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  • Snake-66627 October 2003
    After witnessing his wife (Linda Hoffman) engaging in sexual acts with the pool boy, the already somewhat unstable dentist Dr. Feinstone (Corbin Bernsen) completely snaps which means deep trouble for his patients.

    This delightful semi-original and entertaining horror flick from director Brian Yuzna was a welcome change of pace from the usual horror twaddle that was passed out in the late Nineties. Although ‘The Dentist' is intended to be a cheesy, fun little film, Yuzna ensures that the movie delivers the shocks and thrills that many more serious movies attempt to dispense. Despite suffering somewhat from the lack of background on the central characters, and thus allowing events that should have been built up to take place over a couple of days, the movie is intriguing, generally well scripted and well paced which allows the viewer to maintain interest, even during the more ludicrous of moments. ‘The Dentist' suffers, on occasion, from dragging but unlike the much inferior 1998 sequel, there are only sporadic uninteresting moments, and in general the movie follows itself nicely.

    Corbin Bernsen was very convincing in the role of the sadistic, deranged and perfectionist Dr. Alan Feinstone. The way Bernsen is able to credibly recite his lines, especially with regards to the foulness and immorality of sex (particularly fellatio), is something short of marvellous. While many actors may have trouble portraying a cleanliness obsessed psycho without it coming off as too cheesy or ridiculous, Bernsen seems to truly fit the personality of the character he attempts to portray and thus makes the film all that more enjoyable. Had ‘The Dentist' not been intended to be a fun, almost comical, horror movie, Bernsen's performance would probably have been much more powerful. Sadly, the rest of the cast (including a pre-fame Mark Ruffalo) failed to put in very good performances and although the movie was not really damaged by this, stronger performances could have added more credibility to the flick.

    ‘The Dentist' is not a horror film that is meant to be taken seriously but is certainly enjoyable, particularly (I would presume) for fans of cheesy horror. Those who became annoyed at the number of ‘Scream' (1996) clones from the late Nineties may very well find this a refreshing change, as I did. A seldom dull and generally well paced script as well as some proficient direction helps to make ‘The Dentist' one of the more pleasurable cheesy horrors from the 1990's. On top of this we are presented with some particularly grizly and (on the whole) realistic scenes of dental torture, which should keep most gorehounds happy. Far from perfect but far from bad as well, ‘The Dentist' is a flick that is easily worth watching at least once. My rating for ‘The Dentist' – 6.5/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remember this movie in particular when I was a teenager, my best friend was telling me all about this movie and how it freaked her out as a kid. Of course being the blood thirsty gal that I am, I had to go out and find this movie. Now I don't know how to put this without loosing credibility, so I'm just going to say it, I actually had fun watching this movie! I know that it's stupid, not the best story and beyond bloody and gruesome, but that's what I was looking for and The Dentist delivers in the scares, blood, sex, and crazy psychopaths. Sometimes I just need a fun movie like this to just let loose and get grossed out by.

    Dr. Alan Feinstone is obsessed with order and cleanliness. On the day of his wedding anniversary, he spies his wife Brooke having sex with their filthy pool man, Matt. At his dental practice, Feinstone's first patient of the day is young Jody Saunders, there for his very first dental appointment. Feinstone begins to clean Jody's teeth. Everything goes smoothly at first, until he imagines that Jody's teeth are brown and rotten. His dental pick slips, stabbing Jody in the gums. Jody's mother picks up her crying, bleeding child and leaves angrily. Feinstone sees his second patient, beauty queen April Reign. Alone with April, Feinstone sedates her with nitrous oxide so that he can fill a cavity in one of her molars. As she drifts off into unconsciousness, Feinstone imagines that she has transformed into his wife. He begins kissing and fondling her on the dental chair, then begins to choke her. April starts to cough and half-wakes up from the gas. Feinstone snaps out of his trance and quickly re-buttons April's blouse. Feinstone decides to end the day early and sends his staff and patients home. Later that night, Brooke meets Feinstone at his practice. He reveals his new Italian opera-themed patient room. He encourages Brooke to try out the room's dental chair. When she does, Feinstone binds her to the chair and sedates her with nitrous oxide. With operatic music blaring in the background, he begins to pull out Brooke's teeth. Feinstone has gone off the deep end and is definitely not going to let anybody stand in his way of cleanliness.

