Second unit director and stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt, along with his wife Sophia Crawford, and stuntman Jason Cavalier left the show in disgust upon realizing how poorly the action content was being integrated. Footage of action scenes would be shipped to France and edited by film students, who, according to Pruitt, thought that action scenes "were beneath them", and whose technique for editing fights included adding many close-ups and recycling footage from previous episodes.

The premiere episode aired immediately after an episode of WCW Monday Nitro (1995).

Matthew Porretta played Will Scarlett O'Hara (he was from Georgia) in Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993).

John Bradley replaced Matthew Porretta for seasons three and four.

The third television series based on the legend of Robin Hood. It premiered eleven years after the series Robin Hood (1984) ended.

Premiered nine years before the fourth television series based on the legend of Robin Hood, BBC's Robin Hood (2006), starring Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood, Lucy Griffiths as Maid Marian, and Keith Allen as the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Barbara Griffin replaced Anna Galvin as Lady Marian Fitzwalter for season two.