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  • This was one of the most watched sitcoms that garnered a huge African- American audience during it run on UPN. Originally is was supposed to start off as pilot for CBS in 1995,but instead UPN picked up the series and it did extremely well becoming the network's longest-running show which mainly came on Monday nights at the 8:00pm hour(which gave teens time to finish up their studies before the show came on). Moesha started out as a good little comedy,but its was Brandy and crew that kept the show going and it was the first to center around the everyday occurances of a African-American teenager(which Brandy's character Moesha Mitchell made the transition from high school to college during the show's run) but the show had so much more. From interactions with her parents Frank and Dee(played by William Faulk and Sheryl Lee Ralph) to rival sibling feuds with Myles,her closest friends who managed to get themselves in all kinds of trouble like Niecy and Kim(it was Niecy who join Moesha in college in later episodes) to her on again,off again relationships with Hakeem and Q and later on constant confrontations with her cousin Dorian (played by Brandy's real life brother Ray J) who was always in trouble with the law. This was a show that was funny at times,but most of the time you had to just follow along cause you'll never know what Brandy's character is thinking or doing whatever next. Very interesting show.

    Unfortunately,Moesha was cancelled in 2001,but the show had two major cliffhangers that were left unsolved-including one that dealt with teen-marriage,one dealt with pregnancy,and the other involving a kidnapping and drugs. The final episode of the series ended on May 23,2001 which was an hour long episode that dealt with those issues including the showdown between Dorian and Frank and there interaction with a notorious drug lord (played by Master P),and the sudden fate of Moesha who runs off with her high school pal Q,and the fight scene where Hakeem and Q come to blows when they find out that Brandy's character is pregnant and Frank gets furious. As for Dee,she leaves for Jamaica....the end.
  • Brandy Norwood was a much better actress on "Thea." Ray J was a much better actor on "The Sinbad Show." And Countess Vaughn was a much better actress on "227." This show was annoying the first episode. Dee shouldn't have been so mean to Moesha! She was just Moesha's step mother. And the show got worse a little later during the first season when Moesha turned down a brand new Saturn because she wanted a jeep. (Spoiled Brat!) But the show really started getting crazy when Shar Jackson became a regular and Kim stopped trying to talk to Hakeem every episode. When they made Ray J. a regular on the show, the show became too crazy. Ray J. would do something horrible and get in trouble every episode. Then Frank admitted that he was D Money's dad. The show became out of control with guest appearances of Lil Bow Wow as D Money's 1/2 brother. It was so out of control that Sheryl Lee Ralph left the show. Of course Moesha was still conceited. But what made this show end so horribly was the fact that the show ended with a cliffhanger! Who was pregnant? Who kidnapped Miles? Countess Vaughn left for "The Parkers" just in time! RIP Lamont Bentley!
  • Moesha started off as a good little situation comedy with a difference: it was the first situation comedy centered around an African-American teenaged girl. Moesha, Hakeem, Kim and Niecy got into the usual trouble that teens on sitcoms do. However, it didn't always feel like the same old plot lines because of the appealing cast, at least in the first couple of seasons.

    Unfortunately, the show decided to do continuing storylines, turning it more into a soap opera than a sitcom. I'm still wondering--who's bright idea it was to reveal that Moesha's dad Frank had an affair in the past that produced a son? It was sort of disturbing to see upstanding Frank's image tarnished, and the resulting fallout that happened afterwards. Then Countess Vaughn left to star in `The Parkers', and her character (Kim) was seldom referred to after that. Andell (Yvette Wilson), the owner of the café the teens hung out at, was unceremoniously hustled off the show (fortunately, she was placed on `The Parkers'), and her fiancee (Bernie Mac) disappeared, never to be heard about again. What was the deal with Dee (Sheryl Lee Ralph) taking a job in Jamaica during the last season? Other than a few appearances, her character virtually disappeared. All the drama involving Moesha's relationships with Q and Hakeem, and Dorian's (Brandy's real life brother, Ray J) brushes with the law became tiring.

