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Sunny Deol: Kashi Nath



  • Katya's Brother-In-Law : [after Danny orders Mukesh Rishi to back down]  Good thing Jijaji you stopped him at the right moment. Else rather than 7, only 6 brothers would be left

    [Gets slapped on the head by Deep Dhillon] 

    Katya : Kashinath, I am more than pleased seeing your valor and courage. You too would be very delighted knowing that from today on, you would work in my syndicate.

    Kashi Nath : These are hands of a common man Katya. They can melt metal and mould it into a desired shape. This strength is a result of the bread earned by sweat and blood. I needn't live on the goodwill of anybody.

    Katya : Rather than living like ants and parasites, its better to stay here between men, like a lion.

    Kashi Nath : When caged, even lions become dogs Katya. You want me to stay here as your pet dog ? Bark when you wish me to ? Bite when you order me to ?

    Katya : You can say so, what's the big deal. If you work with us, you'll achieve fame, wealth, rewards and people shall FEAR you.

    Kashi Nath : Only those who have water instead of blood survive by intimidating people.

    Katya : [In an angry tone warning Sunny Deol]  Kashinath !

    Kashi Nath : If are so interested in proving yourself a MAN, stop taking assistance from dogs Katya.

    Katya : [after his enraged brothers appear to attack Sunny Deol]  Hold it.

    Katya : [after Sunny Deol leaves having rescued his nephew]  His death needs to be figured out soon.

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