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  • If it wasn't for the success of Batman the animated series, it is likely that this series wouldn't have been made. It is a great series. The material from this series is taken largely from the comics and "Lois and Clark". It is undoubtedly along with Batman one of the finest adaptions ever done of these characters for television or the movies. It is far easier to make the characters believable animated than it is to do live action. While not nearly as good as the Batman material I personally lean towards Supes everytime. It is fine action adventure in the truest sense of the word. Excellent drama. Lots of fun to be had here.
  • There was a cartoon Superman series in the early 1940's which is in a class of it's own. However, since then there have been a few Superman cartoons and then there was Superman on the Superfriends show. This was indeed Superman's best cartoon. Excluding the 1940's series, the other Superman cartoons look dated and cheezy if you were to watch them now. The same can be said for the Batman cartoons. This Superman series is brilliant, on par with Batman:The Animated Series.

    How did people make this series work? Simple. They did exactly what they did with Batman:The Animated Series and did it with this cartoon. Superman is an intelligent cartoon for adults and children with great plots, humour and plenty of action. Let's not forget artistic license either-don't you just love Superman's big jaw and Clark's big jaw as well (big giveaway there to anyone wanting to find out Supe's secret identity). It has been ten years since Batman:The Animated Series made it's debut and it has not aged at all; the same can be said for Superman.

    I strongly recommend this movie and also, the Batman/Superman team up movie from 1998. Absolute magic!
  • After the success of "Batman: The Animated Series", Superman, who'd been out of the lime light for a while except for "Lois & Clark", finally got a shot at his own series again. This show recapped Superman's origin, established his relationships and pit him against a variety of characters - including a memorable brawl between him and Lobo, voiced by Brad Garrett (who also voiced another character, but I forget his name).

    Superman was voiced by Tim Daly, and he did a damn fine job of it too. It's a shame that he wasn't available for "Justice League", as he was definitely superior to his successor, George Newbern (sorry George). Dana Delany was what Margot Kidder's Lois Lane SHOULD have been but never was. Same goes for Clancy Brown as Lex Luther. M*A*S*H alum Mike Farrell provided the voice of Superman's Earth dad.

    Storylines were generally good and voice acting solid (as mentioned above), but the only thing that really marred this show was the animation. While not bad, the characters, particularly the male characters, were too blocky looking. Superman himself looked as though he'd been carved out of rock. This animation isn't bad but it's not on par with the animation in "Batman: The Animated Series". Sadly, this look has been retained for "Justice League".

    Batman has made guest appearances on Superman from time to time, even did a "movie" with him, which brought their relationship up to date.

    So all in all, a 9 1/2 out of 10.
  • This is the best Superman cartoon ever made. It beats out all those other cartoons featuring Superman in every way. The animation is superb, not as good as Batman: The Animated series mind you, but still very good. The stories are also very good. It is filled with excitement and drama, and even a little humor. This series is great.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am totally convinced that Bruce Timm and company at WB Animation have a true midas touch when it comes to animating DC Super Heroes. While I am a Batman fan first and foremost and love the animated series, I also love Superman quite a bit. I've seen every animated series of Superman and as far as I'm concerned, this one is the best of all of them, even though the classic Fleisher cartoons of the 40's give it some competition.

    Superman: The Animated Series is a more modern looking show than Batman is judging by the cars in the city as well as the technology. Other than that, the characters, and especially Superman himself have a look that is timeless. Modern, yet reminiscent of the way people looked in the old classic movies. Superman himself and his alter ego of Clark Kent captures that feel more than anybody and I personally enjoyed his vocal performances by Tim Daly and was saddened he was unavailable for Justice League. Lois Lane has never been hotter in any other interpretation plus Dana Delaney was perfect casting voice over wise. Lex Luthor is a suave, rich, billionaire business tycoon who was voiced over superbly by Clancy Brown. This Luthor is what I feel the movie version should have been and amazingly, he reminded me of Tony Savallas, even before I knew that was the animators' intentions with the character. From other shows, I enjoyed the newest interpretations of Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, and villains like the Toyman, Kalibak, and Desaad and others as well as supportive players like Lana Lang and Jonathan and Martha Kent, who oddly enough, were voiced over by real life married couple, Mike Farrell and Shelley Fabares.

