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  • Nash Bridges was cool mystery show! Nash Bridges (Don Johnson) is a detective fights crime on the streets of San Francisco while driving around in his yellow 70ish Plymouth Hemi Barracuda. He's the typical super-cop on the beat, who always wins in the end. Unfortunately, his personal relationships leave much to be desired. He has two ex-wives, a 16-year-old daughter needing a lot of supervision, and a father with Alzheimer's disease who keeps getting kicked out of retirement homes and dropping by to visit. My mom and my mom's boyfriend introduced me to this show and I thought it was neat. I remember when I first watched this show on USA Network which the network where the repeats were shown while the new episodes were on CBS. They should release the complete series of this show out on to DVD. Before Don Johnson did this show he did the famous TV-show Miami Vice! You might like this show if you like CSI: Miami, Dark Angel or 90210.

    User Rating: 10/10

  • When Season 6 introduced Inspectors Antwon Babcock(Cress Williams) and Rachel McCabe(Wendy Moniz), the show tanked. There was no chemistry between Antwon & Harvey and Rachel didn't even belong in the series. There was a real friendship between Harvey & Evan; which, when lost caused the show to lose an exceptional link to viewers. Nash & Joe have the same chemistry that Harvey & Evan had. No one would even think of killing off Joe. Cassity becoming a member of the SFPD was the beginning of the end. Rachel's addition sealed it. I loved the show and certainly San Francisco was shown to the be beautiful city that it is. Nash's ability to solve crimes & know everything instantly was a little over the top, but the show could have remained one of the great ones had the supporting cast been allowed to shine. What made it great in the beginning was slowly killed off.
  • One of my favourite shows on television,I enjoy it immensely. Don Johnson is at his best,and in his element,in this type of show.His back up in the series,Harvey,Evan and Joe are very likeable as well.And the little side stories with Joe usually getting himself into all manner of situations provide some welcome light relief to the episodes.A shame really that here(in the UK)the channels do not deem it worthy of an earlier time slot,the episode I just watched started at 12.35am,a little late perhaps for a work night,but all in all,an excellent show.
  • What else can it be. Don Johnson/Cheech Marin had what is by far the best chemistry on the show that makes it so watchable. One other note that I would like to say is that since I used to live in the Bay area during the duration of the series, I always wanted to be an extra on the series. I tried but never really made it through. The only thing that I would say is that since SF was a great place wher Nash and his Sexy '70-'71 Plymouth Baracuda (my favorite classic car!) made it's way onto TV I would really like to see this show go into DVD one of these days since this is by far one of the best crime dramas in history in simialar to The Price is Right of Cop Shows! The only thing I have to say is that since the show got canned back in May '01 I really wanted to see the ending in it's right of way but since the show was getting too expensive I thought six seasons is one hell of a run to begin with! Also the locations during the shows 6 seasons with the Routunda, (season 1 and some of season 2) the Hyde St. Pier (seasons 2-4) and the Embarcadero shelter (seasons 4-6) I would have to pick the Hyde St. Pier as the favorite SIU offices!

    Rating 10/10 One of the best shows on TV next to NYPD Blue which is sadly leaving after this season (2004-05) 12th season ending shows!
  • Nash Bridges is a more or less routine crime/police drama series, the usual suspects, the usual plots and so on. Its nowhere near as good as the original "Spenser" series, nor as flashy as "Miami Vice".

    What rescues this series from mediocrity is the cast. Don Johnson - as Nash Bridges - is just ok as the Infinitely Wise and Wonderful cop who Solves Every Case in the last five minutes of the show. The one human touch to Bridges is his oddly busy but not overly successful love life.

    What makes this show fun, and very worth watching is the supporting cast - in particular Cheech Marin (playing Joe Dominguez) as the sidekick. But unlike many sidekicks, he is a real character - played for humour, it is true, but not just one dimensional. It may not sound right to say that Johnson and Marin have "chemistry" on screen, but they very definitely do. This adds a nice quirky touch when they are repeatedly taken for a gay couple (in odd situations) by a gay man.

    Toss in a few more excellent supporting actors - especially Jeff Perry as Harvey Leek, a detective and James Gammon as Bridges father (though the continuity on his Alzheimers is seriously missed) and the show really starts to work.

    The finishing touches are added in by some continuing plot elements - Mr Woody the racehorse somehow acquired by Domingues and Bridges father, Dominguez' marriage to Inger - a swedish woman - is romantic and successful - but with both sides seeing the others problems. Leek's fascination with the Grateful Dead. Angel the Angel. The ghostly disco music in the police station (which is in a boat that was evidently used for raves). Dominguez' schemes for making money.

