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  • badriram7 November 2002
    Probably one of Kamal Hassan's best movies ever. It has a good story line to it, different from the usual Indian movies. For once there is no real bad guy in the movie. Yup that is true; the movie shows the evils in the society, which is the society itself.

    The cinematography is the movie is great. The locations are too. If there would be anything I would recommend is that to drop the songs, thought they are great and part of Indian movie culture, it really takes away the seriousness from the movie.

    The makeup is the movie is great, kamal really does look like someone that is that old. The fight scenes look just as cheesy as they usually do in any Indian movie.

    But hey it is great entertainment for the family.

    PS. Do not try the stunts in the movie at home.
  • Indian was clearly director Shankar's magnum opum and India's entry for the Oscar. This utterly brilliant and gripping film explores the horror of bureaucracy, corruption and bribery in modern India and its effect on society. Even locals themselves will be shocked as reality reflects on their TV screens in this movie. Whats shocking is the quality of the flashback footage in sepia of the colonial times where Indian rebels fought against the British. Such superb quality, story and acting is truly not seen anywhere else in any Indian-made film. However, as an entry for the Oscars, it would need some polishing up. I highly regret not seeing this film in the theatre when it originally released. If seeing this film a decade after it released, on poor quality print, left such a positive impression, I wonder what the impression would have been back then?
  • skbssm4 July 2004
    The film was meticulously made and its hard to find a flaw in the movie making. Kamal was the best actor in India and Shankar the Best Director and ARR always the best when comes to music. Shankar also should have got a National award for the film. Need more movies from the 3 combination and add to that Vairamuthu, Thotta Dharani etc. The movie should be treated in the genre of "Lagaan". No doubt the film was the biggest hit. The film was more than 3 hours, but not even once the viewers will feel boredom. I have seen that movie lot of times guess more than 10 times still I would like to see the movie again. Its an all time great movie. Nedumudi Venu needs an appreciation. Also full marks to all the supporting cast. Everyone had played their part well. A complete movie that was ever produced by Kollywood.
  • I highly recommend to watch this movie for two type of audiences- first, those who expect a good thriller from Indian cinema (of course not only Bollywood) and second, those who have only heard Kamal Hassan's name but never watched his any single movie yet. Kamal parts here dual role, one as an old man (Senapathy) who stops the corrupted people, and the other as his son (Chandru) who works in transport department concerning licenses. Kamal did brilliant job in this movie by offering both the roles of a father and a son. Perhaps, if examined clearly this is his career reflecting movie. There are some high definition visual scenes where we can see the real freedom fighters like Subash Chandra Bose and Senapathy together. This is a remarkable work from director Shankar, or say in Indian cinema. His directorial works are highly appreciable. For action lovers also this movie is a good reference.

    In romantic words, this is a love-triangle movie due to the presence of Manisha Koirala and Urmila Matondkar, both who love the same Chandru. They did their own works, and run the movie. But again, this movie falls under three categories- thriller, political (mixed with social) and patriotic as the title itself denotes. I watched countless times, but never felt bored as it is highly entertaining for the three hours continuously. It has two versions, original one in Tamil and another in dubbed Hindi version. In Hindi version there is a slight uneasiness with the uttering words of the actors in their lips as those do not match exactly, since it is a dubbed version.
  • Firstly, I like to say I am a Kamalhassan fan. But you don't have to be Kamal fan to enjoy this film. This is one of his best performances in his career. I rate this film has one of my all time favourites. The climax was very surprising and unpredictable. The film has a great cast. Kamal dominates the film, as father and son. Sughanya also gives good supporting performance. A mixture of a great script, good cast, good songs, and good actions scenes make this a 8.5 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    probably one of the best movies to show why kamal has an is one of the best actors.

    the movie deals with the elder kamal killing all the corrupt officials who accept bribe and who a cop chases him. the elder kamal is a freedom fighter , he does not approve of bribing . his son younger kamal leaves the home as his father denies giving bribe for job , and loosing his sister as his dad did not bribe the doctor for saving her. later the younger one becomes a driving inspector accepts bribe . he becomes the main convict for a school bus accident. he tries to cover the incident by bribing and ends up killed by his own father.

    the variations shown by the actor are amazing , and the best i have seen so far. he is fat as a freedom fighter, lean as an old father and a bit intermediate as a son. three variations in body in a single film, amazing. the music is good.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Kamal Hassan under the pseudonym Indian goes on a stabbing spree after the death of his only daughter. His aim to wipe out corruption in the Nation ends in a thrilling climax in which he has to kill his son, also played by Kamal.