    Other than Lex Luthor, my favorite Superman villains were: Brainiac, who in this series is from Krypton, Mr Mxyptlk, who voiced over by Gilbert Gottfried, was so damn funny, that I bust a gut laughing at his episodes. Also for entertainment, I like Bizarro. And for a dangerous, undefeatable villain, I choose Darkseid, voiced brilliantly by Michael Ironside.

    Since I didn't read Superman comics like I did Batman, I got familiar with characters in the animated series like: Anchorwoman Angela Chen, Detectives Maggie Sawyer, and Dan Turpin of the Metropolis SCU. ALso, Professor Emil Hamilton and villains like Metallo, the Parasite, Maxima, and new villains like Livewire, Luminus, Volcanna, and Apokolips villains like Granny Goodness , Steppenwolf, and the Parademons. And I must not forget the likes of Kryptonian villains like Jax ur nd Mala, and for good laughs, the bounty hunter Lobo.

    My favorite episodes include, The Bizarro and Mr. Mxyzptlk stories for the sake of laughter. For drama, I'd recommend the pilot movie, "The Last Son of Krypton." Apokolips.. NOW!, episodes with Supergirl, the final two part episode, Legacy, and I especially love teams ups with Batman, like World's Finest, Knight Time, and the Demon Reborn. I also loved the team ups with the Flash, the Kyle Raynor Green Lantern, Doctor Fate, and the Silver Age version of Aquaman.

    I love everything about the series, the animation quality, the voice over cast, and the great music by Shirley Walker. These are excellent shows and I recommend them for anybody. I've recently heard that there will be an animated Direct to DVD Superman movie coming out this year. I'm already anxious to see it and get it.

    Superman: The Animated Series was superb. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Superman: TAS, was a great show. I remember seeing a quick clip of it in spring '96, and I couldn't wait for it to come out. Superman, though a cartoon, had great plots. Also, it had LOBO! That was one of the best episodes ever, when Lobo showed up in the show. And Gilbert Gottfried was perfect as Mxyzptlk(read: annoying). And characters actually died! There were quite a few deaths, mainly on the, "Darkseid," episodes. Plus, the final episode, unlike the weak ending to, "Batman: TAS," was great. Seeing Superman so ticked off at Darkseid for brainwashing him was great. He tore into the Apokolips ruler. I never remember seeing Superman that angry before. Just about the only problem I had was the new costume designed for Supergirl. I thought it looked pretty stupid. Still, she was at least much better than Batgirl in Batman.

    BOTTOM LINE: This needs the DVD treatment... NOW!!!
  • When you are watching this series you are feeling Superman is one of the greatest heroes in comics history. This series contains every details about Superman history. The history of his planet Kripton are the first three episodes of the season. You will learn about his weakness, his enemies and his friends through the episodes.

    Later in series you will see Superman teaming with another greats superheroes like Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and more. The episodes of Superman and Batman are excellent because are mixing enemies from both series. I recommend to watch Word's Finest episodes.

    Lex Luthor is the main enemy of Superman but you will see in action more enemies like Metallo, Darkseid, Braniac, Joker and more. I like this series because Superman appear like he can be beaten. He have all the magnificent powers but the enemies are smart and they can destroy Superman if they want it. This make suspense in the series.

    This is a very short series compared with Batman animated show. But every episodes are great and you don't wanna miss any one of them.

    I recommend this series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Superman The Animated series comes from the creators of Batman The Animated Series and is in many ways a sequel. The two had numerous crossovers. The show reinvents Supermans rogues gallery. Mettalo has much more depth, Parasite absorbs thoughts as well as powers, but best of all Brainiac is a Kryptonian Super Computer.

    The show is largely an adaption of the 90's Superman Stories, with Lex Luthor the owner of Lex Corp, Pa Kent it still alive and Batman and Superman aren't so buddy, buddy.

    The show, however, really begins to shine when it adapts older stories. These are Jack Kirby stories about Darksied the ruler of Apokalips, a hell like world. This makes the last season very epic, especially when darksied invades and kills one of the cast members, I won't spoil it by saying who.

    Supergirl is also reinvented very well. Instead of using the bizarre idea that a piece of Krypton flew into space, she comes from a neighbouring planet which Kryptonians inhabited.

