The last film to be produced by ITC.

Cameron Diaz was billed as having a leading role in this film, even though she only appears for a few minutes in the opening scene. Many subsequent home video releases have gone on to feature her prominently in the cover.

Released to theaters the same day as the Eric Stoltz film Anaconda (1997).

The soundtrack features a didgeridoo, an instrument used by Indigenous Australians. However, the film itself has no connection to Australia.

This is the second movie where James Spader & Deborah Kara Unger play a married couple, the first being Crash (1996), which was released less than two months prior.

Cameron Diaz's character Trudy states that she was 13 years old when John Lennon died. In real life, Diaz was 8 years old when Lennon got gunned down in 1980.

Filmed in Texas, despite being set in Oklahoma.

Released the same month as the Joanna Going film Inventing the Abbotts (1997).