Ball: What you sayin'? We dead, motherfucker?

Mr. Simms: VERY!

Bulldog: Motherfucker bullshit! If we dead then what we doin' in a funeral home with your crazy ass?

Mr. Simms: This ain't no funeral home! It ain't the Terror Dome, neither! Welcome to Hell, motherfuckers!

Mr. Simms: After you killed Crazy K, a few of his boys killed you! I guess you didn't make it!

Mr. Simms: Don't worry. You'll get the shit. You'll be knee-deep in the shit. I've got it hid. There's so much... I couldn't even lift it all myself.

Dr. Cushing: What's the matter, Jerome? You don't like seeing black people get killed? But isn't that what you've been doing all your life? You know, Jerome, Cain was the world's first murderer. He slayed his brother. And how many brothers HAVE YOU SLAIN?

[the tattooed man has just been struck by Crazy K's fist after uttering a series of racist propoganda]

Tattooed Man: Hey, nigger. Those people you killed? What color were they?

[Crazy K's expression changes from wrath to somber reflection]

Tattooed Man: [Laughs] They were niggers. I know it.

[Tastes his own blood]

Tattooed Man: You're cool with me, nigger. I like you. I like you a lot.

Newton: Damn it, man, this is no time to panic!

Strom: Then when the FUCK do we begin to panic?

Mr. Simms: Oh, I must say, I don't think you can reform those types. No - you just kill them.

Bulldog: Hey, wait a minute. You got your gat, man

Stack: Yeah, I got my shit.

Bulldog: Well if a dead mothafucka come fuckin' wit you, you kill his ass. Ya understand me?

Stack: Yo hold up, Bulldog. How'm I supposed to kill somthin' that's already dead, man?

Bulldog: WHAT?

Stack: Yeah, how'm I supposed to kill somthin' that's already dead? That's like killin' some shit twice, man.

Ball: Yeah, like some refried beans 'n some shit. Man, I never understood that, man. Why the FUCK you gonna refry some beans, man? Why not just fry that shit right the first time, and get out?

Clarence: Are you satisfied now, brother?

[Martin Moorhouse grabs Clarence by the throat]

Martin Moorehouse: Where were you when I NEEDED you, brother?

[Martin Moorehouse has just transformed Newton into a mural]

Martin Moorehouse: Welcome - to MY world!

Mr. Simms: Death... it comes in many strange packages.

Martin Moorehouse: Clarence! Bring them to me! Bring them to ME!

Clarence: I will! I will! I will!

Mr. Simms: I'll tell you about Clarence here along the way - unless, of course, you're scared.

Mr. Simms: It's here, in the coffins! WHERE ELSE would I hide it?

Dr. Cushing: But you are responsible for the lives you've taken... for the dreams you've turned into nightmares.

Newton: You listen to me! And you listen good. Those assholes are cops. Who the fuck are you to judge 'em? Shit, man, you got a green dick. Those two guys have been risking their asses on the street for years. The fucker went for Strom's gun.

Clarence: Bullshit.

Newton: Now, maybe those two guys went too far tonight. Maybe it was all a mistake. But next time it could be you. So, you know, you don't ever roll over... and you never rat out a fellow officer. And you never... never break the code.

Mr. Simms: [after telling Crazy K's story] You see, those types can't be rehabilitated... you just kill them.

Carl: [monster voice] Walter you little motherfucker.

Carl: [shows Walter the drawing] You like to draw fucked up pictures of people huh?

Carl: [walks up to Walter and grabs him by his shirt, his voice is now normal but still angry] HUH?

Shot Little Girl: I didn't do anything! I was just playing in my room, and a bullet from your gun came through the wall.

Crazy K: [visibly shaken] A bullet don't got a name on it! You was just in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Newton: What are we going to say? The body of a citizen we murdered has come back to kill us?

Rhodie: [imitating Duke Metger] Well, the only spooks I'm afraid of are the ones with guns.

Mr. Simms: I have some iodine in the lab.

Stack: Hey, man! I don't need nothing from no house of dead folks! Besides, I ain't no baby!

Mr. Simms: Of course you're not.

Ball: Sure looked like one when that door swung open!

Gangster #1: What about us?

Gangster #2: That shit was wrong, man!

Gangster #1: Just drove by and started blastin'!

Gangster #2: That shit was wrong, man!

Gangster #1: We're not even the ones who capped your homie!

Gangster #2: That shit was really wrong, G!

Eli: You need to be scared, Mr. Metger. Them dolls didn't want him there. They don't want you there. Now you'd best get out before you wind up just like him. Or worse.

Carl: This shit ain't over yet, bitch!

Sissy: Oh, but I think it is.

[Steps on Walter's drawing, crushing him]

Young Tracy: Whazzup, Crazy K?

Crazy K: [Shocked] Tracy?

Young Tracy: Yeah, whazzup? How come we ain't talked in a while? That's right - you KILLED my ass! Ain't that a bitch! I got just one question for you. Why? WHY?

Crazy K: [Nervously, trying to justify his actions] You kept coming up short on me! I couldn't just let you rip me off, nigger!

Ball: Man, that place DOES look evil as Hell!

Bulldog: Really, though.

Billy: You quit because you're a pussy.

Strom: You're a goddamn pussy.