Aunt T.: Nobody ever knows what it's like for somebody else. That's always the problem.

Earl Pilcher, Jr.: Being happy ain't nothin' more than havin' something to look forward to.

Raymond "Ray" Lee Murdock: I guess everyone is entitled to make a complete and utter fool of himself every now and then.

Raymond "Ray" Lee Murdock: Hey! Don't go that way, you're gonna wal straight into the worst parts!

Earl Pilcher, Jr.: I don't care! I ain't scared of you or any other tough nigger that comes up!

[a long awkward silence]

Earl Pilcher, Jr.: Look, I didn't mean it like that.

Raymond "Ray" Lee Murdock: Only one way to mean it.

[last lines]

Earl Pilcher, Sr.: Now listen, this is not going to be like a Sunday picnic, I'm gonna tell you that right now. Ruby and my girls will be alright, I guess, but that nephew of mine makes your boy look like Mahatma Gandhi.

Raymond "Ray" Lee Murdock: Whoa.

Earl Pilcher, Sr.: He might take a shot at you, or maybe both of us.

Aunt T.: If he looks white it's 'cause his daddy's white. I don't know how he look, I can't see him like you can, and don't need to. I don't have the blessing of being able to separate people by lookin' at 'em any more.

Aunt T.: Don't know why anybody'd eat unsalted butter. Might as well eat Vaseline. Got about as much flavor.

Earl Pilcher, Jr.: I used to play a little ball. I was small, but I made up for it by being slow.

Raymond "Ray" Lee Murdock: When I look at you I see him. And I can't look at you anymore.

[begins laughing]

Earl Pilcher, Sr.: What's so funny?

Raymond "Ray" Lee Murdock: How does it feel, Mr. Filcher?

Earl Pilcher, Sr.: How does what feel?

Raymond "Ray" Lee Murdock: Being colored.

Earl Pilcher, Sr.: I've never seen a damn Yankee yet that could operate more than a wheelbarrow.