[Joe notices a girl on a poster advertising sex on the side of a bus]

Joe Dominguez: Hey, the girl on that poster looks like your daughter.

Nash Bridges: Yeah! (looks at it a second time) That IS my daughter.

Joe Dominguez: Nash! Where have you been? Why didn't you call?

Nash Bridges: My cel-phone battery was dead. I was out on the water.

Joe Dominguez: I... I... why didn't you call?

Nash Bridges: I told you. My battery was dead.

Joe Dominguez: Man, you had us so scared! You should've called!

Nash Bridges: Hey, am I speaking English?

Joe Dominguez: Well, we thought you were dead!

[Nash laughs]

Nash Bridges: You thought I was dead 'cause I didn't call?

Joe Dominguez: No, we thought you were dead 'cause of the massive explosion up at the storage yard!

[Nash looks at Joe in shock]

Joe Dominguez: The whole place went up. There's nothing left.

Nash Bridges: Not the 'Cuda! The 'Cuda's gone?

Joe Dominguez: No, the 'Cuda's fine.

[Nash is recovering from amnesia]

Harvey Leek: Hey, Nash! You still remember who I am, don't you?

Nash Bridges: Okay! Listen! Everybody, listen! I remember everybody. Alright? I didn't hit my head that hard.

Evan Cortez: Hey, Nash, you remember me?

Nash Bridges: You I meant to forget.

Harvey Leek: Nash, the most high-tech thing on this computer is the flying toaster screen saver.

[about Harvey]

A.J. Shimamura: Jerry Garcia's been dead for months. When's he going to take off that armband?

Nash Bridges: Probably when his LSD runs out.

[Antoine breaks into a car to dispose of the bomb in the trunk]

Nash Bridges: Antoine, what are you doing?

Antoine Babcock: Misspent youth!

[Trying to identify a suspect Nash spoke to on the phone]

Nash Bridges: Joe, you remember that electronic tone we heard when I was talking on the phone? You think he could be wearing a hearing aid?

Joe Dominguez: What?

Nash Bridges: You think he could be wearing a hearing aid?

Joe Dominguez: What?

Nash Bridges: You think he could... oh, very funny.

[Nash and Joe go after a guy who attacked them with a monster truck]

Joe Dominguez: Can't we take a bigger car? Or a bus, perhaps?