    Supermans cast members Lois, Perry White, Jimmy, and Dan Turbin are done very well, and are the only people not reinvented.

    The show ends at its prime. After a certain cast member dies you start to actually feel worried. After that point, Darkseid could do anything. In the final, very epic, two episodes of Superman, Supermans mind is taken over by Darksied and forced to invade earth. The series began on a happy note and ended on a sad one leaving Superman to earn earths trust. Superman the animated series was over, but he lived again in Justice Leaue...
  • So far for the most part any movie featuring the man of steel have missed the mark. If one were to gather their knowledge of Superman from these movies they will deduce that Superman's main villains were Lex Luther, Zod, Nuclear Man and Richard Pryor. One also gets the sense that he is kind of a dweeb and the type of guy who when he gets a female pregnant he bolts the planet. Well this animated series was great as it featured a vast assortment of villains, great voice work by Tim Daly, and had interesting stories. I enjoyed watching this incarnation of Superman as he was actually Superman without being indestructible unbeatable man like he has been portrayed at times. So what you are not going to see in this film is a lot of time spent back in Smallville growing up, a crusade to stop nuclear missiles, strange comedy, and yet another scheme by Lex involving real estate. No here you will see him lose a good friend to the cold Darkseid, help the Green Lantern take on the villainous Sinistro, and battle schemes by Lex involving him creating a cyborg man with kryptonite in his chest named Metallo. So suffice to say this series was a lot of fun and a lot better than nearly everything in the movies. The best thing the movies did was introducing Zod.
  • I enjoy a lot of the superheroes that are based on comic books. This show Superman: The Animated Series was one of them. Superman is based on a DC Comics comic book about a ageless human who is the last son of the planet Krypton and then gets sent to Earth and becomes the legendary protector of his adoptive home Earth. He is Superman! Superman is also alias Clark Kent who is a newspaper reporter. But when there's trouble you know who to call (and I know there are a lot of superheroes you can call but there's only one you can call in this series) SUPERMAN! This show premiered on Kids WB back in September 1996 and lasted for 3 seasons until February 2000. Superman was also in a few DC Comic superhero show spin-offs like "The Batman/Superman Adventures" and "Justice League". Which are also good shows!

    User Rating: 7/10

  • Bobbywoodhogan27 December 2003
    I thought the animated series was great it had the feel of Superman and best of all it Superman looked like Superman. Great voices although I do prefer George Newburn in Justice League. The best episodes of the this where the three part Last son of Krypton and the World's finest episodes. It isn't as good as the Batman: Animated Series but still a damn good animated version of the Man of Steel.
  • This is show came after Batman:tas, it is just as good if not better in my opinion. The relationship between Lois and Superman/Clark is great right from the beginning. The crossovers with batman are great, and provide some of my favorite episodes. My favorite episode was when superman went undercover as batman and teamed up with robin because Bruce Wayne went missing.The Animation is great. While it was not as thin and cheap looking as "The New Batman Adventures" (don't get me wrong, that animation looked great) it wasn't as good as the animation in Batman Animated Series. While Batman TAS had the best animation, there were some episodes that had HORRIBLE animation, but with Superman this doesn't happen.
  • This series was, and still is amazing. The most surprising thing about this show is its own inventive and original take on the Superman mythos. I think that even the most die-hard comic book fan who has never seen this show would be astounded about the detail the show goes into. Of particular interest and excitement is the introduction of Mr. Mxyzptlk in "MXYZPIXILATED" (released on DVD in Volume 2), Darkseid in "TOOLS OF THE TRADE" (Volume 1) and the Joker (usually a Batman villain) to the series in "WORLD'S FINEST" (Volume 2). This series still, even though it has long since been cancelled off the air (except for syndication), proves to be a great homage to the Superman universe, and to comic books in general. It is an excellent example of outstanding ideas, insight, animation, action, a bit of romance, and suspense.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    superman the animated series is possibly the best we have seen of superman in animation the characters are very well presented.The writers have actually took the time to show us who superman is where he came from and how he came to terms with his powers and becoming the man of steel.The cast of voices are very well done i.e Tim daily aka superman and Clancy brown aka lex Luther.batman even makes a guest appearance in a brilliant episode and you see some classic villains i.e metallo,dark side,the joker.batman the animated series was amazing superman isn't as well written or dark but they are totally different.The action is Briilant and as young kid it made me smile to see superman soaring in the air
  • I was never a big Superman fan growing up. I watched Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, love Christopher Reeve's Superman, and I watched this animated series. The animated series is a personal favorite of mine along with my favorite super hero, Spider-Man. I loved both these series in the 90's. I don't like Batman though. The animated series is back on JETIX. As is Spider-Man. I highly recommend this show. Along with Smallville. Forget Superman Returns! It was an absolute failure! The Spider-Man films are perfect along with Christopher Reeve's Superman movies! But, skip Superman Returns! The voice acting is awesome.
  • Superman: The Animated Series shows once again that lightning can strike twice. Great animation, stories, and voice-over performances prove that Superman can survive 60 years and still find audiences in this sarcastic television era.
  • Wow, who would've thought that with the creative team of Batman:TAS a show this good could be produced? From the pilot episode to further adventures of the Man of Steel, Superman:TAS is another gem of the golden age of superhero cartoons(and that's counting the X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons as well as Iron Man and Fantastic Four). I've always wondered why the same team behind these properties never attempted to make a Wonder Woman animated series? After all, she is the most famous female superhero in the world so why not a shot at the small screen in animated form? Like the Batman series, the character driven stories are great with awesome writing and truly spectacular action scenes that sometimes share the spotlight with other well-known stars of the DC Comics spectrum. The Superman movies were great and all, but the animated series made me more and more infatuated with Superman. Superman: TAS is one of the best animated properties to come out of DC Comics. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini have done wonders for both characters. C'mon guys, bring on Wonder Woman. I would be proud.
  • jascinth30 November 2017
    Well, as a fan of Superman, there's nothing much to say, the 10 out of 10 score will tell you.