    The show manages to maintain a sense that the people involved had fun, and dont take it too seriously. One fun episode paired Don Johnson with his partner in Miami vice (Philip Michael Thomas) and Cheech Marin with his ex-comedy partner (Tommy Chong) and a wonderful scene takes place in a marijuana buyers club - playing off the "Cheech and Chong" drug themes.

    In another episode, Dominguez directs traffic in grand style on Halloween to the sound of the Village People song "YMCA" (all the funnier if you've seen people dancing to the song and making the letters "Y", "M", "C" "A" as they dance).

    If you want serious crime drama - go for something else - if you want a relaxed, easy to watch show with the requisite Car Chases, Guns and Nasties and with fun characters, tongue in cheek humour and a cast that rarely lets you down, this is made to order.
  • NASH BRIDGES has occupied my Friday nights since the second season, when I started watching. Every Friday, it felt like I was sitting down with a group of friends with it's great combination of the right actors in the right roles. The supporting characters were just as interesting as the main characters, with each having their own background developed over the years. The best episodes were clearly in the early years, and while the show seemed to be losing some steam in the final season, it never lost it's entertainment value, even with the weak moments it had. Yasmine Bleeth was, thankfully, not there that long. She was a really bad character and proved she didn't have much talent. The final season introduced us to Cress Williams and the beautiful Wendy Moniz, who were both welcomes addition, but unfortunately, the show was cancelled, and we never got to learn a lot about either character. The show sometimes did get a little too talky, and the show did hurt itself by making Jodi Lyn-O'Keefe become a cop in the final season, a decision that was really bad and made her character become hated by many fans of the show. Cassidy worked best as Nash's daughter, but she was just never believable as a tough cop. But the five seasons before it out-weigh the lackluster sixth season, with plenty of episodes providing a well-balanced mixture of humor, action, and character. The moments between Nash and his father were always touching, making for some pleasant father/son moments that are hardly ever seen on television these days. Cheech Marin was always a riot with his get-rich-quick schemes and general bad luck, and Jeff Perry's Harvey Leek should go down as one of the best supporting characters on television. I just wish they had never killed off Kelly Hu's character. She was really good, and we instead got Bleeth as an extremely poor substitute. But the good times live on in reruns on USA, giving me plenty of nights to catch up with the humor, action, and characters (and of course, the car) that made NASH BRIDGES such a fun show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Nash Bridges" really surprised me. I wasn't expecting much from it. I was hooked immediately though and found it quite humorous with some good actions scenes.

    One thing for sure, the episode where Nash and Joe pretend to be gay was HILARIOUS. I was literally "rolling on the floor laughing" (cliche, I know -- but my carpet and I met in a strange way that evening).


    Also, the episode where Kelly Hu's character got killed made me cry really hard. It was handled extremely well and it got me "right there." I always liked her character and although it was cool to see her move on to Sammo Hung's show (the actress, not the character), it really hit me hard. I guess it was such a shock because of the way it happened. You don't expect to see a main character get murdered. Don Johnson handled his scenes involving her death *extremely* well. A terrific episode in an already outstanding series!
  • ajwebb30 August 2003
    Nash Bridges is, in many ways, like Miami Vice. Nash Bridges is somewhat like a new Miami Vice, with new suits, a cell phone and more technology. It is a great series, although sometimes has boring episodes. I tape it every time it comes on, and I do recommend it to anyone who wants a good action/somewhat drama series. I give it a 9.5/10 star rating.
  • Nash Bridges is one of the best series I ever watch.When first season starts I don't like it but...when I watch next episode and next episode I said to myself "I really like this series"I really like Nash Bridges because it's high action drama about two best cop in San Francisco.Cheech Marin as Joe Dominguez is one of the best comedian in the world and Don Johnson as Nash Bridges is very smart man who knows everything.We must say something about Jeff Pery who like his bes music group "Greatfull Dead" and old Nick as James Gammon.San Francisco is the best place to record this show...hide street,cable cars,Alcatraz island and other thinks in pleasant San Francisco California.It's to bad because of six season Nash Bridges it's small!But this is the best rating series in America..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nash Bridges is a great show, it's about a special investigation unit, Nash Bridges has great action, comedy, and drama. it's great watching Don Johnson as Nash and Cheech Marin as Joe, Joe always gets himself into funny things, it's also fun watching Joe and Nick (James Gammon) come with crazy ideas to strike it rich, Nick plays Nash Bridges Dad, Christian Meoli who plays Boz Bishop is very funny but he only does maybe 6 shows a season, the best ones on the show are Jeff Perry who plays Harvey leek and his partner Jaime p. Gomez who played Evan Cortez but he was killed off at the end of season 5, but he lives on in repeats on Usa network, now in season 6 there are two new people cress Williams who plays Antwon Babcock, he is Harvey's new partner and also new Wendy Moniz who plays Rachel both of the new characters are great, i thought the show might not be as good without Evan (Jaime p. Gomez) but it's still good but not the same, the whole cast is great but Jeff Perry stands out Harvey is the best one on the show, and everynow and then Stone Cold Steve Austin is on the show playing Jake Cage, and just like the way he is great in the wwf he is great on Nash Bridges, so as Nash would say Bubba watch this show it's really good
  • I really enjoy watching Don Johnson in all the shows he's done. I've been recording them for years. I watched most of the shows several times over and never get tired of seeing that man in action or his smile. Please keep airing the series. I already miss him. I also enjoy the others in the cast. I love that Cuda and the way he drives it. Are you going to bring the show back? I think you should and I hope you will. Don Johnson and Cheech Martin (Joe) make a great team. Nash's dad is sweet. And I just love Pepe. Harvey is great and a super addition to the SUI. I love that he's a deadhead and the way he dresses. Nash is the best and knows what he's doing. Bring him back, please.
  • Characters are great and for the most part characters and acting are very believable. It's great the way the side story lines with the various characters thread from show to show. Very creative, and a lot of fun to watch. I often am late to work just so I can watch both morning reruns. I'd love to be able to watch it late at night (like 10 and 11 PM). I'm a fan of Law and Order: CI (the original with Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe), so I wouldn't want that show shoved aside for Nash Bridges.

