Mila Kunis's film debut.

Rather than shoot new special effects for the film, Roger Corman simply recycled the effects from the original. Sets and props were also designed to look like the first film to help accommodate the recycling of the special effects.

Even though special effects had made considerable progress since 1978, stock-footage from Joe Dante's version was used for close-ups of the killing fish of that film.

Some of the scenes were shot in the same locations as the original.

In the original 1978 release, Paul was married to his wife 10 years before the split. In this remake, they had been married 15 years. Also, in the 1978 release, there was no mention of what Paul did before they eloped. Here, Paul had been a lawyer in her father's law firm, working corporate law.

Unlike the exclusively white campers in the original, this film's campers include some of color. Also the father/son fishermen were white in the original, of color in the remake.

At 52:52 Mina Kunis' character has a bandage on her knee, but without the explanation provided in the original film.