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  • Ghatak is one of my all time favorite movies and easily my best Sunny Deol movie .The dialogues of Ghaatak are excellent because they are very very realistic.One can watch this movie only to hear brilliant dialogues.The songs are very good especially Nigahon Ne cheraa hai and Koi Jaaye to le aaye by Alka Yagnik.This movie is a must watch for every person who want to understand what is the true meaning of one's right in life.Only Sunny Deol could do full justification to the role of a macho,manly,honest and tough person like Kaashi's character in this movie.Amrish Puri has also acted brilliantly in this movie.Ghaatak is definitely a must watch movie for any Bollywood fan.You will never repent after watching this movie completely if you believe in meaningful cinema.
  • Sunny Deol has been my hero for a very long time, and I consider Ghatak to be the film in which he plays his most intense and endearing role.

    Plot: Shambu Nath (played the late Amrish Puri) lives in Banaras. Shambu Nath has been coughing up blood for some time, so his adopted son Kashi Nath (Sunny Deol), wants him to go and visit his son Shiv Nath (K.K Raina) who has married and moved (without his father's consent) to the outskirts of a big city and has setup a small business of a bookstore there.

    They arrive, and are welcomed by Shiv. Shiv arranges for a medical checkup at a hospital for Shambu.

    One day it so happens that Kashi defends a helpless woman (played by Ila Arun) against some thugs. This sparks off a raging war between the leader of the thugs called Katya played by (Danny Denzongpa).

    Will Shambu be cured? Will Kashi prevail against the tyranny of Katya? See the film to find out.

    The film is directed by Shree Rajkumar Santoshi who has directed such blockbuster hits like Damini (1993), Ghayal (1990), Pukar (2000), Andaz Apna Apna(1994) and China Gate(1998).

    Other notable stars in the film are Om Puri, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Tinnu Annand, Mukesh Rishi, Rohini Hattangadi, and Viju Khote.
  • The best thing with the movie is that no action scene will seems indigestible or impossible to you. Sunny has performed all the scenes is the best possible way and I think it is impossible to improve perfection. This much awaited Sunny-Santoshi took 5 yrs to finally see the way to theaters but it hit the bullseye. The Dialogues were perfect and well written. The dialogues during Sunny-Danny encounter after cage fighting were superb: Danny- Kathia respects brave man/lion Sunny- Even a lion captured in a cage is a mere dog Danny- So what, if you will work for me you will get wealth, reward and above all people will fear you Sunny- The one who has hollow bones let others fear

    The tongue lashing and abusing during the ritual of Sunnys brother between him and kathia and 6 brothers was superb. You can feel yourself as a part of movie; Sunny did his job with not even a 1% flaw. No exaggeration to say that he is the best action star in Bolloywood. The emotional sequence between Sunny-Ambrish after Kathia spoils them was fundu. Songs were melodic and seems part of the movie, so you will enjoy them.
  • This is one of the better action films to come out of Bollywood. After 'Ghayal' and 'Damini', the Santoshi-Sunny team has done it again. The idea for the movie came from a quote of Mahatma Gandhi in which he says that if he had to choose between cowardice and violence, he would have chosen violence.

    Beginning with Om Puri's character getting killed by the henchmen of Katia(Danny Denzongpa) in Bombay, we go to Banaras, where Kashi(Sunny Deol) is a wrestler and dutiful son. His father(Amrish Puri) has a throat problem so they go to Bombay to treat it. Once in Bombay, the two face a culture shock. Kashi is amazed at the people's apathic attitude.

    Due to circumstances, Kashi ignites the enmity of Katia and his six brothers.

    The action in the movie is fast paced and relentless. You can feel the escalating tension on screen. Performances are superb, the direction is tight (although it took 5 years to complete this movie).

    Sunny Deol has given one of the more powerful performances of his life in this movie. Amrish Puri has given a great performance, comedic for the first half-hour of the film. Danny is menacing, however his get-up could have been better(his hair is silly). Meenakshi gave a decent performance. The songs are good and are mercifully few in number.

    All in all, it is a great action movie.