    Moesha was canceled with not one, but two major cliffhangers left unresolved-one involving a pregnancy and the other involving a kidnaping. A disappointing ending to a show that showed much promise in the beginning.
  • francoischristana1 August 2021
    90s sitcom about a teenage girl name Moesha and her interactions with her family & friends. Moesha was self absorbed and toxic. Moesha & Q relationship was the highlight of the show. Season 5/6 seemed very rushed and incomplete.
  • I am proud to say that I was a teenager in the late 90's and that I was a true product of a 90's teenager. In the 90's, we had a fair share of shows that focused on the lives of typical teenagers. We had the "Fresh Prince," "My So Called Life" and even to a lesser extent, "Blossom." There was a little show that debuted in January 1996 on UPN called "Moesha," featuring then a teenage singing sensation known to the world as Brandy. Who would know that this show would strike a chord with audiences and also become one of UPN's longest running series.

    I would like to say that I thought "Moesha" was a very good show and it proves Brandy's strengths as an television actress. The characters were lovable, funny and charming but as with every sitcom this show wasn't without it's flaws. I felt at certain points this show kinda took itself to seriously by having too many dramatic episodes/moments. It seems as if every episode(especially during the first and last seasons) tried to take itself way too serious as it shouldn't have(especially in the first season with the ongoing subplot of Moesha not fully getting along with Dee). Well hey I guess this is what made "Moesha" work. Well the show was good while it lasted and I still catch it in reruns. Again, it's a pretty good show that is worthy to view at least once.
  • kenyaekofi31 August 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show was aiight. As an African American, I did not watch this a kid I was into anime's and now I am happy I never did. This show had horrible plotlines, and ideas. I hated the corniness of the show. I still hated it. The show really made a decent black family look horrible in the fourth-sixth season. This show is horrible. I hated the god episode of course. I thought this show was cornier and cornier each episode. I had a few chuckle moments, but this show really could be better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is the typical sitcom of the 90's. Arguable, I feel T.V shows back then were better than the trash on television today. This show is wholesome in most cases, has likable characters, and offers enjoyable plot lines.....up until it turned into more of a drama than a light hearted show for teens. Even the show is good, I have a big problem with the main character Moesha. She is not really a good role model, more often than not She Is rude to Her parents, disrespectful to authority, acts holier than thou, walks over Her friends, get's into everyone's business, lies, and it quite frankly a very sneaky, judgmental little thing who often overeacts to certain situations. Yes, I know no teenager is perfect, but their should be a balance were a character especially a main character, should be both likable but have flaws. Another problem I have with the show is the Feminism, which I am not a big fan of, I mean it is brought up in many conversations throughout the show even in the smallest of situations. Also I feel that at times the actors overact in certain scenes to try to seem like more, and it is more forced than natural. But overall there are some good morals in "Moesha" that can be good for children, and the whole family.
  • I still watch this show and enjoy it....I hope they come up with a new show
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wtf was that ending?? Lowkey feel like I wasted my time. It ended on a huge cliffhanger. Besides that, the show was great. Kim, Niecy, Dee and Hakeem are my fav characters. Moesha and Frank are annoying asf. Moesha keeps creating issues and then not owning up to them. She did this multiple times throughout the show and it got very annoying! Then with Frank, he's just wayyy too overprotective.
  • Black culture and an amazing role model!!!!!!! Brandys iconoc character give direction to a culture.
  • queen_candace0127 November 2020
    A decent Black youth coming- of age show. Real topics are approached in a realistic way for the most part, aside from once in awhile where the humor may be tacky. Also, as someone raised by a Jamaican family, Dee ( the stepmom)'s fake forced Jamaican accent is just painful.
  • This started off brilliant, but recently, it has got so funny and so exciting. In the episode I was watching today Myles's girl friend thought she was pregnant from dancing and Moesha told Niecy that Q asked her to marry him.I just cannot wait till the next episode This show deserves a 100%, it is that good I would so recomend it to anyone who asked
  • Paco515018 November 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Everybody say MOESHA!!!! , i can't wait for the Revival of the Show , i was so Heartbroken when the Show ended abruptly especially with that Cliffhanger of Myles gettin Kidnapped and Moesha possibly being Pregnant
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Moesha with great plots became weaker as the show went on in both comedy and well, its storyline. Although it became very popular because it dealt with several issues involving racial and etc. Cliché is more the title it shall be. As it went on it was mishap after another people leaving without a trace take for example "Dee" played by Sheryl Lee Ralph just left to Jamiaca for a job never to be seen again. Great show for teen lessons might I add. With Myles becoming ADDICTED to marijuana and the short "talk" at the end of the episode was very educational and helping to those with similar lives in which they were involved with that. I wish that the last episode could be shown much more often so I could remember all the cliffhangers that were left in the open. It's a great show for pre-teens to teenagers and also for adults as well. Although major events were left hanging' you should watch trust me it'll grab your interest
  • This was a great show if you get a chance to watch it do I first saw it because I was board instantly I loved it the show a great cast a great theme song it handled some tough issues as well. The "Parkers" (a spin off series) is kind of flat and over done but make sure to tune in
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Moesha is my revieiw too watch a lists shows on moesha too rated now.
  • I think Moesha was a very good and educational program. I think that the show dealt with many issues of the world today including relationships, drugs,violence,school etc. I enjoy every episode especially the ones where Moesha and Hakeem finally hooked up. I thought the show got better with each season. I like the cast and each one has a good acting resume. I also liked the fact that Brandy starred in a show in which it dealt with things and issues that she was probably already going through. I watched the show when it first came on until the day it was cancelled. I enjoyed every episode and i think it should be released on DVD for all the moesha fans out there.
  • Moesha was a classic show and it made an huge impact in my life. That show helped me make important decisions in life and it was a good show for all audience to watch. (I still watch the RE-RUNS)