    The movie, most noticed for its use of prosthetic make-up, graphics and an national award winning performance from Kamal, became a huge blockbuster of 90s Tamil cinema.

    Director Shankar, riding on a wave of success after his debut Gentleman and Kaadalan, cast Kamal in one of most expensive Tamil movies ever made. Song sequences filled with graphics, flamboyant costumes and stunning cinematography by Jeeva were balanced with a lengthy flashback of the Indian freedom movement against Britain, where Senapathy, played by Kamal, joins Subash Chandra Bose in a Forest Gump-like sequence.

    Malayalam actor Nedumudi Venu plays a cop investigating the serial killings committed by Senapathy, who comes back from a retired life as a farmer to once again free India of corruption. His son, Chandru, meanwhile has also turned corrupt and shockingly becomes an accomplice to the death of entire bus full of children.

    A couple of aspects of the movie stood out. Kamal's stunning performance, AR Rehman's music (he hit back at critics of his background score as well) and Jeeva's cinematography especially in the song sequences.

    Shankar makes the message of the movie so loud and the violence graphic (though not much blood on camera) that this almost kills the movie. Dialogues by Tamil writer Sujatha while being quite superficial suited the film to a T. Almost all actors expect Kamal, who is there in almost every frame, play two dimensional, superficial characters except for Nedumuni Venu, who performs his role with effortless ease that almost looks like he is being careless.

    The series of confrontations through the movie between the principled, though murderous father and the corrupt son form the crux of the movie. The characters are actually presenting the two sides of the debate on corruption, but this is cleverly written into the script. When performed by Kamal, these lines become more intense that they actually are involving the viewer in the story rather than its message. If only Shankar could learn to be a little more subtle.
  • Producer and actor Kamal Haasan dealt with the burning issue of corruption in his movie Hindustani (1996) which was originally made in Tamil as Indian (and also released in Telugu under the title - Bhaaratheeyudu.

    Hindustani (Indian) is the story of an aged Indian freedom fighter - Senapati (Kamal Haasan) who has shed his perspiration and blood for the motherland during the struggle fro freedom from the British rule, remained a soldier in the Indian National Army led by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and married a girl (Sukanya) by saving her honour. Now in free India, he is peacefully living with his daughter (Kasturi) and son (Kamal Haasan's double role). The thing which changed the course of his life is the corruption rampant in the Indian system of governance. His daughter passed away for want of medical aid because he refused to pay bribes to the doctors, the cops and the people holding chairs in the system and not ready to move a finger till their pockets are warmed. The loss of his beloved daughter got followed up by the separation of his son named as Chandru who feels that his father is sticking to his outdated ideals and not moulding with time and that only resulted in the death of his beloved sister.

    Chandru becomes a corrupt person by all means and grabs a creamy (from corruption viewpoint) job in the Regional Transport Office, warming his pocket through bribes. On the other hand, Senapati gets a mission for the remaining part of his life. And that mission is a crusade against the corrupt who rule the roost in India, rendering agony and injustice to the innocent commoners every day, every hour, every minute. Now the lone crusader Senapati starts ruthlessly killing the corrupt government servants and thus sending a message far and wide that any corrupt government servant won't be able to survive his attack. This mysterious killer is now trailed by a dedicated cop (Nedumudi Venu). Chandru amidst his romances with Aishwarya (Manisha Koiraala) and Sapna (Urmila Maatondkar) is going ahead with his corruption-soaked life till a lethal accident takes place leading to death of many children. Now Senapati comes to know that his own blood is no better than the other corrupt people sucking the blood of the masses in every nook and corner of India. Can he spare Chandru just because he is his son ?