    BTW, I'm also a huge Monk fan -- another San Francisco detective. Funny, huh?
  • I enjoyed watching Nash Bridges, when I was stoned enough. It was flashy, had amusing actors and wonderful location shots. It brought back my days as a bicycle messenger in SF.

    My father-in-law, an ex-cop born and raised in San Francisco, despised the show as utter bull####. I suspect his opinion reflected the views of many cops. Why isn't Bridges in a chain of command? Why aren't reports filed whenever a firearm is fired? Ah, reality is superfluous here. Just enjoy the flash.

    For viewers who are sufficiently stoned, and unaware of the realities of police work, Nash Bridges is great fun.
  • kp1221-131 January 2007
    Nash bridges should not of been cancelled as it was one of the best cop series to come out of America.Iam trying to purchase the DVD's in UK but after extensive searching i am still unable to find any company or person selling them.I think this is just a brilliant show & it was really under rated.I love watching the re runs & don & Chech make the program brilliant as they bounce off of each other so well.GREAT.NASH BRIDGES FOR PRESIDENT YEAH.Anyone who watches this program will realise what they have been missing.Don Johnson directed this & did this through his own company so he believed in it so give it a try.YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.
  • winstonfg30 January 2007
    Having grown up with Starsky and Hutch, I enjoyed Nash a lot. A fun buddy series, with good chemistry between Johnson and Marin (who actually steals a lot of their scenes together). I can't understand why so many people compare it to Miami Vice, which was posing and pretentious, while this show has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek.

    So the plots are far-fetched and the characters are a bit thin ... this is Don Johnson for chrissake. There are enough car chases and pretty women to keep the guys amused (OK, so Yasmine Bleeth couldn't act her way out of a paper bag...who cares?), and some nice by-play between Nash and his formidable ex-wives and daughter.

    Don't expect rocket science here. This is definitely beer and crisps material, but enjoyable nonetheless. I give it an 8.
  • dpalme6 June 2006
    One of the best cop shows I have seen on Television in years and I still watch the old 60's programs a lot.

    The only down side is Jamie Gomez, this guy couldn't act if his life depended on it.

    Don Johnson has scored another winner after his successful run with Miami Vice.

