Rachel: Rachel Mary Ellen. The Rachel is silent.

Rachel: You think I'm someone from a mental institution, don't you?

Lloyd: Are you?

Rachel: Who's Mistress Eakens? I'm supposed to take this to Mistress Eakens? Do you know who she is? Mistress Eakens? Do you know what I'm talking about?

Trish: No.

Rachel: Mistress Eakens, I think he said.

Trish: Mister Seakins?

Rachel: Oh, I thought he said Mistress Eakens. I thought that was an unusual name.

Rachel: Oh, God, I thought I was getting shorter!

Rachel: I was thinking about how people in movies and books are always getting puppies on Christmas. But you never have to see anyone cleaning up the...

Therapist: Shit?

Rachel: ...or get hit by cars. You just see them with a big red bow, and the kids are smiling.

Lloyd: I walked out on a woman with multiple sclerosis and two children. One of them brain damaged because I was too drunk to see him playing in the snow... and I ran over them with the snowblower.

Lloyd: The past is something you wake up to. It's the nightmare you wake up to every single day.

Fast Tim Timko: Who said that you were most like blue cheese? Your mother or your wife?

Lloyd: That's my favorite.

Fast Tim Timko: Nobody's interested in your personal life, Lloyd!

Lloyd: [doorbell rings] Aww! Who the hell is that?

Dr. Maden: I used to drive a school bus. You know that? And how many school bus drivers do you think become doctors? None... Except the ones who do.

Therapist: What is a heart attack? Isn't it a broken heart?

Therapist: Is it difficult for you to make a decision?

Rachel: No.

Therapist: Are you sure?