Don Johnson not only starred in the series, but co-created it and owned a percentage of it. When the show went into syndication, he did quite well financially.

The series premise was created by Don Johnson and Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson can be seen briefly as a restaurant piano player in the first two episodes.

The script that Hunter S. Thompson and Don Johnson wrote and pitched to NBC was much darker than the series ended up, and wasn't particularly suitable for prime time. In it, Nash was a drug addict who was dating the daughter of a wanted San Francisco, California mafia figure.

In Nash Bridges: Revelations (1997), Jan-Michael Vincent guest starred. An alcoholic, he was completely drunk and incoherent. The other actors pretended he was able to deliver lines as they interacted with him.

In Nash Bridges: Fair Game (2001), the series finale, CBS had announced the show as only the season six finale, but due to budget problems with the show, Don Johnson and CBS pulled the plug on the whole series.

James Gammon portrayed Nick Bridges, father to Don Johnson's Nash Bridges character. In real-life, Gammon was only eight and a half years older than Johnson.

According to the opening credits sequence of the first season, Nash was born on December 7, 1955. It also featured Nash's and Lisa's divorce document, according to which his full name was Nash Nicholas Bridges, and hers was Lisa Crandall Bridges. Lisa was the petitioner of their divorce, and Nash was the respondent.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin was offered a spin-off series based on his character, Jake Cage, but turned it down to focus on his wrestling career.

Don Johnson shared a playful love/hate relationship with Yasmine Bleeth (Caitlin Cross), who played an Internal Affairs Inspector trying to find corruption in the unit. On Miami Vice (1984), Johnson as James "Sonny" Crockett shared an edgier, more intense one with pop star Sheena Easton (Caitlin Davies).

Despite rumors swirling about Jaime Gomez (Evan Cortez), he decided to leave the show at the end of the fifth season, to focus on other projects.

When working undercover, Nash used the alias Teddy Malone.

Cheech Marin starred in From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), and Don Johnson appeared 7 times in Don Johnson.

In Nash Bridges: Wild Card (1997) and then Nash Bridges: Out of Miami (2001), Philip Michael Thomas guest starred alongside Don Johnson. They both starred as partners on Miami Vice (1984). The title and general plot of the latter appearance of Thomas was an homage to their work together in Miami.

The credits show a photo saying Nash was born December 7, 1955. Don Johnson was actually born on December 15, 1949.