  • Of all the Indian action films I have seen recently, including Sholay, China Gate, and Bichoo, I would have to place Ghattak at the top. There may be others but I have yet to see them. The action and fight scenes are very well done and realistic which shows that considerable effort went into making them just right. Too often, we see ultra special effects try to make up for sloppy editing and slip-shod action. Nothing looked fakey in Ghattak which enhanced the overall effect and proved that Bollywood can make decent action flics after all. Ghattak was also not marred by feeble comedy attempts and the songs blended well with the action so that nothing slowed the pace of the film.
  • Asbohra24 January 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    Ghatak is one of Sunny Deol's best performances and best action movies ever! It is a true action drama to the core, and it is NOT just action. This film is also about a father and son relationship (baap-beta ka rishtaa). Amrish Puri is the father, and Sunny Deol is the son, who takes care of him and tries to get him treatment for cancer. This was a totally different side of Amrish Puri, apart from his normal villain act, but he did great in a positive role (a bit humorous early in the movie). In his last scene with Sunny Deol, he advises him on how to avenge the hurt. Sunny breaking down and crying when he finds out that there is no treatment is memorable and the scene before the revenge theme against the baddies after they spoil his father will truly touch your heart. Even Sunny's anger against the main baddie (Danny Denzongpa) after killing him stays in your mind for a long time. (The only things that I did NOT like in this movie was the manner in which Om Puri's character was killed at start.) The best action scene was the cage fight after intermission, and how Sunny tells off the baddies is brilliant!! See Sunny's anger after his brother's ritual against baddies. This is an action-packed revenge drama like Ghayal, but this is also a great action movie to watch. I am surprised that this movie did NOT get as much awarding as it should have. This one is a 10/10!
  • After the grand success of Ghayal and Damini, This was another blockbuster entertainer from Raj Kumar Santoshi, Sunny Deol and Meenakshi. This is one of the best action movies and probably the best action movie of Sunny Deol. The movie begins with Om Puri raising his voice in favour of shopkeepers in his area against illegal occupancy of their land by Katia played by Danny. He gets killed by Katia. Sunny with his father travels to Bombay to his step brother for the treatment of his father. Sunny comes to know the problems of shopkeepers over there and stands with them in getting their land freed from Danny. Unable to get any help from police, he himself fights against Katia.

    All the characters have done justice to their roles. Nobody can match charisma of Sunny Deol when it comes to action scenes. He is one of the best action actors ever in the history of Indian cinema. The fighting scenes of Sunny Deol are excellent in the movie. Only Sunny Deol can do justice to such kind of roles.Amrish Puri has played positive role, father of Sunny Deol, in this movie. The chemistry between Sunny and Amrish is the best. There are few emotional scenes between both. When doctor tells Sunny that his father is having cancer, Sunny comes to his father, pretends that his father will be alright and starts weeping in his father's arms. I believe this is the best emotional scene in the movie. Danny is always best when it comes to negative roles.

    Meenakshi is as good as usual. Songs are also good though few. "Nigaho Ne Cheda Hai Dil Ka Tarana" is very sweet and melodious song. Item song "Koi Jaye To Le Jaaye" is also very good dance number. There could be room to accommodate one more song.This movie is the must watch for action movie buffs specially Sunny Deol fans.
  • canthinkofid15 January 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Many slick action movies have been made since Ghatak , but this still beats them,man,grandpa was right,old really is gold . Usually I don't like old stuff,well not just me,most youngsters feel so(although,they don't confess in front of their parents),this was different,I simply loved it .

    Yeah many action movies with better editing and effects have been made but with crap plot lines . This is not an action movie,it cannot be called just that,it is much more than that,it is a movie which tells us about love,about a father - son's relationship,it gives a wonderful message and it tells us what a good film really is .

    OK,after that lecture stuff,you might be expecting me to tell something about the plot but sorry(pulling my ears),I won't,after all,I don't want to spoil the party for you . Still,I won't leave you with nothing,and I can assure you of one thing(actually,3) - This movie will make you smile/laugh,will make you sad/cry and will give a message to you at the same time . It entertains as well as educates .

    As per the performances go,this is where the film scores the strongest . Sunny is brilliant as the innocent small-town boy and again brilliant as the man out to kill,the intensity in his acting is superb . I always felt that Sunny is good for only hard-hitting,action roles,but this movie proves his overall versatility as an actor . Amrish Puri excels in his shot-tempered yet caring father's role . Here's another actor who proves his versatility,he proves he's better than just a villain . The actress(oh no,forgot her name),is pretty and can ACT,and by that I mean really act well,as that is what many actresses of today lack . She is good in even intense,screaming scenes . Danny,I felt was always underrated,and wow what a performance he has given,he's exceptional . Other than them,Ilarun,Om Puri,Kashi's brother,etc,etc,all are superb,hell,even the side actors excel in their roles,one can watch the movie just for the acting .

