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  • The Cherokee Kid is a hoot from beginning to end with a little Burt Reynolds thrown in for good measure. A western told in flashback with narration by Jaun Cortina (A Martinez is hilarious in this over the top performance), you learn the story of Isaiah Turner from boy on the run from the land grabbing railroad tycoon (James Coburn) who murdered his mother to the man known as The Cherokee Kid, a gunfighter out for revenge and hunted by The Undertaker(Gregory Hines). He lives with Otter Bob (Burt Reynolds is almost unrecognizable but gives a great performance) learning the ways of the mountain man until he Bob is murdered by the men on Turner's trail. Isaiah then spends time in jail with Nat Love until they are sprung by Cortina and Isaiah follows Nat back to his hideout. There he learns to ride and shoot and earns the name The Cherokee Kid. He gains fame taking out Bloomington's banks and ends up getting killed in a shoot out with The Undertaker. The ending is a nice surprise with a very nicely choreographed gunfight. I enjoyed it very much and we pull it out of the collection to watch on a regular basis.
  • " Cherokee Kid " is, with certainty, a good entertainment. It is a light, funny film and ideal for the children, Sinbad interprets Cherokee Kid with claw and efficiency, it is really impossible to leave off sympathizing with his character and with the simple and beautiful plot, that teaches important values for all of us, as friendship, love, accuses and redemption, all this done for a public of all the ages in an accessible way! but, with certainty, the best performance of this film is due to Burt Reynolds. He had not still made the film that threw him again to the stardom, Boogie Nights, but even so, he offers a pretty interpretation, worthy of applauses. Reynolds interprets Otter Bob, a simple and humble man, who knows the wild life, and who becomes Cherokee Kid's best friend. In certain scenes, Burt Reynolds shows us all his competence and love for the art of the interpretation, and it is literally impossible to leave off being moved in these parts, mainly for not being just another actor who is saying the sentences, but yes a dear and well-known movies' legend, a true part of the history of Hollywood!his character is a wild man, but with a good heart, of gold, that doesn't think twice in jumping in front of a bullet to save his only and best friend... It is also incredible how it was needed a young director with intelligence, sensibility and vision, called Paul Thomas Anderson, to show to the world that the man who one day had been the largest star of the world was still alive and that he still knew how to act. Congratulations, Burt Reynolds. Once again you showed us what it takes to become a real star...
  • Bumbling Sinbad sets out to avenge the murder of his parents years earlier by villainous railroad boss James Coburn. Failing miserably the first time around, he learns to fight, shoot, and survive from mountain man Burt Reynolds and notorious bandit Ernie Hudson, before taking on Coburn a second time.

    Winning performances by the endlessly glib Sinbad and scene-stealers Reynolds and A. Martinez, along with some genuinely funny moments and some good action, make for a truly entertaining movie that surprisingly has a lot to say about friendship and loyalty.

    The great all-star cast also includes Gregory Hines and Hal Williams. There's great chemistry at work here. Also, look fast for old-time black cowboy star Herb Jeffries in a non-speaking background role.

    I really wish HBO Films were still making good movies like this!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let Me Be Honest Up Front, With Extremely Few Exceptions (Silverado, Unforgiven ....) Westerns Just Are Not What They Use To Be. Sadly I Feel This Way Even More So About Comedies. George Burns, Rodney Dangerfield, Woody Allen And The Original Not Ready For Prime Time Players To Me Will Always Stand For Funny, Funnier And Funniest. Sinbad Is Also One Of The Funnies At The Top Of My List And In This Movie I Found The Best Of Both Worlds.

    The Cherokee Kid Is A Great Western And A Very Funny Movie. Full Of Laughs From The Start To The Finish. The Acting (Just Look At The Cast) Was Fantastic To Say The Least. To Top It All Off There Is That One Moment Where We Forget For A Split Second We Are Watching A Comedy, As The Kid Looks Down On Bloomington And Says "That Is For My Mama" Shot Me Back To The Princess Bride's (Another Wonderful Comedy) "My Name Is Inigo Montoya, You Killed My Father, Prepare To Die."

    Lets Not Forget Another Wonderful Aspect Of The Movie Is That The Whole Family Can Watch And Enjoy This Movie Together A Rare Commodity These Days ......
  • The Cherokee Kid was one of my favorite movies as a child. I remember it playing on HBO a lot when I was around 13 years old. Sinbad's films were so awesome. I also love Houseguest and First Kid too, but The Cherokee Kid was always my personal favorite. I was just feeling nostalgic about the film a week or so ago and my girlfriend and I watched it. I hadn't watched the film in probably 10 or 15 years and she had never seen it. We both enjoyed the hell out of it to say the least and I think it's pretty much as good as I remember. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not the best Western-Comedy by any means. It doesn't even come close to being as great as a film like Maverick, or even a tv show like The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., but it is highly entertaining and very well-done, and Sinbad deserved more roles like this where he could showcase his immense comedic talents. I think he was still underutilized and underrated even at the height of his career.
  • Decent but dull and recycled film about The Cherokee Kid (Sinbad) and his many idiotic adventures. I don't remember much of this movie, but there is one thing I do remember: never, ever give SinBAD his own movie ever again.