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  • "Two" is absolutely brilliant and it's not "The Fugitive" made tv-show as many would think.

    Ok, we have a man running away from F.B.I., but the reason why is different and his goal too.

    "Two,", is the story of Gus McClain, a college professor with a beautiful young wife and a brilliant career ahead of him. Gus has everything he ever wanted - until terrible things begin to happen. He's doing things he can't explain, meeting people he can't remember and going places he can't control.

    After the first episode, I said, "This show can't last long. If Gus continues to run away from the F.B.I. for 100 episodes, it would be as if the F.B.I are not able to arrest a person. And if he proves that his twin brother is the cause of everything, well, the show would be over!".

    Despite this, I wanted to see it so badly to see what was going to happen.

    Unfortunately, the show did end - it was not renewed for a second season by Twentieth Television.

    Cast : Michael Easton was brilliant - he had a tough job to play two different (so different) characters and he did so brilliantly.

    My vote : 95%
  • lizzy-820 January 1999
    Ok, so I've not seen the whole series yet, (I missed the first two episodes). But from what I've seen so far, it's a premise not entirely unlike the Fugitive. It may not be the most original idea in the world, but as TV goes it's pretty good. For a serious drama it isn't up to much, but as mindless entertainment, I'm hooked.
  • Although i myself have missed a few of the episodes, including the first three, i found the rest of them very entertaining. It is true that the storyline isn't exactly original but the way that Michael Easton pulls off playing both characters is amazing. He's good at making you hate Booth and feel sympathetic for Gus. He really makes you believe that he has a twin brother. It just goes to show what an amazing actor he is. I am upset that they only made the one series. I would love to know if Gus manages to prove he has a brother and get his life back. I believe that if the show was allowed to go further it would improve greatly. I just love it.
  • I loved this TV show. About a lecturer on the run from the law over a string of murders committed by his identical twin that he never knew he had. Amazing and intense.And the credit score was so chilling and haunting. In fact that was what attracted me to the show.A pity the show was cancelled. Does anyone know where I can download the theme? I'll be forever grateful.
  • I have never seen the movie, but I was an active follower of the television series ;o) Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase the film, I have been looking for it for quite a few years ;o) I consistently ask lots of people if they have ever heard of the television show called "Two" about two identical twin brothers who were separated at birth, and one of them, the good brother Gus, was being chased by the F. B. I. by a brunette F. B. I. agent, because of his convict brother, Brook, the bad brother. I watched faithfully and was quite upset when the show went off the air. So please, if anyone happens to know where I can purchase a copy of this awesome story, can you please let me know about it??? Sincerely, Michael
  • @tonynworah

    Interesting to find your listing in May 2017. I was wondering how you came across the series at this late date. There are many ME (Michael Easton) fans on places such as Facebook and he is currently in an ABC soap, General Hospital.

    As a long time Michael Easton fan (from VR5 or before), I was excited when this show was advertised. It was started from an idea by ME and Stephen J. Cannell. They wrote 12 episodes together. There were 22 in all. I'm currently trying to find the titles of the individual shows. The one in which ME worked as a limo driver is everyone's favorite. The close-ups of his eyes in the review mirror was a fantastic idea as his eyes are very blue. The stories ran along the line of The Fugitive, as have many other series, but this was the only one in which the star, ME, had to play two parts as identical twins. I think that by reading the other reviews, you can get the gist of the idea. People have long tried to get this and his two turns on Port Charles on DVD, but to no avail. Perhaps this has to do with ME, himself. He has become a writer and movie producer, plus his acting. He probably doesn't consider this to be one of his best, but his fans will tell you otherwise!

    I taped Two on VHS and am just about to get it transferred to DVD. Dunno how good it will be, but anything is better than nothing. (No I'm not selling it, this is not an advertisement.)
  • I was so disappointed when this show ended. I remember It being so clever and entertaining.

    Once contacted the studio about when they would put it in syndication or release the Series on disc. They weren't encouraging then and obviously haven't moved forward.

  • invictorious19 October 2018
    In this TV series, Michael Easton played dual roles of Gus McClain and Booth Hubbard. McClain was a respected college professor until he was accused of murdering his wife. Unknown to most, McClain's twin brother, Hubbard, is the murderer. McClain becomes a fugitive and evade authorities, such as FBI Agents Carter and Forbes , while attempting to prove his innocence. Hubbard compounds this goal by committing more crimes in McLain's name.

    The premise of the show is somewhat like "The Fugitive" and "The Incredible Hulk" combined. Like Dr. Richard Kimball in "The Fugitive", McClain was wrongly believed to have murdered his wife. In "The Incredible Hulk," Dr. David Banner, like McClain, is alone at the end of most episodes and at a disadvantage. Throughout the few episodes of "Two", there is a tragic theme. Had this been a successful series, it's easy to imagine a final episode where Hubbard gets the better of McClain.
  • "Two" was a show on TV during the mid-90s. It was on the air, at the same time as several other late-night adventure-dramas. In fact, I thought that the 90s seemed to be the last great era of TV adventure shows. Don't know why, but I suspect folks just don't find the adventure show genre as appealing as they once did. Who knows?? I watched "Two" on a local syndicated station every Saturday night, and it came on after the 11:00 news. It starred hunky Michael Easton as the main character, named Gus McClain. Gus McClain was an earnest, milquetoast college professor, who led a nice, tame life.

    Everything was great for Gus, until he found his wife had been suddenly murdered one day. This show had the exact same premise as the "Fugitive" series. Instead of chasing a one-armed culprit, Gus McClain finds that his own evil twin brother, Booth, had committed his wife's murder. And Gus vows to capture Booth, and bring him to justice.

    There's just one hitch though-the FBI thinks Gus committed the crime, since they've no way of knowing that Gus has a twin brother. It gets even more complicated, when Booth kills one of the pursuing FBI agent's partner. This FBI agent then becomes insanely obsessed with capturing Gus. And she almost does, on more than one occasion during the series run. But Gus always manages to slip through her proverbial 'grasp'.

    Basically the whole series is based on Gus capturing Booth, before the FBI can get Gus. Nothing new about this type of cat-and-mouse scenario. Anyone who watches TV with any frequency, has seen it all before. I'd say the only reason to watch "Two", is if you happen to be a Michael Easton fan. Otherwise, "Two" is, at best, a mediocre adventure show.