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  • An entertainment product that has somewhat died in todays blurry textures gaming, Wing Commander IV - the price of freedom is truly the pinnacle of PC gaming - exciting, fast paced and not without some real tear jerking moments. Yes, the interactive movie that I personally loved since it began. This game brings the slendour of Hollywood and the interactivity of computer games to your home with the 0 minute (!) introduction to the electrifying ending this has you, Christopher Blair (In a role played by Mark Hamill who I think is better as this particular character than Luke Skywalker) facing your worst enemy - your own kind. This is the aspect of the amazing story and video sequences which is interesting, some video sequences will depict the second thoughts the pilots have about shooting down their own kind. With two shocking plot twists later on, this is a game to play/watch. Gameplay? Never better. This is the pinnacle of PC gaming and the movie even surpasses other sci fi movies out there.
  • Wing Commander III: Heart Of The Tiger was quite a new and unique video gaming experience. It combined the graphics and playability of a video game with the sensibilities, style, drama, and live-action performers of any Hollywood movie. And, guess what? It worked, to great effect! So, how do you improve upon perfection itself? Simple. You make everything bigger, better, and, in the case of the live-action elements, more realistic and film-like! First off, let's talk about the live-action. WC3's live-action scenes simply had the actors and actresses filmed against green-screen. The CGI-created sets were added later on in post-production. Because of this process, the film camera had to be locked down to the studio floor all of the time. In other words, the live-action scenes had no camera-movements whatsoever. In Wing Commander IV: The Price Of Freedom, director Chris Roberts has taken care of both of these minor problems by fully utilizing real, and in some cases impressive, sets this time. He sure uses his newfound camera-movements to great effect, too. He zooms in and out on his actors, he pans all around his sets in some shots, he follows his actors around the sets using hand-held cameras. He even threw in a few dolly and crane shots just for fun. He also knows a good thing when he sees it, too, because he managed to bring back almost all of the actors who were in WC3, including Mark Hamill, Thomas F. Wilson, Malcolm McDowell, and the great John Rhys-Davies. If you enjoyed Wing Commander III, then chances are you'll enjoy Wing Commander IV just as well, or maybe even more! It is currently available for both PC and PlayStation. I personally would recommend the PlayStation version, since the graphics and live-action video are much more cleaner and clearer than the PC version. Buy this game, and have fun! That's an order, Colonel!
  • cammie17 September 1999
    This video game/movie is one of the best games, if not the best, that I have ever played. It is made up of such famous actors as Malcolm McDowell & Mark Hamill & the movie footage makes you just want to keep playing the game over & over
  • Wing Commander III was good. But Wing Commander IV takes game playing to a whole other level. It's too bad there are not more games like this out there. They are a lot of fun to watch and play. You get caught up in the story. The acting is superb. Led by Mark Hamill as Colonel Christopher Blair, and Thomas F. Wilson as Maniac. With most of the cast back from Wing Commander III it felt like being with a old friend. It is interactive where you make some of the choses. Sometimes these can lead you down the wrong path or give you a unexpected twist. This game is never boring.
  • I while ago, I wasnt really into PC Gaming, I'd sit down and play solitare once and a while, but not really much anything else, it was all for work. I went to Fry's Electronics once, and started brousing around the computer game section, and I saw "Wing Commander IV" I glanced at the back, to get some general ideas as to what it looked like. "Mark Hamill, Tom Wilson, John-Rhys Davies, Malcom McDowell" These were (at the time) all big Hollywood names. I said "ahhh, hell with it." and I spent 39.99 on what I found out was one of the most well directed and produced games I'd ever play. These days, we have much more advanced games, with their 3d surround sound, and their OpenGL 3d accelleration drivers.... but this, this had a STORY. Not just "your mission. Go and kill those things" It had an immersive story line, and rather incredable graphics for it's time. I found it amazing that you could actually choose your path, you could make Colonel Blair (played by Mark Hamill) say "this" or "that" and other characters in the game would respond however he acted. The bottom line is, if you've never played this game. Get it now. Hell, it's probably 9.99 in some places. So go ahead, go out to your local store, and BUY IT! It's worth the money.
  • Bekenn7 July 1999
    There is no perfect game, but this one comes about as close as possible.

    Intense, amazing, and -- most importantly -- NEW, the storyline for this game is the best I've seen for ANY game, regardless of genre. I knew that the video for this game would look much better than in WC3 when I got it, but I had no idea what the plot was, and the only assurance I had that it would be even mildly interesting is the traditional WC high quality that doesn't fail here.

    Forget the senselessly stupid WC "movie" that came out in theaters a few months ago; this is what should have been put on the screen. This had a convincing, natural-sounding script, top-notch acting, and great EFX to boot. Unlike a lot of games, this one made you care about the characters. This is, to date, the only game I've played that kept me out of bed for more than two days straight just to play "one more mission".

    There is, however, one failing that this game does have, one flaw: the gameplay. The flight engine is recycled from WC3, with enhanced AI. I would have preferred that this game be in development for another year if only that would give it the better flight engine, but I suppose you have to live with what you can get.

