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  • Year 2009 A.D. Jeffry Reejest - detective from Los-Angeles, searches for the girl by name Sheena. Soon Reejest will hear that Sheena is stolen by rich mans, which make the illegal gladiator duels. With the help of White Hawk from Los-Angeles band, Reejest gets into secret lair of villains, where him there is face the ensemble of dangers, but with cyber-gladiator named Grapp in the same way. Very nice action with remarkable actors, look like Running Man.
  • Whether it was 'The Great Escape', 'The Man From Uncle', or 'The Outer Limits', David McCallum has always been a classy performer and his effort on this low-budget film is no exception. I enjoyed his arrogant performance here; Timothy Bottoms also manages to work out his acting chops with some impressive fight scenes; I also enjoyed listening to the theme-song at the end of the film, which has some interesting things to say ...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In a post-apocalyptic LA, several teenagers become missing. A cop must save her, finding out there is much more in store for him. The cop, along with friends he's made along the way, finds himself trapped in the DeathDrome - an old plant devoted to a death trap where the only way out is battling to the death against two humanoids.

    It's a fun-filled cyberpunk fight film with decent action for a B film and completely ahead of its time (the fights are filmed to an audience and are a lot like the "reality" genre of today, but in film format). The partial nudity and sex scene add erotica New Horizons was known for in the day. The makeup is often a little gimmicky but the lighting and camera quality make up for it. The film is setup as a futuristic gladiator game with reminisce of the ancient Romans (vixens, the elite, and the thumbs-up and thumbs-down gesture to signal life or death. Overall, I recommend this film as it adds uniqueness to the fight genre with its mix of sci-fi elements.

    Its relation to Mortal Kombat:

    This film pays homage to Mortal Kombat in these ways:

    • The DeathDrome is located in the outskirts of LA, like Outworld. - The tournament master is an elderly man. - The tournament master uses the term, "mortal combat." - Centaurians are the name given to the "police" of this outworld. - The cop is a spin-off of Jax. - Hawk, the thug, is a spin-off of Kano. - The vixens beauty is reminiscence of the MK babes. - The people in the Deathdrome are trapped, especially the humanoids, and are forced to fight their way to freedom. - The music is techno and this film even has its own theme song, which is cheesy like the Power Rangers and VR Troopers themes.
  • Utter piece of trash. Not even funny or amusing. An unwatchable pic from the hollow side of the Roger Corman factory. Dark, murky, straight-to-cable filler with no script at all. With the following items: migraine inducing visuals, second grade acting, boring stunts, and idiotic sub-"Escape From New York" storyline. KA-Boom!
  • vincevan16 April 2005
    Oh MY! There are Good films - There are Bad films and then there is this car wreck of a film. And in the world of car wrecks, this thing is one of those dark of night, foggy, icy road kind; involving a hundred or so cars and trucks where the police just stand around shaking their heads in horror. And oh yeah - There are no survivors in this wreck.

    The lack of any thought process in the making of this truly awful picture jumps right off the page at you, starting about 8 minutes into the thing. The actors must have been absolutely desperate or they would have picketed the directors home until he promised to never again darken the door of a film studio.

    Do I make myself clear on this?

    Run -Don't walk....... away from this.