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  • mdholt23 March 2002
    Is it just me, or was this show really good. I miss it, and wish some how I could get every episode. It was the second show that I started watching, only to get cancelled. Lisa Anne Walters should get her own show again, preferably with Michael O'Keefe and set in Baltimore.
  • I miss "Life's Work" too! That's not fair that they took it off the air, especially with so many people asking for it back! I have, like,4 episodes on tape, and have seen 1 other one.I didn't even get to see the very first episode! I realize it wouldn't be exactly the same now, since Alexa Vega and "Griffin" are older now, but it could still work! It would also be cool if the episodes could all be put on DVD! This is like the third show that they cancelled on me! They took away "Veronica's Closet" (and I am a huge Kirstie Alley fan) and "Bette"! Why do they always cancel the good ones?!

    Sincerely, Candace
  • gregberne1118 March 2019
    Life's Work was a good show! Michael O'Keefe is a good actor and he played a good supporting husband (coincidentally in a supporting role). I forget the star's name but she was good as the mother who finished law school then got back out in the workforce. The comedy was funny and the stories were good. Cute kids too! Too bad this show didn't even last a full season (I don't think anyway).