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  • deathmosquito14 April 2002
    This is the crappiest movie that has ever crapped on my eyes. It's god-awful, and I don't know why anyone wanted to waste their money to have it produced. Bad acting, cheesy story, bad everything. It tried to have some comedy and it tried to have some drama, but it horribly failed at both.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    what is kid cop? I heard that kid cop is a movie about a kid who is a cop. sounds REAALLLYYYY interesting. no wait, it doesn't. kid cop is such a stupid movie. I mean some parts were okay, but that doesn't mean ANYTHING. the movie had A) BAD Acting, B) stupid plot, and C) terrible taste in humor. I know it was a kid movie, hence the word kid in the title Kid Cop, but it just doesn't even seem to be enjoyable for kids. NEVER during this movie would I feel a kid would have liked it. i hated this movie more than I hate my mom's boyfriend, well, not really, I hate him more. But definitely I hate this movie more than pistachio pudding. Oh wait! I like pistachio pudding! So, yeah, this movie was bad!
  • well I have KID COP and I have watched it every day ever since I saw it the first time. It actually follows my brothers life. It's funny at some parts but boring at others. It's like Cop and A Half and Kindergarten Cop, but less funny. But I've watched it too many times and I got bored with it so just a hint, don't watch it every second of every day, it gets boring.

    When I first saw it I thought it was a mix between comedy chick flick(sorta), it has a little romance in it, if i remember correctly.

    the way it follows my bro's life is he pretends he is a cop, and made friends with the cops. He asks them 101 questions,no less, and helps solve small crimes in our city.