    But since I'm required to write at least 5 lines, here's what I think: This animation series are definitely thumbs up & I actually think that the team must be Einstein's students perhaps. I have watched the series 20 years ago but still finds it interesting, thrilling, amusing & entertaining. This is what you called all-time favourite.

    Every episode will tell you that you want to watch the next & the next & the next until I realized there's only like 52 episodes? Where's the rest?

    The rest continues with Justice League, what a brilliant idea.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you are a massive fan of Superman you have come to the right place.

    This cartoon is like an animated version of Smallville and The Man of steel (which I actually like).

    This show had great art style, voice acting, and character designs. I even have a comic of this series somewhere at home.

    My favorite villains of the show were Metallo, Brainiac, The Unity, Lex Luthor and Luminous.

    My favorite episodes are My Girl, The Flash episode, The demon reborn, The green lantern episode, little-lost girl, new kids in town and The last episode of the series.
  • This, even more than the previous Batman animated series, is strongly influenced by the 1940s Max Fleischer cartoons. It is noticeably sunnier than the Batman, which might lead some to underrate it. It is perhaps more child friendly than the Batman series, with for example, Lois Lane constantly depicted wearing the same clothes, but the makers clearly understand the difference between the two superheroes, Batman is a punisher of the guilty while Superman is a defender of the innocent.

    The writing, while not so daring as the Justice League series of the same time, is not without innovation. Interesting readings of the Parasite, Luthor and in particular Brainiac mean that this is no slavish copy of the comicbook. The one dud of the first series is "the Main man" an ill-considered story which unfortunately straddles two episodes. Lobo is a crude (in many senses of the word) and his presence (with badly drawn disproportioned body) jars with the aesthetic of the cartoon just as the cliché ridden electric guitar which accompanies him jars with the stylish orchestral score of the rest of the series. I can only imagine he was a 'hot' character at the time so that's why he was included? Otherwise it is a mystery. In any case a very weak story (even for a single episode, but this is a tow parter!) involving an insipid DC version of Marvel's The Collector called The Preserver fails to convince. And this is further weakened by the fact that Brainiac is himself presented as something of a Preserver in far better episodes.

