Ronnie: Nice shootin', Bedford. You murdered the lamp.

Richter: If I want to hear you talk, I'll squeeze you.

Richter: Mom and I have one of those special relationships that transcend the usual bonds of... family.

Cynthia: Victor, this is my other son, Richter.

Victor: Vic here.

Richter: Hi, I'm the other son. You've heard all about me.

Victor: Yes, I have.

Richter: Thanks for redeveloping my house.

Richter: So, how do you like our new dad?

Billy: I like all our dads.

Keith: Never trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.

Cherry: You look like shit.

Richter: Thank you, I feel like shit.

Richter Boudreau: [referring to Cherry] Oh, a stripper and a junkie. Does she hook?

Cherry: You're a rich boy.

Richter Boudreau: No.

Cherry: I always wanted to meet a rich boy. I guess I've been looking in all the wrong places.

Richter Boudreau: [watches Cherry eating] I thought junkies lost their appetites.

Cherry: I'm not a junkie. I just strip, like Lonnie, and what's-her-name.

Richter Boudreau: Vicky.

Cherry: Yeah, the bitch.

Richter Boudreau: How uh, how old are you?

Cherry: I don't think you can tell that by looking between my legs.

Richter Boudreau: I... I'm sorry, I wasn't really looking.

Cherry: You weren't looking?

Richter Boudreau: No, I have this wandering eye, my right eye sort of drifts.

Cherry: You were drifting.

Richter Boudreau: I was mesmerized, okay.

Cherry: I mesmerized you?

Richter Boudreau: Well, you walk around looking like that, someone's bound to look. It's almost a fact of nature. I mean look, I could take down by pants and we'll see who's looking.

Cherry: Go ahead.

Richter Boudreau: No.

Cherry: You're shy.

Richter Boudreau: First of all, I'm not wearing pants per se.

Cherry: Your boxers then.

Trudy: I don't listen to dead singers, gives me the creeps.

Cherry: You're cute. And you're rich.

Richter Boudreau: I'm not rich.

Cherry: Just my luck

[starts making out with Richter]

Keith: Little sister done been disinherited and disowned cause she runned off and married some dope-head drug dealer.