    Honestly, as silly as this movie sounds, I did have a lot of fun watching The Dentist. The best scene without a doubt is when he teaches that nasty IRS agent a lesson in hygiene that I'm sure he'll never forget. Man, I don't think I've brushed my teeth so much after I watched The Dentist. Yeah, I am going to warn you, this movie is in no way for the faint of heart, it's very bloody. There's stabbing, gun shots and just these brutal dental torture scenes that will make your stomach turn. Yet somehow I just enjoyed this movie, if I ever want just a good gore movie that was made for true horror fans, I slip it in my DVD player, and that's the "tooth" LOL! I am so funny! Um, yeah, I try, give me a little credit.

  • THE DENTIST is an uneven, but quite effective little horror comedy that tries (and succeeds) at easy audience manipulation! The universal fear of dental pain will be amplified after just one viewing of this gorefest!

    Corbin Bernsen (he of L.A. LAW fame) isn't bad as Dr. Allen Feinstone, a wealthy dentist whose nympho wife is having an affair behind his back with the pool boy. He is obsessed with cleanness and despises "Decay" of all kinds, not just the molar variety, but of the human variety as well. His wife qualifies, and so do many of his obnoxious patients.

    After discovering his wife's infidelity, he snaps and goes on a murderous rampage, sinking various dental instruments into victims gums, ripping out teeth with pliers and taking a dental drill to the tongue. The stand-out scene is when he crushes a woman's tooth with a drill in glorious close-up. You will cringe at all this, for sure, since the make-up FX are quite effective....but you will also find yourself laughing through most of the gore.

    Since this is a biproduct of some of the twisted minds that brought us RE-ANIMATOR, the script and execution is not without touches of intentional humor. Good supporting cast, also. And terrific to see Ken Foree (Peter from DAWN OF THE DEAD) again, although he's wasted in a lame supporting role as a cop.

    Score: 6 out of 10.
  • I am never going to the dentist again unless I see his wife beforehand. If he has some delicious piece of candy like Linda Hoffman, I'll pass.

    Corbin Bernsen played a demented dentist to perfection. he wasn't demented at the start, only after he caught his precious wife with Matt (Michael Stadvec) the pool boy.

    Then he used his dental powers to torture his patients, and his wife, in revenge.

    Really gory, especially if you don't like dentists anyway, and really hot when Linda Hoffman was on screen.

    It was a fun experience.
  • This gem for gore lovers is extremely underrated. It's pure delight and fun! Gratuitous servings of blood, insanity and black humor, which can please even the most demanding lover of the genre. A full exploitation of the almost universal fear of dentists and flawlessly shot. Only for the connoisseurs.
  • When I first heard of this movie, I naturally just wrote it off as one of those 'formula' scary movies... you know, find one thing that a lot of people are afraid of(spiders, heights, closed rooms... and, in this case, dentists). But it was actually better than I expected. I does have some genuine scares, and the mood of the film is thoroughly creepy and unpleasant. Even though I've never been afraid to go to the dentist, I found the torture scenes to be quite painful and sometimes even hard to sit through. In fact, I might have problems the next time I go to a check-up. The plot is surprisingly original and interesting. The pacing was good... I wasn't really bored during any part of the movie. The acting is where the movie fails to surpass the low expectations towards the movie... it is exactly as bad as you'd imagine, and sometimes worse. The characters are also kind of stereotypical... there is just about every single kind of nervous girl with dental problems that you can imagine. The script also has quite a few problems... suddenly, more and more people show up to see the dentist. And even though the first couple of patients come out crying and in various states of unpleasantness, the rest of them are still (somewhat) eager to get in the chair. I did like the slow descent into madness of the dentist, Dr. Feinstone. That was surprisingly good. Normally movies like this have little to no explanation of the killers motivation, but this one had a somewhat good one. The cinematography was kind of experimental, like the camera crew and/or the director of photography wasn't sure what angles they wanted, and just threw in anything they could think of. As a result, some of it looks good, and some of it looks very first-year-of-film-school. The gore effects range from good to mediocre. I could tell how many of the effects were done, but some of them had a good... uh... effect. There was relatively little gore, which came as a surprise... most of the scares are achieved through suggestion and the eerie mood of the film. I found it to be a nice diversity when the kills were done without dental equipment... this only happens a few times through the movie, but when it does, it's a good change of pace. The film has a few good qualities, and about as many poor qualities. However, the latter group can be ignored by being a little forthcoming and looking at the good, entertaining stuff in the film. There's a good amount of attractive girls in the film, and the scares are reasonably good. I recommend this to fans of B-movies, horror flicks and possibly of the director or one or more of the actors. I urge anyone who's scared of dentists to think twice about the film, though... it might turn them entirely off to dentists. Everyone else, consider watching this movie. It's surprisingly entertaining and not as bad as many claim it is. 6/10
  • youngsteve29 December 2003
    If you are looking for a comedy type slasher movie forget it, as this is an old style type horror movie with plenty of gore & tension througout. Also like many of these fims it is unintentionally funny, though in all fairness this is not badly made, & the acting is okay, particularly from Bernsen. The main cop & girl with braces are also good. I must admit a few scenes made me wince & look away, but it hasn't put me off going to the dentist.

