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  • This was one of the funniest shows out there! Jamie Foxx had me crying laughing every time! His character was so convincing that he could get away with anything he pleased since he was just a bellhop who moved up in the business with his uncle and aunt at the Kings Tower Hotel. But he always was cool with his co-workers like Braxton and Fancy(especially when he tries to fall for her),but sometimes could come up with a scheme for anything,usually with hilarious results. Great show! Man,can he sing too!
  • Man, this show takes me back! The Jamie Foxx show was too funny for words. The things this man said and did on his show was hilarious. I use to love this character he use to play named Tryone Coppel. Tyrone Coppel was basically the black version of Ted Coppel and he would say things like "Westside" and "back up off me" in Ted Coppels voice. There were also a lot of in-jokes on this show about the city of Los Angeles, and if you don't live in LA like I do or are familiar with the city, you probably won't get them. This show followed a really simple formula but it was still hilarious. I also liked the guy who played Braxton P. Hartnabrig. This guy is responsible for coining the word "bro-ham" and was a funny straight man for Foxx. Uncle Junior King played by the great Garret Morris was also hilarious as Jamie's cheap-skate uncle. If you want to laugh out loud, then I suggest you check out the Jamie Foxx show. Season 1 is out on DVD now.
  • "THE JAMIE FOXX SHOW," in my opinion, is an absolute WB classic! I haven't seen every episode, but I still enjoyed it. It's hard to say which episode was my favorite. However, I think it was always funny when a mishap occurred. I always laughed at that. If you ask me, it was nice that all of the main characters had stayed with the show throughout its entire run. It seems that no one stays with a show throughout its entire run. Everyone always gave a good performance, the production design was spectacular, the costumes were well-designed, and the writing was always very strong. In conclusion, although it can currently be seen on BET in reruns, I hope you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
  • "The Jamie Foxx Show", on first glance, isn't all that bad. Garcelle Beauvais is a beautiful actress, Jamie Foxx is a great actor with a very lively character and the rest of the characters sorta fade to the background.

    It gets awkward when watching the second episode. It's too simple. The title song says it all; it's simple, my baby rocks my world. That's it. Are we supposed to just watch Garcelle flick around with Jamie, period? Now the character Jamie Foxx is great and although the concept isn't all that original any more after watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air, he does pull it off pretty well.

    But do we really want to look at 20 minutes of Jamie Foxx saying funny things? Where's the plot? The interaction? It feels like a bad excuse for a sitcom and after the first episode you'll watch it with a frown on your face.
  • geminiof6 March 2020
    This show is a classic that you can watch over & over. I get so upset that every time I come on this site, the Black shows have low ratings. Pure racism. This show is one of the best.
  • Jamie is hilarious in this show and the rest of the crew...I really Love this show and still watch it today....I hope he comes back to making new ones this show was a hit
  • T-ZER018 July 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    It is inevitable to not compare this show to the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Which I can say sometimes is not a bad thing, sometimes it is. I personally think the show was good on the first three seasons, but when we got to season 4 and 5, it got really annoying.

    The premise is similar to Fresh Prince, a young man moves in with his mother's sister and her husband and aspires to have a successful career. Like, I said earlier, this show was funny the first few seasons. Braxton was my favorite character, because he just makes me laugh. But let's be honest, he is a parody of Carlton.

    Can I ask, why does the audience cheer EVERY TIME Jamie appears on screen? I get that Jamie Foxx is popular, but you see him every episode!! It's not that special if you keep doing it!

    Jamie and Fancy's relationship got on my nerves as well. I liked it at first, but they are an awful couple. Jamie seems only to want to have sex with her every episode they are in. Real couples do not have sex as often as these two do. Will and Lisa didn't even on Fresh Prince. It had me wishing that they would stay separate (and had me a little sick too). The one episode in Season 4 that had me laughing though was when Jamie put his friend down as his domestic partner. That was hilarious!!

    Other than that, the show after Season 3 gets very annoying. I literally had to force myself to finish the show because it was not so good later. I can give the new theme song a pass on seasons 4 and 5, but I like the 90s feel it has to it. But other than that, this show is ok. But do yourself a favor. After the first three seasons, stop watching.
  • During the time this show originally aired Jamie Foxx was already a self-made star thanks to "In Living Color". This guy is very talented he can sing,tell jokes,and play various instruments such as a piano. Jamie displayed this talent while portraying himself on the show. At the time I think his show was a little underrated and people didn't give Jamie the respect he deserves. The show was light-hearted and at times silly but that was his character. He had a few serious episodes where his uncle junior was afraid to have surgery and teaching a kid the value of money. The most hilarious part was during the first few season of the show where Braxton and Jamie are competing rivals for Fanci's love. Then towards the end Jamie's crush turn into full bloom love and him and Braxton becoming trustworthy friends. Round the time this show was air he starred in movies with Samuel Jackson,Will Smith,Nia Long and In Living Color co-star Tommy Davidson. Jamie was already in the entertainment industry long before his star status rocketed after the biopic movie Ray. Since then he recorded Unpredictable in 2005 and Intuition in 2008. Also guest-starred on various hip-hop and r&b artist recordings. It seems like Jamie Foxx is a hot commodity in the entertainment industry. By catching the reruns of the Jamie Foxx show its about time he got his break.
  • raytesian16 June 2021
    Jamie is amazing. Nobody can do the things he does imo.
  • I think I would give this show 7.5, but since IMDB only allows whole numbers, I rounded up. I knew Jamie was a talent from his first, In Loving Color sketch, he also had multiple under appreciated roles like Great White Hype, Players Club and Bait.

    When Martin went off the air, a gap was left for quality black comedies and Jamie filled that gap nicely. It honestly felt like the same show in many ways and with Garrett Morris in both, I don't think it was a coincidence. Like Martin, the show featured rappers in episodes and had a host of well know black talent who just didn't get any shine on other networks or shows. Jamie also showed great respect by having guess roles from Ron Isely, Gladys Knight and a host of legendary black performers.

    Clearly the show started running out of idea's when they focused on Braxton's girlfriend, and Jamie's jingle career, but even in those episodes, there was comedy. Jamie Foxx was a hound and watching him chase women was hilarious and finally starting a relationship with a certain female was clearly the end game.

    I loved the Stephen King Parody, Set It Off Parody and all the pop culture references. If you like Jamie or Black Comedy, you can't go wrong here.
  • This show is one of my favorites. I do not mean to be bias but I love this show. Jamie Foxx is so funny on this show. Every episode makes me literally laugh out loud. In order to really love this show as much as I, you have to like Jamie's witty, silly, wild, slap-stick and sometimes corny sense of humor. Jamie is absolutely my favorite character and Braxton is sometimes good for a laugh also. The only problems I have are that while Jamie is SUPER funny and cracking jokes all of the time, the other character can be very cheesy, not funny. Also, in the later seasons they brought in an Asian-looking lady as to play maid who turned me off completely. I hated when she spoke. Her fake Asian accent was horrible. Nevertheless, this show is the bomb.