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  • this could have been one of the greatest sitcoms the U.S. has ever seen. The first season was very strong; more so than other "greats" like the first seasons of Seinfeld, Friends, M.A.S.H, etc. The dynamics of the relationships between Kevin and Jamie, and Kevin and Sarah made for great TV. These were good comedic actors that worked together well and made us laugh week to week, also because the stories were based in realities of roommates and girlfriends. When the second season came along, and Kevin and Sarah were gone, everything that made the show great was gone. Did some idiot at the network fire them, or did they want off? Either way it killed a show that could have had many great seasons ahead of it.
  • Men Behaving Badly, or 'It's a mans world' (in Australia and Europe), tells the story about two totally irresponsible guys, Kevin and Jamie, who live together in an apartment.

    It's an irresistible combination, and every man will recognize some things he ever did (example: forget your girlfriend's birthday etc).

    It's definitely one of my favorite TV shows, and you could compare it with 'Friends'. There are no moral issues, or complaints, just laughs.

    Justine Bateman, whom you'll all remember from the (older) tv-series 'Friends' is one of the guys' girlfriend in the first series.

    Unfortunately the show was put to an end after two years. I can't understand why it didn't get that much success in the states. It's a hard competition out there, but anyone that watched this American version of 'Men Behaving Badly', will surely have a real good time.

    Watch it if you get the chance!
  • I had the chance to watch this show when I lived in the USA for a short period of time, and I can tell you it was just great. I couldn´t see the second season, but I think it could not be the same without Ron Eldard. Schneider and him were very funny together. I greatly enjoyed all the episodes I had the chance to watch. I think it was Schneider at his best, and Eldard complemented it very well. Too bad it didn´t last. It had nothing to envy to "Friends". They were comparable to "Seinfeld": always funny, never sweet or tender. I had not the chance to watch the original british series, but I can tell you they didn´t need to barf at the camera to be funny.
  • I thought that this television show was very funny. Ken Marino was my favorite character in this series!! When Scott Layne guest starred on this show, I felt that this was the best show of the entire series!! "Men Behaving Badly" showed how the typical chicanery of the single male manifested itself through getting involved in situations which they would not get into if they thought clearly... Even if your typical guy has a good head on his shoulders, he usually does not think with his head, what he thinks with is not very bright at all, BELIEVE ME!!.. The comic relief on this show was more than adequate for a prime time television slot, and most people I know really found this show to be extremely entertaining!!! "Men Behaving Badly" gets a definite thumbs up in my book!!
  • I mean this show just cannot tip Men Behaving Badly, which is the original this show was created from. I mean nothing beats barfing onto the camera, oral sex (there is a sheet between there, but you still get a very good (in no way subtle) hint), eating out of the garbage or people licking an appendix? That kind of behavior is not too tolerable on TV and is (I do not know for what reason) banned from this show and converted to a bit better behavior. If you want to see licking, and barfing watch the original, if you don't, try this.

    7 out of 10
  • Sorry, Americans, but you cannot do British humour. You can't even come close to the wit and nuance of British humour. This show is an affront to the comic genius of the original "Men Behaving Badly" that ran for years in Britain and won numerous awards. Don't waste your time on this badly scripted "remake," that is all of the crude with none of the cleverness to balance it. If you want to laugh at something smart and silly, watch the original. America, please, for heaven's sake, stop trying to out-funny the Brits by stealing their shows and destroying them.
  • I know this flies in the face of all those who really liked the British version but I thought that it was a very funny show. It is actually nothing like the British show. If you don't expect it to be the same and just let it exist on its own you can really enjoy it. I don't know why it is that they got rid of Ellard and Bateman but it was a huge mistake. The cast they had in the first season had great chemistry and it never really seemed to recover from losing those them. Oh well, could have been a great show. Some highlights include such things as Jamie making coffee with his underwear, he and Kevin trying to drive a cool old co-worker from their house and Jamie fishing for lesbians. I used to have most of the first season on tape but have since lost it. I wish they would release it on DVD. I'm sure that there would be plenty of people who would purchase it.