    Not too bad for its type, & worth a look, as long as you don't have a phobia about teeth or dentists.

  • Director Brian Yuzna has had an uneven career in the horror genre, creating masterpieces such as "Return of the Living Dead 3" or "Bride of Re-Animator", but at the same time he has done awful movies such as "Faust: Love for the Damned" or the mediocre "Progeny". He is obviously better in the seat of Producer where his work producing Stuart Gordon's films has been superb.

    "The Dentist", is one of his lesser works as director, but the low profile it has benefits the film and its lack of pretensions makes it a very enjoyable experience. It tells the story of Dr. Alan Feinstone (played superbly by Corbin Bernsen), a successful dentist who one day discovers that his perfect life is not really as perfect as he thought when he discovers that his beautiful wife (Linda Hoffman)has an affair with the pool boy. This event disturbs his mind and puts him in a killing spree as he takes revenge on the world for being so "filthy".

    The premise is very well handled by Yuzna, as he takes us on a ride following Feinstone's day of revenge. What makes this movie different from most slashers is that we are not in the victim's perspective, we follow Feinstone because he is the main character. We witness how he goes from respected professional to psycho murder in a day. Yuzna manages to give the movie the exact amount of suspense but adds a good dose of dark humor that really helps the movie.

    Most of the success of the premise is in Bernsen's performance as Feinstone. He can make you feel sympathy and hate towards him at the same time, and the subtle humor his character has is another aspect that aids the film. The rest of the cast is not as good, and I think that their sub par acting hurts the film more than it should. A notable exception is Ken Foree, as the detective trying to catch Feinstone. While his part is quite small, he makes a great job with it.

    With a dentist as killer, gory scenes are expected, and Brian Yuzna delivers great SFX in the correct amount. It's good to see that he does not go over-the-top with it as he usually do, and I dare to say that this is a highlight of the film. It has the exact amount of gore that is expected, nothing less and nothing more. Yuzna restrained himself of his common excesses and the result is great.

    While this is not among Yuzna's most well-known films, I would say that it is one of his best. Sure, it is not classic material as his masterpieces, but it is a movie that entertains and never gets tiresome or boring. It is a low-budget simple film, but for what it is, I think it rocked. 7/10
  • conman199426 January 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    this is an entertaining movie. actually might make you uncomfortable since it isn't some undead psychopath or sociopath, its your everyday doctor. how scary is that. got some good actors and actresses in this movie, though some where unappreciated like Virginya Keehne as Sarah. Ken Foree who you might recognize from rob zombie's devils rejects and Halloween(2007) co-stars as our detective on schizoid Dr. Alan Feinstone's(Corbin Benson)trail. Short little summary is this: Dr. Alan Feinstone, a guy who has a sexy wife, nice house, and is a great dentist everyone loves. Until he catches his wife cheating on him with the pool cleaner. Then he starts having hallucinations that his patients' teeth are all rotted and that the female patients are his wife as he starts going nuts in this thriller. But before that, nice guy.
  • This would have been so much fun to see in a theater, back in 1996. There is a guilty pleasure corner of my movie taste which really appreciates really well done shocker movies.

    "The Dentist" is panned sometimes probably because people usually have strong feelings over dental matters. Maybe the ADA launched a campaign against it, since dentists report they have to apologize for this movie and for "The Marathon Man" (which only has one scene comparable to the many in "The Dentist").