    Hindustani is a movie whose story comes straight from the heart of a person who has devoted his heart and soul to his motherland but found that post-independence, all the ideals and values that he had fought for, have been thrown by his countrymen into the Indian Ocean. No regard is left for truth, no regard for justice, no regard for honesty, no regard for humanity and sensitivity. Greed for corrupt wealth has turned the Indians into stone-hearted fellows for whom money supersedes over everything noble, just and human. The Indian offices are studded by parasites more, human-beings less. And the collusion of the corrupt reigns from the bottom of the hierarchy to the top of it. Freedom fighters leave for their heavenly abodes one after another as their age takes over them. And the surviving ones keep on weeping at the abasement of the nation and more so of the people those populate it. We did not fight for the freedom of our motherland and hence the pinch is felt relatively less by us, we get used to the corruption and degeneration of values and adjust with the same. But how can a person soaked in the ideals of patriotism and truthfulness tolerate it and if he can, to which extent ? And thus the freedom-fighter of this story raises arm to launch another freedom struggle in which the adversaries are his compatriots only.

    Director Shankar has directed his own story very well but only to the extent it shows Senapati (both young and old) and his activities. When it comes to the activities of Senapati's young son Chandru, the movie appears to be no better than a regular Masaala movie made in India. Songs, dances, romance, comedy; everything is unnecessarily imposed on the main story which is sensible and sensitive. It's a digression from the main track which could have been and should have been avoided. Either you make a hard-hitting movie or you make a Masaala entertainer. When you make a two-in-one of them, you do nothing but dilute the quality of your product, reducing it from excellent to good. And that's where the director - Shankar has disappointed.

    Performance wise talkiing, Kamal Haasan takes the cake. He has done an excellent job especially as the old Senapati and quite sensibly has donned the wrinkled face to bring perfection to the persona being presented on the screen. He has done well as the young son of also but the image that remains in the heart after the movie is that of the aged father only, the lone crusader against corruption.

    With my highest regards to the fictional Senapati of this movie, I will support every such person who undertake such a mission to eliminate the corrupt. However at the same time, I also underscore that killing eliminates the corrupt individual and not the corrupt mentality which has spread across the length and width of our country like poison dissolved in a pond. The permanent and long lasting solution is something else - inculcate moral values and ethics in our young ones and go for character building of the generation next.
  • Hindustani is a movie about a man who loses his daughter to the condition that is aroused as a result of corrupt officials. He wants to get things done the right way, but he realizes is that the officials could have prevented only if they cared for a person's life. The result of this he becomes a serial killer of corrupt officials. The movie also contains story of his wife and son and women who he likes. She is a blue cross society member, thus an animal lover. Sadly his son chose's wrong means for his development just like those corrupt officials. This results in ending which shows son killed by his own father.

    It is very much true that some people will get better only if nourished with fear. I liked the way how character of Hindustani is constructed. He used to be a freedom fighter who was expert in a fighting art from ancient India, thus capable of killing a person easily. I did not like the masala part which included his son much. I wanted to see more of Hindustani. I liked the way how his justice prevailed even against his family members. He punished his own son for being corrupt, thus setting a new level of fear which was on par despite of any government policy. A film recommended highly.

