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  • When the lawyer Leon Sander (Kary Cawley) and his fiancée Alice Reade (Moira Brennan) visit a real state for sale, they stumble upon the new owner Jack Brennan (Daniel Meyer), who has just inherited the property from his grandmother. Leon learns that Jack had dated Alice when they were in high-school and he invites Jack to go to a party with Alice and him. In the party, Leon's boss Roy Kem (Brad Nelson Winters) challenges Jack to a poker game where he loses a large amount and his wife's car. Soon Roy learns that Jack is a professional gambler and blames Leon for his loss. Meanwhile Jack flirts with Alice and they have one night stand. When Roy's wife sees Alice and Jack kissing each other in a remote park, she spreads the gossip in the small town. Meanwhile Roy tries to convince Leon to play poker with Jack to take his house while Alice asks Jack to lose the game to Leon. What will be Jack's decision?

    "Straight to the Heart" is a boring soap opera overrated in IMDb. Alice is a messy character with a confused relationship with Leon and a promiscuous relationship with Jack. Leon is an asshole; Roy is a scum; and only Jack seems to be honest despite being a professional gambler. My vote is five.

    Title (Brazil): "Direto ao Coração" ("Straight to the Heart")