    It's amazing to note that according to the trivia page, the movie was shot in 21 days. Of course, post production can take longer than movie shooting sometimes and the editing for "The Dentist" is picture perfect. The quick cuts heighten the tension so much that in the scene where the Dentist "takes care" of his wife there's only two quick cuts showing what is happening. The rest is left to our very fertile imaginations! Corbin Bernsen was a good choice for the role since he has lots of experience playing psychologically "off" characters and he completely sold the obsessive compulsive aspects of the dentist.

    For me the pacing of the movie was just right. The film makers reveal the wife's naughtiness in just the right way. All of the characters in the dental office look like they are actual people working in a real office. There's lots of tension while they are dealing with impatient people awaiting the dentist's arrival. Meanwhile the dentist is off on the cusp of a huge psychotic breakdown! Unlike so many movies of this genre, the script is very very tight. All the victims fall into the dentist's trap in very calculated ways. Two law enforcement types even get involved in a little subplot that ends up creating a shocker of a showdown near the end.

    Definitely not for the faint of heart or the dental-phobic but a real roller coaster ride and heavily recommended for fans of intelligent gorefests.
  • Doctor Feinstone is a dentist.He has a beautiful wife and a huge house with a pool.Suddenly he discovers that his wife is making out with the pool attendant-he realises that behind everything clean,there is decay.He starts to torture his patients...Corbin Bernsen is brilliant as the deranged dentist-he is completely believable.There is surprisingly little gore but the scenes of dental torture are quite nasty and grotesque.Highly recommended."The Dentist 2" is also worth checking out!
  • I don't know how to describe this movie. It's definitely one of the weirdest movies I've seen in a long time. It is very unsettling at times but also boring in other places. The scenes of dental torture are very elaborate and may attract anyone who's into gore & splatter. I found myself holding my teeth during some of the aforementioned scenes. The clever thing about the movie is that it plays with our fears and The Dentist is therefore quite unsettling.

    The humor of the film is somehow hidden and may not be recognized by everyone. But if you're a fan of weird and strange entertainment and teeth getting drilled to dust this is just the film you were looking for.

    If you read the comment and feel somehow attracted by this kind of entertainment, give it a try!

    My rating: 4/10 (maybe a little too weird for my taste)
  • ...and some of the scenes were technically incorrect (some instruments were used upside down and you can't diagnose lingual decay from a radiograph), but the typical viewer wouldn't notice these things. What I did like was the way the patients were portrayed as whiny, impolite a**holes and the dentist was a prick first, then a psycho. It's true!! This is how it is in the real world!! The obsessive-compulsive behavior that Corbin Bernsen displayed was right on the money. The office was gorgeous. (I could only dream of working in an office like that!) Fear and pain are the main reasons people don't like going to the dentist, so that's why this is the perfect setting for a horror movie. If you want a dental/psycho double feature, watch this along with "Little Shop of Horrors." This was a kinda cheesy, really gory, very creepy flick. I loved it!
  • Boggman17 November 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    As Dr. Alan Feinstone, Corbin Bernsen turns a marvelously deranged performance in "The Dentist".

    With his already obsessive compulsive tendencies in high gear, the IRS hounding him, and a very suspicious acting wife; Dr. Alan Feinstone is losing his sanity more and more each day.

    When the Doc indeed does realize that his wife is having an affair with the local pool boy, it sets off a string of events that lead to torture, murder, ant total mayhem! "The Dentist" is a solid film! Bernsen makes the character of Dr. Feinstone relatable and hateable at the same time. Even though he is completely out of his gourd, the audience will still feel sympathy towards him. That my damn good acting.

    A nice solid cast of supporting actors round out this gem of a film. Excellent direction, good killings and gore, and effective pacing will keep you entertained throughout the movies run.

  • The Creeper11 December 2001
    Okay. This Movie is a Pure Pleasure. It has the Ever so Violent Horror Mixed with a Little Suspense and a Lot of Black Comedy. The Dentist Really Starts to loose His Mind and It's Enjoyable to Watch him do so. This Movie is for Certain People, Though. Either you'll Completely Love it or You Will Totally Hate It. A Good Movie to Rent and Watch When you don't Got Anything else to do. Also Recommended: Psycho III
  • I'm surprised no-one has thought of doing a movie like this before. Horror is often most effective when it uses real life unpleasantness as a theme. And nobody (except for Steve Martin in The Little Shop of Horrors) likes going to the dentist. Tooth torture has been done before (see The Marathan Man for example), but this brings the terror into suburbia.

