This show was partially inspired by the life of Ferdinand Demara, Jr., a genius with an eidetic memory, who could master any skill, just by reading a book about it.

When asked in an interview what it was like working with Michael T. Wiess, Andrea Parker was forced to admit that she barely knew him. Due to the premise of the series, Miss Parker chasing Jarod, and Jarod always being one step ahead of her, their adult characters only appear in scenes together in eight episodes, besides as children In flashback sequences. Their characters later appear together in scenes in both the movies.

At one point in the series, Miss Parker and Broots stand trapped in an elevator of The Centre, where Broots realizes about some shot holes in the rooftop, made when Miss Parker's mother was assassinated many years ago. It is based on the failed coup d'etat that happened in February 23, 1981, in Spain (commonly known as "23F"), when Antonio Tejero, in those times, Lieutenant Colonel of the Civil Guard, attempted to topple King Juan Carlos I, to cancel the democracy, and return the country to the dictatorship (missed after General Franco's death in 1975). Tejero shot several times against the rooftop of the Congreso de los Diputados (Congress of Deputies), where the coup d'etat happened. The bullets remained there, on purpose,, as a remember of the event until September 11, 2013, when a renovation accidentally removed them.

Most of the main characters have only a first or last name with the other name either unknown or assumed.

Jon Gries guest starred as Broots, for over sixty episodes, before becoming a regular in season four.

Michael T. Weiss appeared in an episode of Burn Notice (2007), alongside lead Jeffrey Donovan, who played Jarod's younger brother Kyle. The episode before this had a character played by Patrick Bauchau.

The home base for "The Centre" is the same building complex just outside of Toronto (the R. C. Harris Filtration Plant) that was regularly used as Genomex headquarters in Mutant X (2001). It was also used in at least two episodes of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (1996). It was also the place where John Trent (Sam Neill) was jailed at the beginning of In the Mouth of Madness (1994).

Patrick Bauchau, who plays Sydney, made the medical set, used in the show, available at no charge, to the independent film Twin Falls Idaho (1999), in which Bauchau appears.

Takes place in the same universe as "The profiler" when Micheal T Wiess guest stared in a crossover episode.