    Rajkumar Santoshi has done a very good job here and I'm willing to see Sunny - Santoshi's other two popular works . The action scenes in this movie should also be credited because keeping in view the action of that time,this doesn't seem all that fakey . Also the dialogues are good as well .

    There's so much more to write about Ghatak but I don't think you'd like to read anymore(cheers if you've really read thus far,big achievement indeed).Also,this my first try at a review,so pardon me if I've written rubbish .

    Anyways,go watch this movie .
  • Well, I did not have huge expectations from Ghatak, but it worked for me on several levels, although the overall product is not particularly impressive. Rajkumar Santoshi is one director who has done some very good films, my favourite being Damini, Lajja and The Legend of Bhagat Singh, but this one is a mixed bag. The movie has good and bad points, but it is quite uneven and works mostly in parts. It started off very well, and looked rather promising especially because of the father-son relationship, which was beautifully portrayed. Sunny Deol is the devoted son, Amrish Puri is the kind, idealistic and caring father who suffers from cancer and yet never lets the nearing death deter him. Even the romantic scenes, which are given minimal screen time, are simple and pleasant. One of the best scenes in the film is the one in which Sunny is told of his father's state and lack of chances to survive. The subsequent interaction between the father and son when the latter tries to contain himself but finally breaks down, is so real and emotional that it really tags at the heartstrings.

    But then we also get a typical Hindi film villain in the form of Danny Denzongpa, and what initially looked like a touching drama about family struggle gradually transforms into a messy, painfully loud and over-the-top action flick. Too bad the story took such a drastic turn because rarely do we get to see films about relationships in families, and while it is according to me one of the best things about this film, it is totally sidelined by the end of the show. There was one particular scene when the villain humiliates the father but unfortunately it looks embarrassing and unintentionally funny. The movie does try to bring about some substance, like the moment when the father convinces the son to use his brain rather than his strength. This is a novel concept, but it is eventually poorly executed, lacking depth and relying on too much melodrama, ultimately failing to convey the planned message. In the middle we also get some unnecessary sub-plots including the disclosure of the leading lady's true identity. I cannot think of a more clichéd and banal way to ruin a film.

    The film's acting wavers between good, average and bad, and the problem is that so do the performances. Sunny Deol does really well in some scenes, particularly those showing his deep care for his father and his huge grief upon finding out about the latter's health conditions. But then the film lets him down by turning him into a typical hero of sorts. Danny Denzongpa as the villain is pretty bad. Meenakshi Shshadri gets little scope and although Santoshi tries to emphasise her role by giving it a story of its own, one would expect to see a better role to complete her career. She looks beautiful and dances very well though, but it was expected. The only one who is consistently great is Amrish Puri who steals the show with his excellent performance. Whether he is a loving father, an idealistic man of high moral principles, or a cancer patient who does not let his illness take over his positivity and optimism, he is throughly convincing, heartfelt and moving. I still give Ghatak some credit for some of its high-points, Amrish Puri's performance, and Sunny Deol's one to an extent.
  • rajputshri14 November 2021
    Superb outstanding movie by story and acting Sunny deol , dialogues and expression of Sunny deol made reality shown on camera , this movie only superhit basis of Sunny deol acting I think nobody comparable in the bollywood like Sunny deol action and dialogues.
  • Rajkumar Santoshi's Ghatak makes its point loud and clear. However, it's not preachy and provides a proper plot with entertainment. Still, I feel this is one of his most underrated pictures. This was the third film with the hit trio of Rajkumar Santoshi, Sunny Deol and Amrish Puri. How one wishes they did more films together after that.

    Shambu Nath is sick and needs treatment. His adopted son, Kashi takes him to mumbai to live with Shambu's real son and family. After a few days, Kashi notices something about the people in the city. He notices that they fear the gangster of that area by the name of Kathiya. One circumstances leads to another and Kashi has found himself in a war with Kathiya. However, the war is more than just a war against a gangster, Kashi is fighting against cowardice.

