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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Pei Hua is a legend in gambling, as she has won many gambling challenges in the past. She was well known to be ruthless and would do whatever is necessary to win.

    Entering the foray are five friends, all of them are avid gambler, who was asked to challenge Pei Hua. Being amateurs, they were given guidance, tips and gambling techniques to fight with Pei Hua. At stake s a chance by the daughter of Lei Tin, who was defeated in the tournament the previous year.

    There were many slapstick humor and jokes throughout the film. What makes me laugh the most s the act of the monk. He was very funny! Scenes where he quickly seek Buddha's forgiveness for the sins he had committed really had me laughing. His sins included accidentally looking at a woman's cleavage and in participating in the gambling training.

    All in all, a fun movie to watch after a hard day at work, without th complicated storyline and twists.
  • In this final film of the "Five Lucky Stars" series, Supt. Walter Tso (Tat-wah Cho) hires the "Five Lucky Stars" (Sammo Hung, Eric Tsang, Kiu Wai Miu, Stanley Fung and Richard Ng) to help the daughter of cheated gambler king Lui Tin (Kuan Tai Chen) defeat the swindling Sheung Kun Fan-Fa (Suet-Fa Kong) in the ultimate gambling match.

    This film starts off slow with the painfully noticeable absence of Sammo Hung, who doesn't really appear on screen until the second half of the film; therefore, his Buddhist monk cousin, Leung (Vincent Lau), temporary takes his spot on the team. The plot takes a while to pick up steam, with just scenes of the very showy gambling teacher (Pei-Pei Cheng) teaching the Lucky Stars how to play cards in order to enter the tournament.

    It appears the film tried to capitalize on the "God of Gamblers" movies hype of the late 80s and early 90s, but resulted in some goofy jokes and nonsensical comedy. But as usual, the action scenes toward the end were entertaining. The villainess was OK, beauty queen Fran├žoise was a little air-headed but not a bad female lead and Fastbuck's cousin Leung was pretty redundant in the movie and served no real purpose.

    Overall, the movie is just one big slapstick fest with the gambling backdrop. There are some entertaining stuff here and there, especially the gambling matches and the action scenes, but the series really runs out of steam by this movie and as the ending credits role, I think it gives the series an appropriate send-off.

    Grade C-