    Still, this is a minor quibble, and not enough to pull the game away from a 10 rating in my book.
  • Out of all Wing Commander products to make use of video sequences, this one was definitely the best. Mark Hamill and Tom Wilson really add depth to the game, and the late-great Jason Bernard gives a performance to squeeze respect out of any Starfleet Captain. By far, WAY superior to the movie.

    While making only slight improvements over the Wing Commander III engine, and a supporting cast substantially weaker than it's predacessor, The Price of Freedom has a deeper plot and is a joy for everyone. I do not know a single person who's played this to have been disappointed.

    I hear the DVD version rawks!
  • orionak28 February 2000
    WC4 was an amazing step for what used to be a prized goal, interactive movies. All of the previous WC games were also interactive movies, expanding the field with every release. This was the first computer game to make the cutscenes and movies on actual film to add to the quality and detail of the scenes. Other games had live-action cutscenes, but none were as interactive and as high quality as this was, using all sorts of movie special effects. It was a milestone in not only the Wing Commander but also the Interactive Movie history.
  • This is the high point for the videos of the entire Wing Commander series, and the computer games in general. Films using real Hollywood techniques and an astronomical (for computer games) budget, we got the best video sequences ever seen on a computer screen, and even better on its DVD version.
  • I'm not sure if the PlayStation version differs from the computer version, but either way, this game is the BOMB! I loved the flight sequences and getting to shoot stuff. If one dude p****s you off...BANG! I loved that!

    Mark Hamill is great, though he looks kinda outta it. Ever see that cartoon dog...Droopy-whatever? I'm not dissing Mr. Hamill or anything, don't get me wrong. He's my fave actor. Everyone else was cool, though Maniac kept getting on my nerves. That's bad when you have a short temper...nothing against Tom Wilson, either.

    I loved the plot, and, being somewhat of a newbie to the WC universe, I really enjoyed this venture. I hope that PlayStation adapts Wing Commander: Prophecy soon.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wing Commander 3 was fantastic game and underrated TV space opera, but The Price of Freedom will take you much further. Every good aspect of the previous game became better and bigger. The first twist in the plot is absolutely genius. Spoiler alert! You are leaving Earth and your old buddy challenges you to make friendly fight sparring with level down lazers in the open space. But suddenly bad guys show up and blow your base to pieces. You are left alone in space piloting your tiny fighter. But this is only the beginging! WC 4 is one big Plot Twist. If you like Space action simulators, play it now. If you like Star Trek or SG-1, watch it and play it immediately! The cast is filled with cult hard working actors once again, and it's fun to watch martail arts star Mark Dacascos as one of your green co pilots)) The only weak moment in WC 4 for me is the lack of love interests in Blair's new journey. But you can see why: the game story is very intense.
  • Sabre_Wolf8 March 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a great game while I thought Wing Commander III was the best this was a classic game with a great storyline against an enemy that can be just as scary perhaps even more so then another alien species wishing to conquer or destroy us.

    It features the return of old favourites but unlike Prophecy they were pretty good and were interesting characters the more prominent ones had issues of their own. Also the choices you make affecting the outcome was an interesting touch though they could have added more perhaps even leading Blair to choose a side.

    Also the new villains were pretty cool most notably Seether and who he is working with.

    Plus the space combat had a little to add but otherwise was good. Overall this was a classic game!
  • This video game has finally proven how games which incorporate

    video segments aren't all crap. It is finely balanced between

    the exploits in space and the ongoing, clever storyline which

    unfolds dramatically. This is something to show all the people

    who condemned these games after an unsuccessful run of the genre

    on the ill-fated mega-CD (or Sega CD). The story and characters

    play no small part in the quality of the game, actors such as

    Malcom McDowell, Francois Chau and Jason Bernard show the

    calibre of the cast in the type of game that used to be

    notorious for having the most desperate out-of-work actors in

  • They actually spent $10 million filming the video segments in this. Film historians might be amused to note that's about what Star Wars cost. Amazingly enough, they did make their money back, and the budget certainly shows. In terms of sets, actors, and effects, this is also probably the best movie to be paired with a game. The cast is a well-made-up crew of 2nd and 3rd-tier actors who, while fine performers, never became stars in their own right. (like John Rhys-Davies and Malcolm McDowell)

    Unfortunately, the game itself isn't that hot BECAUSE the movie segments were the focus. The missions are, for the most part, boring and uninspired compared to most of the other WC games. My suggestion, if you pick it up, is to just set the thing on easy, and breeze your way through the "game" to enjoy the movies and plot.
  • I've played the games and seen the movie.

    The movie is okay, but I'd sure wish there was more to it. There is so much going on in the Wing Commander Universe, that we missed out on in the movie.

    I like the story, the plots, the universe, but I'm not a Flight-Sim player. So for my own personal needs, i cut out each and every scene from WC4, clipped them up, gathered them together and made a movie out of them. Pretty nice job, if I may say so... it took weeks!!!

    I'd wish I could do the same with the other games and I hope they'd do a follow-up or a sequel to the movie. But I guess that won't happen, since it's been some 8 years since the movie came out. The cast was OK. The story, too. It seemed to follow the first Wing Commander game. That's why I hoped they would do movies to the other games and the Privateer games, as well.

    But I guess, we'll just have to wait and see...