    Other than that this is a great and charming (isn't it great to use the word 'charming' to describe a product of the 1990s? show that is worth watching.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A few years ago one of the biggest stories in mainstream media was that, mysteriously, cats had replaced dogs worldwide as the most popular pet...? At about the same time someone else noticed that Batman had replaced Superman, similarly, for the #1 spot. Explanation? (Not for the dog/cat thing, for that, please see my review of the Cat in the Internet Pet Database). Supe is very hard to dramatize, once you get past the origins. He never lies. His virtue is never in doubt. Not much can hurt him, so writers have spent almost 7 decades inventing baddies who can. Batman, on the other hand, is more fun than a barrel of hammers. He is a borderline psychotic. He has no superpowers yet somehow gets invited to JLA roasts? Even his enemies (Joker and Harley) are more fun. The point of this review is that Batman was a tough act to follow for Dini and crew, and the production team tries hard but never quite makes it work. No foul. no blame. But the magic is scarce. And frankly I have seen enough Lex Luthor to last a lifetime. (In his own way, he is as predictable and boring as Supe). In the Golden Age of comics (yes they were called "comics" then) the DC people would often do a full issue stuffed with an "imaginary" story just to break the bounds. Of course, when you do an imaginary riff on something which is imaginary to start with, well, nothing good comes of that. With hindsight, one has to silently applaud the creators of both LOIS AND CLARK and the waka-doo (but fun) SMALLVILLE for trying to re-imagine this story for TV, and doing a pretty goshdarned good job of it.
  • ...and also in one of the best adaptations of Superman, either in film or television. Maybe I'm biased, as I've always liked Superman and also that this was one of my favourite shows when I was a kid, but I still love this show. The animation is very handsome and detailed, with intriguing character designs(Clark/Superman's big jaw is quite unique). Perhaps it is not as atmospheric as Batman: The Animated Series, but that is enough of that still. The music is also wonderful, the incidental music has a hauntingly rousing undercurrent and the intro is very cool. The writing is tense and intelligent with nicely judged bits of humour as well, while the story lines are always compelling with a dark atmosphere without it being overly so. The characters are wonderful, Superman is a charismatic hero, Supergirl is a great addition, Lois avoids being stereotypical and Lex Luthor and Braniac are great villains. The voice acting is superb, Tim Daly is on par with George Newbern and voices with authority and intensity of lines. Dana Delaney is spot on as Lois, while Clancy Brown's Lex Luthor is wonderfully calculating and Corey Burton brings the right amount of menace to Braniac. All in all, the best cartoon of the Man of Steel. 10/10 Bethany Cox
  • Saw this a while back and it still lingers in the memory. At first, I wasn't sure I was going to get into it considering I was never much of a Superman fan, but this is a fantastic show that was surprisingly very consistent and contained superb storytelling on par with Batman: TAS. I also loved how they tried to have a lot more continuity in this show, and of course the voice acting was on-point. There are some forgettable episodes, but Batman had quite a few of those too. The best episodes are some of the best in the entire DCAU canon, and this show actually made Superman a compelling character to me to the point where I became a big fan for once. The music was terrific as well and way ahead of its time in regards to animated series.

    I think that once Darkseid entered the show, it became even better because the story lines involving him pretty much knocked it out of the park in regards to what the show was capable of (emotion, drama, action, suspense, etc). He's easily one of the greatest villains in the DCAU and in general, and he never felt more menacing in his subsequent appearances. Overall, the only other show in the DCAU that comes close in my opinion is Batman: TAS, and I'm happy to own both on DVD along with the rest of the DCAU series. This is easily the definitive take on the Superman universe.
  • This show to me is better than any live action version of superman because he's not immortal he can get hurt and killed by beings equal or greater than his power but they keep what remains the essence of the character is that Clark kent is a decent human being who genuinely wants to help people the voice acting In this show is great all around tim daly as superman is probably my favourite voice actor for superman he has a great voice and really emobides what superman represents like wise the villians are brillant Clancy brown as Luthor is the best lex hands down and toddy McDowell as metallo is terrific i love the concept of metallo a villain made put of the hero's weakness and darkseid voiced brilliantly by Michael ironside these villians are great and fleshed put but what's also amazing is the score by the late great shirley walker imo it gives the original theme by John Williams a run for its money in pure awesomeness i love this show and rewatched it recently again it holds up in every way my only problem is I wish it continued because this show is the best adaptation of superman of all time
  • What else can I say?the animation is amazing and the colors look nice and it had all kinds of crossovers in it
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