    The best thing about the film is that it's not boring and keeps the viewer intrigued all through. Not to forget, the movie has a handful of hard-hitting scenes.

    -The murder of Sachdev in the beginning. -Sunny's first scene with Danny -Danny torturing Sunny and Amrish -Sunny's revenge -Climax

    However, the best scenes involve Sunny Deol and Amrish Puri together. The scene when Sunny breaks down in front of his dying father is heart-breaking.

    Music is good.

    Rajkumar Santoshi's direction is excellent and there's no doubt on how good of a director he is when he has the right script.

    All the actors play their part perfectly. Tinnu Annand, Mukesh Rishi etc. All are great. Meenakshi is also first rate.

    However, the 3 performances that make Ghatak special are of Sunny Deol, Amrish Puri and Danny. Sunny Deol is perfect for the role of the fearless man trying to live a decent life. He proves how underrated he is an actor. Amrish Puri is just brilliant! He's loud when required and controlled when he needs to be. A perfect act. Danny is a strong villain, and to go up against a strong hero such as Sunny, one needs a villain strong as Danny.

    Overall, a great story about the underdog's fight against a very scared society. Recommended!
  • Amrish will get you emotionally invested, Danny will have you cursing at the screen and Sunny will satisfy your thirst for revenge. After Ghayal this is my favourite Sunny action movie.
  • Campy as it is, with the same old story of one man fighting against an evil gang of seven brothers, with themes of injustice revenge, revenge and revenge thrown in, 'Ghatak' can be a fun watch up until a certain point when it just becomes repetitive. I just wonder why directors kept telling the same stories again and again back then. Thank goodness such tripe are long obsolete today.

    Since Sunny Deol is the lead one can expect the hero to singlehandedly kill all the bad guys. Pretty much everything about 'Ghatak' is loud, except for most of the scenes that feature Meenakshi Sheshadri which are unfortunately very limited. The songs, though unnecessary, are pretty good. I had expected to see some awesome dance by Sheshadri but she has only one dance number where her face is loaded with excessive makeup (she still looks good though) and her costumes are abysmal.

    Performance-wise Sunny Deol, Danny Denzongpa and Amrish Puri are...loud. This may not be a nice thing to say but every time Denzongpa and Puri cried I couldn't help but giggle. Anyway, Meenakshi Sheshadri is good with what she's given but the role is nothing of a challenge and I wish she had come back to do better films instead of signing off this one as her last Hindi film. Ila Arun plays the crazy woman (the crazy woman characters were also a common ingredient in Sunny Deol films).

    Overall, 'Ghatak' is just another loud campy film of the 90s. Nothing new here. Nope.
  • I wonder why didn't Sunny Deol get National Award for this movie for best actor. It's much much better than Ghayal for which Sunny was awarded with National Award. Though his movie 'Arjun' and 'Arjun Pandit' are also very good. But Ghatak is unmatchable. This is the best movie of all time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    One of those movies that can give you an extraordinary power.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sunny Deol and RKS together gave 2 back to back hits GHAYAL and DAMINI. GHATAK was started post GHAYAL but released last. The film was in making for 5 years. The film released after Music director RD Burman had passed away(1994), Meenakshi had quit films(this is her last film). The film starts with Om Puri's murder and then Sunny makes an entry in a village where people respect his father Amrish Puri, then Sunny comes to Mumbai for treatment of Amrish Puri, their relationship is treated very well, The scene when Sunny breaks down in Amrish Puri's arms is treated beautifully. The film also tries to be a Sunny Deol type actionner and this time they are 7 brothers of Danny whom Sunny has to finish one by one, going by Sunny's action hero image. Just like GHAYAL this time too the film boasts of several hardhitting dialogues and action packed scenes but the drama between father and son is just the wallpaper. The film would be better as a father and son film alone but RKS thought to pack everything in the film not to disappoint Sunny fans. Must say several scenes are well handled like the interval point, Sunny confronting his brother, Sunny confronting Tinnu Anand and of course Amrish Puri-Sunny Deol scenes But the film does get too lengthy in second half and at times too over-dramatic

    Direction by RKS is good but he could've focused more on the emotional aspect Music by RD Burman, Anu Malik is great, Koi Jaahe to Le Aaye was a big hit, Nigaon ne cheda hai is superb too(perhaps Burman composed it)