    The plot revolves around a dentist, Dr. Alan Feinstone (Corbin Bernsen), who descends into madness. Now our dear doctor wasn't playing with a full deck to begin with, but driven by jealousy and an obsessive-compulsive disorder he begins to reek havoc on those around him. The doctors spiraling mental condition is kinda close to what we see in Micheal Douglas's character in Falling Down, but with a horror edge.

    Written and directed by horror stalwarts Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna, its witty and has a great flow. Also featured playing a cop, is the ever welcome Ken Foree.

    Now I believe this movie would not work without the absolutely fantastic performance from Corbin Bernsen. Having really only seen him in LA Law before, I was blown away by his acting.

    The sequel The Dentist 2 is also worth watching, but slightly under par compared to the original.

    TTKK's Bottomline - A fun movie with some scenes that will make you cringe, capped (pun intended) by a great performance from Bernsen
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble here but the Dentist is not a documentary film delving into the history of dental hygiene. I know that is exactly what you were thinking, so don't try any of that crap with me. To be honest with you, The Dentist is an educational film where we learn about dentistry tools and their various uses. We learn what each tool looks like, how they work and how quickly they can destroy your teeth and gums. As a bonus, we get to learn how far a mouth can open before snapping the jawbone. But most importantly, we learn what happens if you neglect good hygiene. I tell you folks - I have seen the punishment and it's not pretty.

    The story of a dentist gone mad is what first intrigued me to watch this film. Just the idea alone is enough to warrant an eyebrow lift. But director Brian Yuzna takes this oddball concept one step further. He approaches it with the utmost care and devotion; relishing in every gory detail. Right from the opening scene, we see that Dr. Feinstone (Corbin Bernsen) is obsessively a clean freak. Every wall in his house is white. His shirts are white. The carpet, the countertops, his car - white. Everything this lunatic owns is white. There is a moment in the opening sequence when the doctor and his wife suck face, just after Mrs. Feinstone has been secretly smoking a cigarette. He immediately tastes the smoke and is so repulsed that he excuses himself to wash-up. The scene is great because we truly understand how gone this guy is. He is a ticking time bomb on the verge of exploding. Wait until he gets to the office - all those cavities. Tick… tick… I know, just when you thought it was safe to go back to the dentist.

    Corbin Bernsen, the master of dual personalities, heads up this stellar cast of unfortunate teeth cleaners. Surprisingly, I really can't imagine anyone else playing the role of Dr. Feinstone. He was perfect as the nice, calm guy who brings smiles to the faces of children and equally great as the drill happy maniac. He delivers really funny lines with the utmost seriousness. One of my favorite lines is "You don't know what it's like - the discipline, the long hours, lack of respect, in a world that goes on ignoring dental hygiene." I am laughing even now. He's just nuts! In the supporting cast we have Mark Ruffalo, Molly Hagan from Election and Devil's Rejects Kevin Foree just to name a few. Mark is the only marquee name in the film but almost everyone is recognizable.

    Where The Dentist really shines is in the directing. The film never loses its tone, which is quite an accomplishment considering the quirkiness and delicate balance between comedy and drama. Director Brian Yuzna uses this really cool technique when showing how Dr. Feinstone perceives certain situations. A patient will be sitting in his dental chair with a mouth full of pearly whites. We can clearly see this but not the dentist. All he sees are run down, wretched, green, plaque infested teeth and gums. While watching from the doctor's point of view, the camera shot distorts; similar to that of a funhouse mirror as we hear odd atmospheric sound effects. These moments do an exceptional job of conveying the doctor's inner workings. No wonder he's drilling everything he sees.

    The only problem I had with The Dentist was the finale. Right from the beginning you know this ride is going to be a crazy one. The film screams quirkiness and when that kind of tone is established, you just know the ending will be anything but traditional. It's tough because the ending needs to be smart, unpredictable and it needs to surpass everything that has come before it. Unfortunately, I don't feel The Dentist accomplished this. The film should have ended fifteen minutes before it actually did. Just something a little more interesting would have done it for me. For example, maybe he dies and returns as a bitchy tooth fairy. That would have hit the spot.

