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  • This western is full of surprises. Followed up by the series with a great plot, keeping you guessing and hanging onto every episode. Robert Urick puts depth into this character bringing this Lazarus to life. The Series was a great success, only ended due to Robert's Poor Health. Lazarus's new lease on life has morals & good family values. If you like Mysteries, Robert Urick or Westerns it's a must see.
  • "Lazarus Man" had such an original plot that I was rapt at every episode. The mystery was intriguing and the pacing of the mystery was suspenseful. I also liked Robert Urich as Lazarus. His heartfelt performance was only made more poignant by his subsequent illness.

    The plot involved a man who wakes up in a shallow grave with no memory of his past. As the show evolves he is haunted by the past he cannot remember. He begins to remember fragments of his past life and the conspiracy to kill president Lincoln. He was there that night at Ford's Theatre, but he doesn't know why. This is only one of the masterful subplots that season this show. I miss it.

  • There is no real "original" TV show plots anymore. Uniqueness in television fare went out with the 20th Century. L👀k hard enough at any small screen script show and you will come up with similarities from another in the distant past. In this case actor Robert Horton from "Wagon Train" portrayed "A Man Called Shenandoah" in 1965. Just like "Mr. Lazarus", a traumatic experience caused the lead hero his memory he searches for(around the same post Civili War era)in his weekly TV time slot. This doesn't undermine the attention grabbing storyline of how Robert Urich's character goes about solving his mental block mind you. Just you remember the plot was done before-just not in the same manner.