    Sunny Deol sports various hairstyles in the film(as the film was in making for 5 years) but does a great job, as always in RKS films he gives his best especially in dramatic scenes, even in emotional scenes he is terrific Meenakshi Sheshadri doesn't get a lengthy role like DAMINI but does well in her role especially during the preclimax when she shouts Yahaan Koi Mard Nahin Amrish Puri is outstanding in his role and he won the best supporting actor award that year. Danny Danzongpa is good as the villain, Mukesh Rishi is decent, Tinnu Anand is loud while Deep Dhillon is adequate Harish Patel is typecast Om Puri is terrific in a short role, Tinnu Anand, Rohini Hattangady,Anjan Shrivastav and all rest lend able support
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ghatak was Sunny Deol's reunion with legendary director Rajkumar Santoshi who gave him 2 national award winning characters from the films Ghayal(1990) and Damini(1993). Ghatak was supposed to release in 1991 right after Ghayal but it got delayed and finally released in 1996 when the heroine, Meenaxi, had quit films.

    Ghatak is the story of Kashi who comes to Bombay to treat his father's tuberculosis. They come to Bombay and live with Kashi's elder brother. As Kashi's father, Shambhunath's illness continues to grow, the local people in Bombay in the area Kashi lives in are being threatened by the goon Katya and his 7 brothers. Katya continues to terrorize the innocents and when Kashi challenges and humiliates him, he has Kashi's father humiliated in public by making his father a dog. The action drama gets way more serious when Kashi's father passes away and his brother gets killed by Jeena, one of the brothers of Katya. It is then that Kashi doesn't go by the rules of his father, the freedom fighter Shambhunath. Instead of driving Katya out using non violence, Kashi starts murdering his brothers. Watch the climax to see how Kashi avenges his brothers death and father's humiliation by murdering the sadistic Katya.

    Direction by RKS is between excellent and good. He handles every emotional scene with perfection; he beautifully captures the relationship between Kashi and his father. Kashi breaking down with tears in the hospital, the light scenes before when the film starts and several other light and emotional scenes are brilliantly handled. The comedy isn't forced and it blends well with the movie. The film looses it's status of excellence when it goes over the top and tries to become a typical action film with loads of shouting. The film is still good but the typical elements and cringe worthy shouting in parts annoys and the film isn't any longer the excellent emotional film. Although the humiliation scenes are great, the threatening scenes are loud and they could've been less over the top. However, the action scenes are realistic and are a delight. The end is prolonged and the brutal beating of Katya does become irritating as it goes on and on. If the child of Kashi's brother didn't come to stop Kashi from hitting Katya after he died, I would've stopped watching the movie because it was too over the top and the action was no longer bearable at that point.

    Sunny Deol does a brilliant job as Kashi and he is excellent in the emotional scenes. In terms of action. he is superb as usual but it is the emotional scenes that make him stand out more than his usual outstanding action. Amrish Puri as Sunny's father, Shambhunath, is superb and he won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor for this fantastic performance. He makes everything from his pain to his humiliation look very natural. Unlike Puri's usual typical villain act, he is superb here. Meenaxi Sheshadri looks good and does a good job. Her dancing is good and her acting is superb especially in the frustration scenes. Danny Denzongpa repeats his villain act and does a damn good job. He gets some good moments and he makes the most of these opportunities. Om Puri has a very small role and he does good. Deep Dhillion and Mukesh Rishi do good as Danny's 2 brothers. The other 4 brothers do a good job. The rest provide good support.

    On the whole, Ghatak works as an action entertainer and its emotional aspect as well as the father son relationship is the biggest plus point. However, the film does not live up to RKS's last blockbusters and despite being a big hit, Ghatak pales in front of Ghayal and Damini.
  • Why people gives 5 or 6 or 7 its absolutely 9 out of 10 ..performance of sunny deol is excellent. No one can done this role like sunny deol ..its only sunny deol ..dialogue delivery and acting just amazing superrbbb movie sunny deol rockssssss
  • My all time favorite movie is ghatak.. The performance of Sunny Deol is just outstanding.. I love to watch Rajkumar Santoshi and sunny deol joint projects like Ghayal, Damini etc..
  • soibecameasoldier7 October 2020
    Wow, salute to all those involved in the making of this piece.