoying. You'll have to see for yourself.

    Overall, a great movie for little kids and adults alike, with solid animation and some great voice acting and songs but unfortunately some major setbacks. Still this is an hugely underestimated movie by an underestimated director, Don Bluth.
  • Yeah I was a kid when this movie was that time I thought it was good. Obviously now I'm older, but I decided to re-watch this movie due to complete boredom. This movie is obviously a kid's movie, and of course the adult interest is 0.1%. Was the plot good? Not really. it's about a penguin named Hubie who wants to marry another penguin named Marina, and it's explained before the movie about the pebble thing. Hubie finally makes contact with Marina, and Marina actually likes Hubie. Later Hubie wants a pebble to marry Marina, so he wishes for the best pebble, and he got what he wanted. This could've ended here, but then Drake, the stupid antagonist, decided he should separate Marina and Hubie to make the most pointless journey ever. But that's all I could tell you for the story. The animation is okay, the only problem is that overdid it with the gender thing. The singing has got to go, this literally made my ears bleed. But what can I say? this is a kid's movie! This is a good movie for kid's, not the whole family... especially not at this time period where pop culture evolved.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Don Bluth is responsible for some real gems of traditional animation. 'The Secret of NIMH' is a dark fantasy tale, 'Anastasia' an adventure reminiscent of 90's Disney, 'The Land Before Time' a beloved classic. His lesser known movies have their charm as well: 'Rock-a-Doodle' was endlessly creative and although a bit too much at places, and 'Thumbelina' had some beautiful animation and a heartwarming story.

    Not so much 'The Pebble and the Penguin'. It starts promisingly, with a zany and surreal musical number involving musical notation and dancing penguins. But it soon stumbles into a boring mess of dull characters, stupid plot lines, irritating songs and pointless meandering. The backgrounds are nothing amazing, the animation doesn't really stand out and the voice actors, while doing a decent job, get lost in the execution.

    The movie has its moments: the whimsical magic of the falling green meteorite exactly at the right time or the storm that washes over the ship bound for a zoo. But it's not enough to carry a film. It is so dreadful that Don Bluth pulled his name from the credits so he wouldn't be associated with this mess.
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