Sonja Davis, Angela Bassett's stunt double, died in an accident on the set.

On The Directors (1997), Wes Craven suggested that Eddie Murphy ignored his requests to play the character vulnerable, and felt compelled to showcase his comedic talents.

Final film of Ray Combs. He died soon after.

First time Eddie Murphy plays a villain.

In a November 2011 interview with "Rolling Stone", Eddie Murphy stated that he made this movie for one reason: Paramount agreed to release The Nutty Professor (1996)'s rights in exchange for finishing his deal with the studio. Murphy also said that the wig his character wore was so awful it immediately made people despise the film.

Eddie Murphy wouldn't write another story until Norbit (2007), twelve years later. Interestingly, his co-writer of both movies was his brother Charlie Murphy.

Eddie Murphy's last Paramount film.

Several costars have appeared in other Wes Craven films. Jsu Garcia appeared in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Mitch Pileggi appeared in Shocker (1989), Joanna Cassidy appeared in Invitation to Hell (1984), Zakes Mokae appeared in The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988), and Wendy Robie appeared in The People Under the Stairs (1991).

John Witherspoon's character Silas says, "Bang, bang, bang" when referring to sex, just like Witherspoon's character did in Boomerang (1992), another movie starring Eddie Murphy.

According to Charlie Murphy, the movie was meant to be a straight horror movie with no laughs but Wes Craven brought a different focus to the film.

It is one of the favorite movies of John Witherspoon.

The screenplay was written by three first time screenwriters.

Eddie Murphy wore lifts to appear taller.

Eddie Murphy and Kadeem Hardison would star together again years later in the 2002 film Showtime (2002).

This is Angela Bassett's second vampire movie. She previously starred in Innocent Blood (1992). Bassett would also play a vampire many years later in season 5 of American Horror Story (2011).

Eddie Murphy was born in Brooklyn.

In an interview with Shadow and Act, Kadeem Hardison singled out Vampire in Brooklyn as his "favorite" works.

Kadeem Hardison and Allen Payne played together years ago on A Different World (1987). Also, both starred in movies with Wesley Snipes; Payne was in New Jack City (1991) and Hardison was in White Men Can't Jump (1992). Snipes went on to star in Blade (1998), playing a half-vampire that kills vampires.

Kadeem Hardison's character, Julius, is based on Renfield from the Dracula book and movies.

"Veder" loosely translates to "Vater", which means father in German, foreshadowing Rita's father was a vampire.

Eddie Murphy wanted Jada Pinkett Smith to played Rita Veder but she turned down the role. She would later starred with him in The Nutty Professor.

First horror-comedy for Eddie Murphy. He would star in The Haunted Mansion (2003) eight years later.

Ten years later Wes Craven would direct another supernatural creature movie, Cursed (2005), featuring a werewolf.

During the opening narration, Maximilian indirectly references the character of Dracula when he talks about how the Nosferatu were originally from Egypt but were expelled thousands of years ago. Many of the vampires relocated to the Carpathian Mountains in eastern Europe. It doubles as somewhat of a "take that!" when he smugly mentions that "others of better taste--including myself--settled in a part of the Caribbean known as The Bermuda Triangle." Dracula lived in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania.

With a story by Eddie Murphy, this is practically a horror remake of his Coming To America since the plot has the main character arriving from a foreign land to America in order to seek a woman. He even uses his power (and before, his money) to change a grungy apartment into a classy one to impress the lady.

One of two Eddie Murphy movies featuring a New York neighborhood in the title. The films are Harlem Nights (1989) and Vampire in Brooklyn (1995).

Justice drives a 1971 Dodge Charger R/T.

The limousine Julius chauffers Max in is a, 1991 Lincoln Town Car Stretched.

This is Eddie Murphy's first movie in which his character gets killed.

Kadeem Hardison enjoyed working on the movie, calling Eddie Murphy a "comic genius". He also enjoyed working with Allen Payne and Wes Craven.