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  • If it weren't for a goofball romantic subplot ala Top Gun, then this would rate double what I gave it.

    The whole detailed presentation of a company going through Navy Seals training from day 1 to graduation is well-realized and it's what makes the film. Pretty much a realistic portrayal.

    The subplot of an affair between a recruit and the wife of the Seals CO is just plain dumb and unnecessary except to satisfy the girls who are watching. Pretty much an unbelievable, unrealistic event that detracts from the rest of the show. Just as unbelievable is that this same recruit drops out of the program one minute before graduation. Yeah, right.

    Also, the paunchy CO climbing the rope drill with ease is obviously done with some sort of elevator/lift device out of view, and is laughable.
  • The paper-thin story of a cocky young naval officer who discovers himself and has an affair with the beautiful, betrayed wife of his commanding officer is just a smokescreen. The real interest in this movie is its surprisingly credible and detailed portrayal of Navy SEAL selection and training, which was far more authentic than the later and often silly "G.I. Jane".
  • This is a very good action film, and the chemistry between lead Gil Bellows and his sidekick Rahman, played by Anjul Nigam, is a true joy to watch. Nigam brings much charm to his character and enlivens the movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A ridiculous portrayal of Navy SEAL selection and training.

    SEALs-to-be go through such a rigorous training that it seems hardly likely that Del Piso would have sufficient energy after daily training to pursue any woman let alone the captain's wife.

    Also odd that Del Piso disappears for hours on end to meet with Michelle without being missed. Where does he find the time? And when his team mates are let-down you'd think they'd come down hard for his lack of commitment to the team.

    And what is with the civilians strolling through the training exercises?

    "Hell Week" seemed like a cake walk compared to what I've be told and read. This can't be anywhere near a realistic representation - if it's no tougher than this I could be a SEAL . . . NOT!

    The bottom line is that there are more entertaining love stories (An Officer and a Gentleman) and more realistic movies about military training (Navy SEALs: BUDS Class 234) - watch one of these instead.

    Footnote: One excellent shark attack moment at about 77 min into the movie - brief but truly effective.