    Overall, The Dentist is a great way to spend ninety minutes. The script, acting and directing are all above average for the genre. Did I mention the doctor's wife is very hot and very naked? Did I mention teeth will be removed one by one with a set of pliers? If you're not already looking for your video membership card then I give up. What more do you want?
  • I was surprised to see this movie on DVD at but it was there and I got it. Some people don't like this movie because they can't see the humor of Corbin Bernsen's role in this dark comedy. It's described as a horror film, but I have a sarcastic sense of humor so it's real funny to me. I can watch it over and over again whenever I need a good laugh.
  • this was more of a hitchcock kinda drama than a horror movie. Definitely good family fun. The ending was uh "interesting"...
  • I was flipping through some channels and came across a movie which looked familiar, The Dentist. I haven't seen this before, but after reading the reviews it said it had an edge of dark comedy and graphic violence. I was like why not so I started watching through it and it started getting creepier by the minute. The Dental Torture scenes are not pleasant and I feel sorry for the creators why they produced this movie as well. It's a little bit of garbage, but it's a nightmare to begin with. I don't know why people so creative would put some material like this on the market. It makes me sick actually. I don't think they should even had made a sequel if all the reviews were not well written out. It is much disturbing and the close-ups of the mutilation were completely gross. It's quite ashame, torture in the first place isn't normal, let alone oral torture. That's shocking and no good. It has an edge of black comedy to it, but I have to say I don't know why Corbin Bernsen took this role. If I was him I would have said "No!" They shouldn't have made this because their are dentist out there and it's disturbing to even watch close-ups of molars being ruined and such. Oh my gosh this was nothing, but nightmares to me. Brian Yunza made this to grapic in the first place. Even watching a little kid in here get cut open was so sad. Do not think about making a sequel. I think you've scared people enough. It even made people physically sick(vomiting) running out of the theaters when the started watching this I heard. Brian Yunza you did take a chance on this, but some advice I don't think making a third installment of this video would be such a good idea. This movie was incredibly disturbing let alone I was scared for all the actors who took part in this.
  • The 90's had quite an interesting list of great and bizarrely over-the-top horror flicks and this is one of them! Let's just look at the story. The beloved doctor Alan Feinstone is a dentist and his patients always feel very comfortable with him. He has some mental issues but manages to hold it together... until he sees his wife cheat on him. Does he talk with her about it? Does he demand a divorce? No, he goes f u c k i n g nuts! He can barely concentrate at work and is more annoyed with his patients than usual. Because of his delusional thoughts, he turns a boy's teeth to crust (which is one of several extremely uncomfortable dental gore scenes in the movie). But this is where the movie doesn't make any goddamn sense. Sure, the police arrives later, but shouldn't it already be, you know, when he tries to rape someone?! It's almost incredible, since he is called out on his s h i t by others as well, and still more patients keep rollin' into his little nicely decorated room to get their teeth fixed. However, this plot-hole is for the better good. It gets more and more absurd and there are several unforced moments of black humor when Corbin Bernsen with glee delivers his sleazy, unhumanizing lines. What makes the movie even crazier is that instead of taking a break, he acts like if there's no problem and still wants to do his job. Jesus Christ. It's hard not to spoil too much, but the ending is one of the most memorable ones for a horror movie ever. Most of the other stuff in the movie is ridiculous, but that creeped me out for real.

    Watch this movie if you want to have a good laugh! I'm not a fan of horror movies with copious amounts of gore otherwise, but it was used effectively here!
  • This movie was very enjoyable, though you'll only like it if: - you hate going to the dentist but aren't afraid of a movie where one of them goes beserk - you love horror movies

    I particularly liked the fact that some care was given to explaining the brute actions of the main character. The fact that he's totally obsessed by cleanliness (especially in the mouth) and then catches his wives providing some oral pleasure to the mud-covered pool-man is a pretty believable reason to go overboard.

