Molly Ward: Rememborize that, ok?

[upon finding Molly hiding a dog tied to a rope behind her back during a disciplinary meeting]

Cliff Haber: Where did you get this one?

Molly Ward: I found it by the dumster and it had no collar.

Kyle Ward: She did not find it by the dumpster. She stole it out of a mercedes.

Brandon Ward: After she killed the driver.

Molly Ward: Did not, you liar!

Brandon Ward: I think I saw Lawrence's face on America's Most Wanted. Do you suppose that we should call the police?

Russ Syracuse: Wow, Brandon. You sure have a wild imagination, don't you?

Molly Ward: He lies. Don't believe anything he says.

Brandon Ward: I do lie sometimes, Molly. But that bubblegum you swallowed was radioactive, and you will grow to abnormal proportions.

[she gets a paranoid looks on her face]

Valerie Syracuse: Honey, he's just teasing.

Brandon Ward: I'm not.

Russ Syracuse: Brandon, I think you're scaring your little sister.

Brandon Ward: Fine, but tomorrow, she'll wake up nine feet tall and glowing like a lightbulb.