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  • "Water Rats" has been one of my small guilty viewing pleasures these past few years. It plays at 1500 hrs each weekday, a time I am rarely home. I don't tape it, prefering to accidentally stumble across it on the few occasions I might be home in the afternoon. Aside from the great characters and the magnificent Sydney harbour, what I most enjoy is the view, hopefully reflective of the lives of Australians, of the city, the lives of the people, and the similarity to what I imagine many Canadian lives are like. Well, without the amazing amount of crime they seem to have. This has been a very satisfying show to occasionally glimpse. Like many, the sudden passing of the Rachel Goldstein character a couple of years ago was a challenge to this soap opera patron's emotional equilibrium. As a final note, I would like to suggest that this show would do well in Canuck prime time.
  • Rain423018 February 2002
    One word can describe this series... Awesome! I really like the show esp from Season 1-4 when Friels and McClements is still in... But even after that it's good too... Too bad it'd been axed...
  • phoebs-224 September 1998
    Whenever I watch an "action-series", I always end up thinking;-Is this the way it really is? Is this how it happens? Well, probably not, but it`s entertaining, so I keep watching. "Water Rats", however is different. The events are "real", the characters are "real". I think it`s quite easy to identify yourself with the everyday problems the detectives have to deal with. I`d watch "Water Rats" rather than "NYPD Blue" anyday. I love it! It`s just GREAT!!
  • Hooked since day one and hope that one of our national carriers completes the series. A great import that can hold its head high. This is a series that catches your attention and doesn't need a pile of special effects to keep your interests alive. The characters are believeable and admirable. Long live the "RATS".
  • Agnelin19 February 2005
    I know that "Water Rats" was over a while ago now in Australia, but it's playing here at the moment and I'm completely hooked to it. It's entertaining, the stories are usually well written and keep the interest until the final credits, and the characters seem and act like real people not just some stereotypes you throw in to make an action-police show. My favorite is Rachel Goldstein. I like the personal stories of all the characters too.

    I have to admit that another reason why I love this show so much is the beautiful sceneries of Sydney. I've heard that one of the aims was to attract more tourists to Sydney, and I wasn't surprised to hear that it worked.
  • sarastro721 September 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    What's so good about Water Rats? Well - the actors. The realism. The believable emotions involved. The fallible human face of the police. Years ago, when I watched a lot of television, I often noticed that most of the best TV series were Canadian or Australian. Better stories, better acting, everything just feels more real and more intelligent. Water Rats is a prime example of this. All the characters feel real. When the cops cut corners and reluctantly break the rules, you can understand it. You can sympathize. You can see it from their point of view. Once in a while the good guys have to play dirty, because all the bad guys do. And the performances of everybody involved in this show, from the actors to the directors to the production crew, are just superb.

    As a dyed-in-the-wool sci-fi freak, I'm actually not a big fan of realism. And certainly not of cop shows. Except when it's done really well! And Water Rats scores on this account. When Goldie died, I totally did not see it coming. Sure, I could see something ominous was building up, but I was sure it was the guy she was with that would buy the farm. How could they kill HER?! I was so upset I had to call up a friend (whom I knew to be watching it at the same time) and talk about it, despite it being close to midnight.

    I hear the show was produced as a kind of export product, to attract tourists to Australia. Well, lemme tell ya: It works! I haven't been there yet, but the show sure does give me the urge to go. I love the whole Aussie national atmosphere, not least of all the accent! I hope to be able to afford the complete DVD set of Water Rats someday. My life will be pretty much complete if I can slip an episode into the DVD player every night before I hit the sack. Oh yeah!