    Liked it. I give it an 8.
  • scoobfan1117 January 2006
    When I saw the Dentist, I thought it was very cool. But this movie is not for everyone, especially people who do not like gory scenes as the Dentist has lots of gory scenes. That's why it has it's R18 rating. It's about a beverly hills dentist Dr Alan Feinstone, who finds his wife Brooke cheating on him with the poolman. It's best to go to your dentist "before" you watch this. But if you don't like going to the dentist already, then it's best not to watch this as you may be put off going for life. the Dentist has the best bloody revenge in it that I've ever seen. Who has ever seen a movie that has a dentist (Spoiler) pull out all his cheating wife's teeth and cut out her tongue with no anesthetic? Overall awesome flick, but not for everyone.
  • Brian Yuzna is often frowned upon as a director for his trashy gore-fests, but the truth is that his films actually aren't bad at all. The Re-Animator sequels aren't as great as the original, but are still worthy as far as horror sequels are concerned. Return of the Living Dead 3 is the best of the series; and Society isn't a world away from being a surrealist horror masterpiece. This thriller certainly isn't a masterpiece; but it shows Yuzna's eye for horror excellently, and the plot moves in a way that is always thrilling and engaging. I'm really surprised that a horror movie about dentistry didn't turn up until 1996, as going to the dentist is almost a primal fear - it's running away from a tiger for the modern world. Dentistry doesn't frighten me, but surprisingly; I would appear to be in the minority. The plot follows perfectionist dentist Dr Feinstone. He has a nice house, a successful career and a beautiful wife - pretty much everything most people want. However, his life takes a turn for the worse when he discovers his wife's affair with the pool cleaner. And his life isn't the only one; as it's his patients who feel the full brunt of his anger...

    When it comes to scaring the audience, this movie really makes itself. However, credit has to go to the director for extracting the full quota of scares from the central theme. The fact that he does a good job is summed up by the fact that I'm not squeamish about going to the dentist - yet one particular scene actually made me cover my eyes! The film follows the standard man going insane plot outline, only with The Dentist you always get the impression that there's more to the film than what we're seeing. It isn't very often that a gore film can impress on a substance level - and while this won't be winning any awards, the parody on the upper class is nicely tied into the plot. The acting, while B-class, is actually quite impressive; with Corbin Bernsen taking the lead role and doing a good job of convincing the audience that he really is a man on the edge. I should thank Brian Yuzna for casting Ken Foree in the movie. The Dawn of the Dead star doesn't get enough work, and I really love seeing him in films. The rest of the cast doesn't massively impress, but all do their jobs well enough. Overall, The Dentist offers a refreshing change for nineties slasher movies. The gore scenes are sure to please horror fans, and I don't hesitate to recommend this film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Dentist is a really good thriller. And pretty disturbing. I think we can all agree that the chances of running into a psycho dentist are much bigger than running into monsters, vampires or zombies. That's exactly why this movie is so scary. During this film, you'll probably think about your own dentist a few times. Whether he's capable of doing such things...You better pray his wife doesn't cheat on him. That's what the story is all about. A respected dentist in LA snaps when he finds out his wife is cheating on him with the pool-boy. ( That must be the greatest profession in the world, by the way. Poolboys always take advantage of the housewives when the husband is at his work) From then on our dentist, Dr. Feinstone, can only thing about taking revenge. He can't concentrate on his patients anymore and a couple of them get hurt. Things aren't made easier for our dentist when he's chased by an annoying tax-controller, a curious cop and a suspicious staff member of his. At one point, Dr. Feinstone can't take it anymore. Now he's not only after his wife but after everyone who comes near him.. The dentist is written and directed by Brian Yuzna and co-written by Stuart Gordon. You can take that as a recommendation to itself. These 2 persons already gave us a few great horror movies ( and personal favorites of mine ) like Re-Animator, From Beyond and Society. With the Dentist, they succeed once more to bring an entertaining and very chilling thriller. This film came right on time actually. The decade hadn't brought us many great horror films so far. I'm not at all saying this IS a masterpiece, but it's a nice change. Corbin Bensen is great as the dentist obsessed by hygiene. I remember him mostly as a comedy or drama actor, but he can sure handle a psychotic character. The rest of the cast does good work too. The woman who plays Feinstone's wife is really attractive. Also, it was great to see Ken Foree acting again. The actor from my all time favorite movie Dawn of the Dead plays the cop in this film. Yuzna casted him in From Beyond too, 15 years ago and I thank him for that. I don't recommend this movie to everyone (if you have a weak stomach, I'll advise you to skip it) but if you do watch it, you'll enjoy it very much. You'll be disgusted...but that's an extra reason, I think. It's been a while since I was really freaked out by watching a film. It's a great topic to handle in the genre and Yuzna does it in a great way. Too bad this film was followed by a completely unnecessary sequel. My humble opinion on the Dentist ... 8/10
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