    Every season the show kept improving and the show talked about all kinds of issues that every teenagers or adults or young children can relate to. I truly think the reason why UPN was really popular during 1996-2001 is because of the show Moesha. Moesha had reached #1 as the highest rating show during the years. I don't think UPN had a show that last 6 straight season number 1. Many people who watches UPN must have watched Moesha. Either they like the show or not, it doesn't matter because the show Moesha became popular.

    All those who think that Moesha is not a good show, must think again. They don't know anything about that show, all they do is hate. Haters might not like the show because Moesha was a sitcom that started very light and easy-going, and it ended with serious issues that people can relate to in life. Haters rather see the stereotypes of people from all race and expect them not to be serious and be funny instead.

    Moesha was a show that had people THINK TWICE and realized that the issues of each episodes of Moesha is really sending people messages. Moesha was more than just a sitcom. Moesha was like The Cosby show.

    All those who believe that the show Moesha should be DVD/VHS, be sure to sign the petition. Support this petition to get Moesha on DVD!!!

    Much love and respect!! Moesha 4 ever!

  • dancingcoop30 March 2014
    This is an coming of age tale from the teen black female point of view Of living in Crenshaw. It was beautifully done. Brandy, countess Vaughn, and Sheryl lee Ralph really hold this show together. Brandy has a mixture of meg ryan and Julia Roberts and Michelle lee presence. She has the relatability factor going for her and truthfully feels like somebody you know whether it's your cousin , daughter , sister or friend.

    I really liked the show, well acted, well directed, well written for the most part. The only weak point in the show is the actor playing frank Mitchell (Moesha's dad) i just never liked his portrayal and would've much preferred if Bernie mac played frank instead of uncle Bernie. He stronger chemistry with both brandy and Sheryl lee Ralph and would have been more believable as the supposed matured street wise Que.