    I only wish they would have kept the program on for a few more years...the way they ended the final season allowed for a possible return.....but reruns will have to work for now although it would be cool to see Don and Cheech make a television movie similar to what they have done with the Waltons.
  • "Nash Bridges" has been for the last several years one of your better action series on TV. Don Johnson was at his best and most popular during his "Miami Vice" days but he has scored several points with "Nash Bridges" Johnson is detective Nash Bridges who fights crime throughout the city of San Francisco in the process his job is helped along just fine by his partner played by the funny and likeable Cheech Marin. Another bright reason that I watched "Nash Bridges" over the years was due to Jodi Lyn O' Keefe who was a delight as the beautiful daughter of Nash. Jodi is one sexy thing! she sure has a bright future ahead. Plus for two seasons the famous and beautiful Yasmine Bleeth sparkled this series up as the love interest of Nash. Many episodes featured guest appearances from beautiful women I remember watching one episode recently with Shannon Tweed. Mainly this series was great due to Don Johnson once again in a role which had him defeating crime always filled with the action and drama to keep a viewer interested. Sadly CBS has canceled the new episodes but you can view the rerun episodes on the USA Network.
  • cuzinmex10 May 2006
    Nash Bridges was my all time favorite show. I never missed an episode when it was fresh and I've never missed a rerun. Whomever dressed Don for the role did an outstanding job. He wore a different outfit for each show . I'd like to know if anyone who reads this would know whom I could email or write to and try to obtain one of each outfits he wore. It has been awhile since the show went off the air but someone who helped make the show might know who was responsible for his clothes. What a car he drove? That would be hard to duplicate but somewhere someone may just have one. What can one say about Cheech, I know Don was the star but without Cheech it may have not been as funny. Hope someone can help.
  • I have been watching Nash Bridges on USA Network, too bad the it got cancel, the chemistry between Don Johnson and Cheech Marin was good.

    It interesting to see the balance of a Cop (Don Johnson) and is personal life in relation to real life issues. Also the blend of is fellow co-workers into his life, it almost look like it was a real life drama unfolding on TV.

    I enjoy watching the reruns, I hope to see Don Johnson in another series, I believe he deserve another shot.

    Best regards to every one that takes the time to read my comments! Have A Blessed Life!

  • Hollywood_Yoda25 September 2018
    Nash Bridges was one of the best television shows of the 90s, starring Don Johnson and Cheech Marin as two buddy cops on the San Francisco police departments SIU. Both stars were both well known in their own right before Nash, which made the base audience already large.

    Over the six seasons that Nash Bridges was on television, many guest stars were on the show including Tommy Chong and wrestler Steve Austin. Yasmine Bleeth guest starred as Nash''s love interest for one season.

    The final season was a huge upset however. It just wasn't the same. The fifth season was probably the best, great episodes and tearjerkers.
  • Brownsbros316 January 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's a shame that this show didn't get more recognition. I think had it not been in the Friday night "death slot" (10pm ET/9pm CT), it would have been a bigger hit than it already was. For a guy that at the time was getting close to fifty years old, Don Johnson still had that charm and leading man charisma needed to carry a series. Cheech Marin surprised me by showing so much character depth. For a guy that was thought to be just a one trick pony with the "Cheech and Chong" movies, he blossomed into a very talented actor. The funny part was that his character was originally going to be recurring, but he was so good, that they brought him in full time.

    As for the rest of the show, the dialog always included some razor sharp wit, and they also told some very compelling stories along the way. It started out as being about just one guy, but wound up being about the entire SIU team.

    I had just two regrets regarding the series. I wished they could have kept Annette O'Toole around longer. I thought of all the women Nash was around, she had the best chemistry with him. When they were together, the sparks were very visible. On the other hand, I know that a large portion of the romance hype went to Yasmine Bleeth when she was brought to the show. While I enjoyed her adversarial confrontations with Johnson, I didn't really care for them as a couple. Most of that has to do with Yasmine being 15 years younger than Don. They just looked awkward.

    The other thing I didn't like was in the later seasons when they started adding more "comedy" characters. I hated Boz Bishop, the white guy who thinks he's black. Every time that idiot came on, I felt like changing the channel. Then there was the time they had Rene Auberjoinois make an appearance as Nash's bumbling cousin from Scotland. The gags were not funny and drug down the whole show.

    Minus those two items. Nash is definitely a show worth going out of your way to see. It's a great combination of action, suspense, drama, and humor.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoy this show a great deal.

    I'm a huge fan of Cheech and absolutely loved Miami Vice. Obviously Nash Brides wasn't as popular as Miami Vice but there were many similarities between the two shows.

    For starters, both Nash and Crockett drove convertibles. Both Nash and Crockett had complicated 'love lives' they also kind of look the same. (just a little joke) But I must say that Nash Bridges is in no way another version of Miami Vice.

    Miami Vice was so dark, and had more of an impact on youth culture. It was mostly about materialism and who had the faster boat. Its not to say that it wasn't cool, but it was, at times a very intense drama.

    Nash Bridges on the other hand, was far more light hearted. In many ways, its just another comedy. Nothing horrific ever happens, its just fun and games. No one ever seriously gets hurt, or blown away in the last few minutes of an episode (like in Miami Vice) This show, in my opinion is something you can watch with the kids. It is funny and a delight to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If I were to tell anyone that I'm a fan of Nash Bridges, inevitably I'm going to be met with a skeptical facial expression. But for anyone whose a fan of the show, then they may understand my empathy toward the show which I find to be one of the best. These days, cop shows are all serious about the case as the story at hand which seemingly neglects the characters by treating them as just plot puppets who always know right from wrong. One of the few shows that's really staying the course is a show like "Monk", which in addition to it's stories are also in tune with it's characters. If anything, "Monk" is like a successor to Nash Bridges because it was about a cop in the San Francisco Bay Area. But while Monk is a former cop, it's still set in their hometown and it's as much about the characters as it is with the story.

