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  • It's about a bunch of blonde buxom bimbos who are bamboozled and exported as slaves. Funny thing, is it seems like they might have volunteered to be $lave$ or at least they are whinningly stupid you feel that somehow they deserve their fate. The best acting is done by the villans who appear on camera least often, you end up routing for them just because it is the only time you feel you're watching a movie and when they are on screen at least the bimbos are not. One even gets the feeling they made two separate movies and sliced them together later, it's weird, maybe they ran out of money during shooting, I don't know. Anyway, these girls all pine for their boyfriends who they just know will save them, trouble is they are all dating the same one guy, and he is the one who tricked them in the the first place. They talk about how wonderful he is and you can't help but laugh at them not knowing. Well, to make a long story short our buxom bimbos kill a mouse and escape---I know it makes no sense but that's the truth or at least it is in the movie. As I said, I think this two movies in one? If you really want a double feature rent two other movies....and invite a brunette!
  • There is nothing thrilling or erotic about this "erotic thriller". Erotica is supposed to be done with style, but this is just a sleaze movie that will entertain ONLY those who are too embarassed to go out and grab a real porno movie. (As always, the difference between a porno movie and junk like this is a porno movie goes all the way, while this stuff would probably do well as Skinamax material). There was not one second of this awful movie that floated my boat in any way, as a well-made film OR as a low-budget sleaze film. Unless you like bare breasts overinflated with silicone, AVOID this crap because that's the only reason it was made.
  • camroon11 August 2005
    The movie has some hot chicks. Some of the acting isn't bad. I like the weirdo with the mouse. He was scary. And one of the girls looks just like Cortney Love. Watch it if your drunk and horny. The jail scenes are hilarious. Like the other reader I thought that it seemed like 2 movies spliced together. Some scenes look like there shot in the jungle. The rest of the movie is shot in a jail which look a little fake. There's a pretty cool scene in a strip club. The good guys, I don't wanna give it away are not that good but one of them is convincing at the end (you'll know what I mean when you see it) I wouldn't call it porno but it's close.
  • This movie was decent. Well, less than decent. It had an all right plot, selling white women into slavery. The movie could have gone to so many places with that plot, but chose to make it a porno.

    It starts off with these women trying out for a strip club, but they were given drinks with something in them that knocks them out. So they're put in a cell with other girls. And thats where most of the movie takes place: them trying to get out. The rest is a lady stripping. If you have absolutly nothing else to see, and I mean nothing, rent this. But I waste my time again.
  • Yes this movie stinks, but lets dig deeper. Within this sordid tale lies a henchman with enormous talent and heart. Anthony Palmer is as good as advertised. Once again this brilliant tactician weaves a web of deception and beauty. I say bravo Anthony!!!!.