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  • sethn1724 September 2006
    Disney's other 1996 television cartoon series was called "Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series," and this had taken place, of course, in Anaheim below the Arrowhead Pond, where their secret headquarters were!!!!! In it are some ducks with power, hence the name, and together, they had to stop bad guys and other exciting things!!!!! They also played hockey, too; there was a manager that looked like that big fat guy in "Bonkers."

    I thought this show was awesome; especially the CGI scenes (probably a Disney first for their cartoon shows) where the fighter plane and the vehicle zoomed out of the arena, ready for action!!!!! Plus, I've also seen the person who voiced the character Wildwing on some "Wheel of Fortune" celebrity week in 96 or so. This is great!

  • Mighty Ducks was a cool show! I didn't mind if this wasn't compared to the movies I just looked at it as a different kind of genre. I remember watch this on the Disney Afternoon when it came on Fridays and then they showed the new episodes on ABC Saturday Mornings. This show is about these hockey playing ducks that are from a whole different universe called Puck World. The evil Lord Dragaunus came back for revenge on Puck World after what the legendary hero of Puck World, Drake Ducane did to him. Then Dragaunus took over Puck World and turned it into a waste land. That was when a crime fighting team was formed, The Mighty Ducks! First member of the team was Wildwing who is the leader of the team, next there is Wildwing's younger brother Nosedive who is pretty cool. Then there was Grin the big muscle guy of the team and then there is Duke L'Orange who is the jewel thief of the group. The females of the team are Mallroy and Tanya. Tanya was the technical genius of the team and Mallroy is tough girl on the team. When they were fighting Lord Dragaunus once they escaped Puck World into this time warp which sent them to Anaheim, CA and plus in the time warp that was when the original leader of the team and Wildwing's best friend, Conard was original leader got lost. So now it's good vs. evil on the Mighty Ducks! This show was also based on the National Hockey League team! This show premiered on the Disney Afternoon and ABC back in September 1996 and ended January 1997.

    User Rating: 8/10

  • I saw many animated shows as a kid, some I remembered vividly and constantly re-watched and some I loved, but forgot about until fairly recently. Mighty Ducks was one such show in regard to the latter. Revisiting it, I found everything to love about it than I did initially. I do wish though it had lasted longer, so that it was better resolved, for I think Mighty Ducks is a fun and underrated show. It had a good premise that was lived up to on the most part. It was well animated, with colourful backgrounds, fluid colours and shadings and good character features. The music was both memorable and fitting, the writing was funny- especially the fourth-wall humour- with a couple of deep and poignant moments and the story lines were swiftly-paced and exciting. The characters have great personality, the titular characters are always interesting and Lord Dragaunus especially is a bad-ass villain. The voice acting is solid throughout, Jeff Bennett and Jennifer Hale especially prove what talented voice actors they are, and Tim Curry's distinctive and menacing voice was ideal for Dragaunus. All in all, a great and underrated show. 9/10 Bethany Cox
  • The above condition affects spinoffs of movies that are ultimately preferable to the source - "Mighty Ducks," in this case, accomplished it by bearing as little similarity to the original as possible. Originally "The Bad News Bears" on ice, the cartoon revolved around a group of hockey-playing mallards from another planet who arrived on Earth, and with the loss of their leader wanted to return to Puckworld - but in the meantime they became a wildly successful ice hockey team. (The Disney folks sponsored a real-life team of the same name, explaining the credit for the National Hockey League. The appellation "The Coolest Game On Earth" is harder to justify...)

    Unlike the other poster, I don't really think this had the right stuff to be up there with "Gargoyles" - it was more light-hearted on the whole and not really too layered. But it was fast and pretty entertaining, if not the kind of thing that could last too long. The House of Mouse has done better ("Gargoyles," "DuckTales," "Kim Possible") but they've also done worse ("Buzz Lightyear of Star Command," "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh," "Chip'n'Dale Rescue Rangers").

    "Ducks ROCK!"
  • The basic premise of this show tended to be weak, but their were moments when it showed a spark of inspiration, such as the Duck's initial distaste for humans and the conflict at first when Dragonas threatened Earth. Why should we help this alien civilization? Once they became standard-issue superheroes, the show lost much of its interesting parts. It became just another Saturday-morning cookie-cutter action cartoon. The only interesting part was the subplot of trying to get back to Puckworld, and with the cancellation of show, that was left unresolved. This show only needed a little tweaking to put near `Gargoyles' in strength of narrative.
  • I don't know where to begin with this.

    The premise alone sounds like a result of smoking some funny plant. Do you know what's cool? Ducks! But hey, hockey's cool too! And oh man, let's make them hockey playing ducks fighting bad guys who destroyed their hockey planet and sent them to earth playing hockey.

    It really is so far fetched. Watch this only for experiencing Tony Jay and Tim Curry together in the same show deliver their usual masterful performances as the villains Wraith and Dragaunus respectively, simply because only Tony Jay's menacing voice can say "roast duck" and make it sound terrifying.

    Other than those two performances this series is a hot mess of mostly one-note characters and an abundance of duck puns.