John Travolta took the role of Louis Pinnock at Quentin Tarantino's urging.

Quentin Tarantino also urged Kelly Lynch to do the film. Tarantino's company, A Band Apart, produced the film.

Desmond Nakano, who is Japanese-American, created the film in part because of how we felt that to both American whites and blacks, he was "them". He also tapped into the disorienting feeling he felt when he visited Japan, saying that "for so long I had been different, it felt wrong to be the same."

John Travolta had filming stopped briefly so that Kelly Lynch could attend the funeral of her friend, Michael O'Donoghue.

Shares 31 Cast & Crew members with Pulp Fiction, the most obvious being John Travolta. Quentin Tarantino is thanked for his recommendations to Travolta & Kelly Lynch which led to them accepting roles, Laurence Bender serves as a producer & Alexis Arquette shared a short scene with Travolta after previously being shot by he & Samuel L. Jackson in the famous Pulp Fiction scene.