    9 out of 10. Only cop show I could ever even consider rating so highly.
  • I missed the first 2 seasons, but I got to see the re-runs of the first 2 and the rest of the TV series until it was finished. I found it quite a good show with strong storyline formats. It gave me an idea of what the Sydney Water Police does on a daily basis. (Of course, some a bit over dramatic with personal issues and the sorts, still overall great!) It was saddening when a main character was murdered 2 years before it was taken off the air. Upon the death of Goldie, I watched the ratings plummet a bit as Water Rats fumbled without Goldie/Catherine McClements. Dee Smart did her best to fill in the huge shoes McClements left behind, but it wasn't enough to keep it buoyed any longer.
  • lympog17 June 2005
    I must say, I loved this show - it was very much an Australian show of its time. Everything from its stories that would always build up to end-of-season climaxes to the dodgy eighties-alike guitar music, let's not forget any 'love' scenes with Colin Friels where the turned blue... But if you have to admire some great stories and some excellent performances from Colin Friels, Catherine McClements and later on Steve Bisley in the leads roles of Frank Holloway, Rachel Goldstein and Jack Christie respectively. In Ireland it is currently being repeated and is bringing back a lot of good memories and I just hope it gets released on DVD other here soon.

    • Leigh O'Gorman
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I first moved to Australia, I had very limited choices of what to watch on TV back in 1998 -- as a deaf viewer, I required captionings to be able to follow shows through. "Water Rats" and a few others had captions, so I was immediately hooked to "Water Rats" from the first episode I ever saw. I only saw a couple eps with Colin Friels and it was different once Steve Bisley came into the picture as the replacement, as Jack Christey, still he did a fantastic job. He and Catherine McClements made a wonderful team, both professionally and personally. I stopped watching "Water Rats" after the episode, "A Day At the Office" where Catherine's character, Rachel "Goldie" Goldstein was stabbed to death. :( The story lines and the basis of the show simply fell apart when Goldie departed. I did watch here and there, but it just didn't hold the same intensity as it did before Goldie went. The last ep was a bit laughable when Bisley's 'Christey' died in the ocean after being shot. Still, I reckon the show would've done better if the writers hadn't killed Goldie off and change the layout and story lines.

    RIP "Water Rats: - that show will always be a memorable part of my heart.
  • meljorgen14 May 2020
    Watching season 3 right now but the episodes don't match up with the episode blist. So I'm not sure if I am watching them in order. For example episode 4 is listed as "behind closed doors" but the episode comes up as "old dog old tricks"
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If u like bones u will like water rats and its ma rating it contains strong drugs use and themes and moderate blood and gore and violence and adult themes and surgeal themes and autopsies v and decomposing Bodies
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm second time around on this series now and still loving it.

    I do have a couple of questions and this is where the ***spoilers*** come in:

    1. What happened to Sgt. Dave McCall? He was there one episode and not the next. No explanation as to his whereabouts ever after. The series was usually pretty good about explaining where people had gone; permanently or otherwise. Never a mention of the 'Diving Sgt.'

    2. Also,what happened to Sr. Constable Tommy Tavita. Like McCall, he just disappeared.

    As I mentioned I'm going around for the second time on this series and have not seen an explanation for either of these two regulars departing.

    Has anyone?

    ***End of spoiler.***


  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's a great show bec it's shows some strong adult themes ,drug themes and moderately blood and gore and surgeral themes and autopsies And decommissioning bodies if u like bones u love water rats
  • When it first came out it was quite an intriguing concept - a police drama that centered on a special group of police, namely the Sydney Water Police, which added a breath of fresh air to most of the other police dramas out there. Unfortunately as time has worn on the novelty wore off and they began to go for more and more standard police stories. Here's where the problem lies. Whilst it's great to see the 'Rats' not entirely dependant on Sydney Harbour for their storylines the producers have come up with the ridiculous idea that they must regularly have a cutback to the harbour for at least 5 minutes of every second episode as if to try and validate the 'Water Rats' tag. I wouldn't have minded if it was a rare kind of thing but it's all too regular for no real reason.

    If the producers are serious about keeping the series going for a few more years yet then please, either: a) Don't be afraid to stay on land if need be. b) Get another name for the series so you don't feel tied to the harbour all the time or c) Just stick to the water and be done with it.

    Having 5 minute throwbacks to the water every second episode for no reason other than to remind the audience why the series is called 'Water Rats' is quite annoying.