    Rating: 8.0/10
  • Hindustani is a very good film with an unusual storyline. Kamal Hasan rocked in his double role as a freedom fighter and the freedom fighter's son. He is a brilliant actor. I hope that Bollywood directors would try to utilize his talents like S. Shankar did. His Hindi has also improved drastically. Manisha Koirala is good but not great. Urmila Matondkar is a notch above Manisha and she shows a flair for comedy the very first time with this film. I loved her scenes with Kamal Hassan and Manisha though her character doesn't come across as full-fledged at the end. Sukanya as the old Kamal Hassan's wife and Kasthuri as his daughter were good too. Overall, a must watch!
  • STAND UP AND SALUTE and don't waste your breath because mine has rebounded back to me, in these two lines.
  • sourishravi11 November 2018
    A Single Freedom Fighters Attempt To Kill Money Related Problems , He kills His Own Son And Brings Fear To The Entire People Of The State!
  • santhosh-102901 January 2018
    The movie was excellent. The movie has many good messages against corruption. Kamal Haasan's acting, BGM and songs in the movie and Shankar's direction were main highlights in the movie. The movie was interesting and not at all boring. waiting Indian Part 2
  • All in all the movie "Indian" by Shankar is in technological aspects up to another level in the end of the 90's of the tamil cinema. People who have watched some Shankar movies can expect a similiar theme to be handled. But still this story is way too simple and it has no depht. The movie is about an old indian veteran fighter named Senapathy played by the legendary Kamal Hassan who is supposed to represent the good and supportive side of the Indian. Due to personal losses he decided to fight against the corruption in government and society. The film follows aswell the life of his son(also portrayed by Kamal) who is annoyed by his father and follows a different path. The whole movie is now about the cleaning process of the Indian goverment and how the actions of father and son collide. The outstanding parts are the new technological experiments of Shankar and the fact, how there is not a clear antagonist in person. Let me begin with the positive technological aspects. It was a nice effort by Shankar to try something new and develop. Especially in the songs the VFX attempts have been good for that time. Cinematic-visually it has been only fine. It lacks of visual story-telling, which was nearly not present. The songs seemed fine, but they were placed irritating and they were distracting from the actual storyline. The background score was fitting good to the scenes, but it was not up to the usual A. R. Rahman standards. Then the character development and the performances were a big plus for the movie. The story of both father and son could match up and link in a neat way. I liked the way of the choice of an innocent looking old man as a veteran. But his behaviour didn't really match to his age. Nontheless Kamal gave a good performance. The other characters weren't developed that much, but the real MVP of this stage was the Krishnaswamy character with a nice portrayal of Nedumudi Venu. Now let me come to the worse part of the movie - the lack of story-depth. The story of Indian was very one-sided and simple minded. The corruption in India was shown very dramatic and successfully. But while only the corruption was shown, there was nothing that justified the actions of Senapathy. This makes the movie actually to the complete opposite of Death Note, which handled the topic of justice well. The methods of Senapathy were not only absurd and unhuman, but they wouldn't work in the real world aswell, because the corruption is more complicated and the government is not that scared. On top of that this is a disgrace to the all mighty actions of the true Indian pride Mahitma Gandhi. Sadly this movie positions the complete opposite of Gandhi's hopes. All in all it's a decent movie with a lot of star power, which was also a big milestone in technological aspects in Indian Cinema history. But it's not even close to classics like Nayakan, Kuruthipunal or Thalapathi that have handled the topic justice with more depth and more heart.
  • "Hindustani" is a Hindi Version of a Tamil Movie and was also an official entry to Oscars in 1996. The story of the movie involves the increasing corruption in government offices and how corruption has engulfed the public and country. For cleaning the corruption, a veteran freedom fighter, who had fought for the country against the British ruler, sharpens his weapons and kills every corrupt official he encounters, including his own son.

    The story which the film tells is pretty questionable. Is killing every corrupt official a right solution. Despite a very improbable story, the film remains just compulsively watchable and you just feel like clapping when every corrupt official is killed; which explains how important it has been to wipe the roots of corruption. Kamal Hassan in double role is the biggest strength of the film. Especially in the role of an old fighter against corruption, Kamal Hassan excels and you just become compelled to clap for him.

    The film is pretty overlong though and many scenes and sequences seem to have no connection with the main theme. Only one-third of the film comes to the main theme and is the flawless segment of the film. The film uses superb special effects in the choreography and in the flashbacks showing the historic war against the British Rulers. Urmila Matondkar and Manisha Koirala have very small roles in the film which they have done well and added glamour to the movie. Overall, despite overlong and flawed, the film shall be remembered for a relevant issue the film raises and an excellent performance from Kamal Hassan.

    Rating: 3 stars out of 4
  • S. Shankar has a reputation for churning out expensive trash. I couldn't help but crack up when I heard that 'Indian' was India's entry to the Oscars. Not that I hold the Oscars as one of the most esteemed awards but they are classy and the idea that someone would even think of submitting what looks like a B-grade product is beyond laughable. 'Indian' is pretty much just another patriotic vigilant film. Kamal Hassan assumes a dual role. He's stiff as the aged patriot Senapathy who wears the same monotonous facial expression throughout the entire film and as Chandra who hops around like a caricature. Manisha Koirala and Urmila Matondkar do not have much screen time but they shine in their few scenes. Matondkar provides some great comic relief. Sukanya is competent. A.R. Rahman's music is very pleasant to the ears. The lyrics may be weird but they're catchy. Obviously the film hasn't dated well in the technical aspect. The special effects are very poor and the cinematography is flat. Anyway, other than A.R. Rahman's music, 'Indian' doesn't have much to offer. S. Shankar needs to learn that a script comes first where filmmaking is concerned.