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  • It's standard stuff for the first half or so, with a plot that's a pretty blatant rip-off of THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR. Then suddenly we get some twists in the plot that are so silly and/or jaw-dropping, you can't help but get sucked in. And it had a very memorable ending. Film suffers from typical Roger Corman cheapness (including ripping off footage from a famous made-for-tv movie), and the action scenes sometimes get pretty dumb, especially when you see wimpy C. Thomas Howell attempting to be an action hero. Verdict: if you like B-movies, and you don't mind them a little cheesy, you'll probably like this.
  • If you ignore the cheesy Corman-level of special effects, direction, and all things related to budget, this turns out to be a good movie. No, really. In the first 30, 40 Minutes you may shake your head in disbelief, how miscast the main character for it role is - but later on, the story gets going, and it all fits. Nice ideas, especially for the genre.

    OK, it is still a cheesy, cheap flick, but I am about certain, if it was filmed with expensive actors, effects and direction, there would be about nothing left of what makes it interesting. They simply wouldn't have dared to leave the good parts of the story intact, especially the ending (which I rather like).

    It's good for TV; it's an OK rental, it's a no-no for cinema - except for those trash-movie "vote your movies" nights, if you have those where you live. If it's on TV and you don't have anything else to do, watch it.
  • This one's a mind-blower! Constant suspense and action, along with some of the wildest and most entertaining plot twists I've ever seen in a TV-movie. Especially noteworthy are Stacey Travis and the actor who played the hippie mad scientist. Just when you think you've seen it all, the filmmakers throw in a nuclear blast just for fun! This is a four-star popcorn movie if there ever was one! Great writing makes this one a winner!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Story: Dan W. Jericho, a low-level government analyst, finds a mysterious program named 'Suspect Device' on his computer. At that moment, an armed terrorist team breaks in & massacres everyone in the building except for Dan. On the run, with armed assassins from the CIA's Gamma dark ops division after him, Dan discovers that nobody knows him & that he has the fighting skills of a martial arts master. After tracking down a college girlfriend, Dan finds out that he is an indestructible cyborg with a small nuclear bomb in his skull.

    Sometimes you never know when you find a decent film while shopping for bargain-basement DVDs. After buying a box-set of ten cheap action films for ten dollars, I wasn't expecting much. True, eight of the films were crappy military-themed actioners from the Royal Oaks stable, but the remaining two, "Dark Breed" & "Suspect Device", were surprisingly good. I liked them so much that I bought them on their own (for $2 each).

    "Suspect Device" at first starts off like just another action cheapie from the studios of Roger Corman. There's a very badly directed scene involving a poker game between friends being interrupted by heavily armed terrorists who gun down everyone, only for us to discover that it's a dream, followed by a cheap sex scene with C. Thomas Howell banging a blonde with massive breasts. Sure enough, the action scenes in this film are quite silly, with Howell shooting bad guys in the open, with no visible cover.

    In the final half hour, the film changes from being a rip-off of "Three Days of the Condor" to being a quite original film involving nuclear-armed cyborgs. There's a cool moment when Howell's body spits out bullets & heals in a few seconds. I was quite surprised. There are a few plot holes in the script, for example, we never know which parts of Howell's life are real or fantasy, but that does not detract from the film too much.
  • Lot of potential in plot but somehow it didn't flow as it should have (poor direction?). Good acting by C. Thomas and lead actress.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Suspect Device is not a good movie, but it's not a *bad* bad movie. It's surprisingly riveting as you're watching it, but when the credits start rolling, you suddenly realize nothing you've just seen made any sense whatsoever. It barely stops once it starts, that's why. It's obviously riffing off of Terminator 2, with a sort of Fugitive vibe.

    C Thomas Howell, a staple in these films, stars as a business worker for the government who is plagued by violent dreams of people around him getting killed, and one day he wakes up and they are. What you must do is run with this movie, and don't stop and question the plot holes or the whole film caves in.

    **1/2 out of 5