    Nash Bridges debuted in 1996 on CBS and was a moderate hit. But after five years (which is pretty good for a series these days), it managed to stay pretty well. But as the last season closed up for what was supposed to only be the season finale, it shaped up to be the show's end which like many shows these days, leaves a lot to be asked since there wasn't resolution. As for the show's last season, I can understand why they killed off Evan (Jaime Gomez) and why they showed his downward spiral and redemption before his death. Whatever decision makers were behind it, probably wanted to shake things up. But in the process, things seemed to have fallen a little bit when his fiancée Cassidy (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) decided to join the police force. But it seems like the chemistry was thrown out of whack and things became questionable like the fate of Joe (Cheech Marin) and if he was going to remain with the show or move permanently with his wife to Sweden.

    But aside from those negative comments, Nash Bridges was a genuinely good show that was consistently entertaining: it was hip without avoiding cheesiness, it was funny without being stupid, it was well cast with likable actors in the parts and it had a more unusual approach to your standard cop show, adding colors and layers to both the story and the characters. How each story seems to revolve around the subplots of the characters like Joe's get rich-quick schemes, Evan and Cassidy's relationship, etc. It was about the personal lives of all these people who either live or work together. Plus, unlike most shows or movies, it was shot in San Francisco and virtually felt like it was there. Seeing local favorites like the LeVideo rental store, Fisherman's Wharf and Chinatown were just a few of the city's highlights that made appearances on the show.

    Plus, the cast itself was very inspired. Don Johnson easily manages to take a character that's ideal for both his age and experience. His lead character as Nash Bridges is a no doubt, wise man whose seasoned time in the SF police force hasn't made him a hardened cop but a lovable wisecracker who treats everyone with the respect they deserve. Although his personal life isn't as decorated as his career since he's been divorced twice, his lifelong devotion to the police force, and his relationship with his family. Furthermore, it's his chemistry with Cheech Marin which is pitch perfect since the two of them both manage to balance genuine drama and lighthearted comedy. Basically where Nash finishes, Joe begins and so on. Behind all this is everyone else like Jaime Gomez's Evan, a younger cop who thinks with his heart but acts with his you know what. His partner Harvey (Jeff Perry) is dead on good casting, putting a veteran character actor into the mind of an aging hippie with a serious passion for The Grateful Dead and for police work, can make it both funny and dramatic. Yasmine Bleeth was also good as Caitlin, the D.A. who proves to be both a thorn in Nash's side but also a good catch. Plus Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Nash's strong willed, independent, precocious daughter and James Gammon (good casting based on looks alone in comparison to Johnson) as Nash's feisty, never let you get the best of 'em father. There's also the revolving door of actors who pass through, all giving it something like Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa, Daniel Roebuck, Tracey Walter, Wendy Moniz and Cress Williams.

    I'll just say this, Nash Bridges is a genuinely good show, especially for ones looking for something a little different in a cop show that's not only about the story, but about the people too. It can't fail in entertaining you, especially if you're willing to watch it with an open mind and a good sense of humor.
  • For the first 5 years, this show was outstanding. It had everything - good acting and character development, interesting actors, great guest stars, great locale (I live in the Bay Area and knew someone who worked on the show the first couple of seasons), humor, pathos - everything that makes a TV show watchable and fun. In fact, I was amazed when I looked through the IMDb list of actors who appeared during the life of the show; just about everyone who is anyone on the small screen, and then some. As with all shows, with season 6 it began showing its age and had declined, so it was time to end it. What a great run it was, though! I hope they bring it out on DVD soon so we can enjoy at our leisure without commercials. I rate it 9 out of 10 for the first 5 seasons!
  • This show was so great, and what made is so great was the chemistry between the actors and characters, however there are a few moments that defined the show. From good and happy moments to the worst and bleakest of moments, they have left this show to be among the best. I feel that some of the best moments in this show's history are when Nash was over Lisa's house and after they were arguing, Nash apologized for everything he did to hurt her, and when she left for Paris, her and Nash fell in love again and they were split apart again. Also when Evan Cortez was killed in Jackpot part 2. When they showed Harvey crying as he was cleaning out Evan's desk.

    This show is one of the best shows in television history.
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