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  • Silly terror picture with a myriad of weird and unimaginative scenes . This horror story is set in New Mexico when something falls from space onto Earth , it involves two delinquents , she is Candy (a beautiful Mandy Clarke) and he is Johnny (Jason Durr) , they flee with the loot from a hold-up , but the latter is trapped and does prison time . Later on , Rita hiding out with four pastel colored poodles in a desert gas station cared by a group of nuns . Everything trembles and an asteroid crashes onto Earth . As a meteorite crashes near the station transforming the young girl into an alien being with a gigantic voracious tongue and the puddles have become people (now very famous Jonathan Rhys Meyers , among others) , in fact into four Drag Queens . The whole thing grows even weirder as her fiancé getaways from jail and also encounters the meteorite , and Rita (Mapi Galán) , a mute novice who is become into a sexy drum majorette , but the guards are after him . While , Johnny being chased by the jail officials led by a nasty Prison Director (Robert Englund who along with Doug Bradley as Wig are two terror myths) , and even the chief warden has its own portable toilet . After that , the Drag Queens/poodles dance in front of the wardens and the prisoners, then the wardens shoot the dancers ; meantime an old nun (Mabel Karr who married the great Spanish actor Fernando Rey) is tied down in their car . The whole bunch eventually comes into conflict and the events go wrong .

    This is a hilarious horror parody , surrealist , extreme spoof and gross-out but also with some brief moments being bold and fun . This is a slightly funny film , including entertaining events , giggles , profanities , and amusement but also very embarrassing as well as absurd . The main starring results to be the ¨killer tongue¨ , it delivers the goods , adding some acceptable FX , as when the tongue slaps Candy when she tries to cut it with an electric knife ; furthermore , the tongue writes on her forehead and makes many other fantastic things . The film moves in fits and starts most of which would be desirable , with more traps the viewer resists any kind, and some moments of enjoyment and others quite a few ridiculous . The flick is realized in ¨Troma¨ and ¨Frank Henenlotter¨ style , plenty of quirk roles , amazing transformations , abundant make-up and strange situations . The characters are all odd , grotesque and weird and the film races on at incredible speed . Dirty humor turns out to be sometimes cheesy and gross-out with numerous naughty and picaresque situations such as sex jokes , bad taste and adult scenes . However , it also contains uneven comedy , piggy humor , abound sexual scenes , profanity and grossed issues . A few of the scenes are amusing , they are elicit chuckles but no very enjoyable laughters . It is nicely starred by Melinda Clarke , she is gorgeous playing as a possessed thief who wears an eye-popping transparent dress ; Melinda starred known terror movies as Mortal Zombie and Spawn . The picture contains loads of fun as well as gore here and there and a passel of cameo appearances or brief interventions such as Jonathan Rhys Meyers , Doug Bradley , Stephen Marcus and Spanish actors such as Alicia Borrachero , Jose Truchado , Alicia Garrigues and Mabel Karr .

    Colorful and brilliant cinematography by Denis Crossan , a good cameraman who has photographed several successes such as The Hole , I Know What You Did Last Summer , Pink Panther , Agent Cody Banks and World Without End . It was shot in Almeria (Spain), where in the 60s and 70s was filmed many Spaghetti/Paella Westerns . The motion picture well financed by the great Spanish producer Andres Vicente Gomez was regularly directed by Alberto Sciamma . He was born in 1961 , Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain . He is a writer and filmmaker especially known for 2002 Anazapta , 2003 Las Mansiones de Jericó and this 1996 La Lengua Asesina ; his last one results to be ¨De Alaska a Fangoria¨ (segment "Descongélate") whose band Fangoria and leader Alaska composed the musical score for ¨The Killer Tongue¨.
  • EyeAskance30 October 2003
    "...OK...I have an idea for this movie, OK? This really sexy chick is waiting at a middle of nowhere desert house for her man to be released from a prison where this gay overseer is giving him a really "hard" time, get it? OK...anyhow, this sexy chick sits down to eat some soup, and a chunk of METEORITE falls into it from the sky! Great, huh? But wait, I'm just starting...she turns into this freaky, but even sexier sort of monster...and her TONGUE DEVELOPS A LIFE OF IT'S OWN! It talks kinda like Harvey Firestein, see, and has a real sorta nasty disposition, always wisecracking and all...and it eats people!! Sound good? Wait, there's more! Her dogs turn into flamin' gay drag queens! Hahaaa! So....that's my idea, in a nutshell, and it's sure fire! Now, all I need from you guys is about five grand to get it from the drawing board to the screen...."
  • "Killer Tongue" is an absurd tale about alien invasion..and we ain't talkin' your average boring X-files nonsense here. A young woman (who's lover is in jail for highway robbery they committed together) is "invaded" by an alien in her soup. This leads to a weird transformation of her tongue!?! It suddenly grows to 10 feet and has now got a taste for human flesh. The tongue also starts to talk! Her 4 poodles also eat the soup and are transformed into homosexuals/drag queens! While this happens, her boyfriend is workin' in a prison camp lead by a sadistic and dovelovin' Robert Englund (in an amusin' over-the-top part). This gory black Sci-Fi comedy properly tries too hard to make it as a gross-out cultfilm but, still, I was highly entertained by the insane scenes of death by tongue. The FX are excellent (it won prices) and the acting is pretty good so check it out. Viewers easily offended should stay clear of this freakish flick.
  • SykkBoy28 July 2001
    Wow, what a movie!

    This is strictly for the b-movie lovers only. All you namby pamby Julia Roberts movie going public should just stick to renting that piece of trash "Steel Magnolias" again while the rest of us enjoy great flciks like this.

    I get a kick out of reviewers that rented this and expected high cinema...hello McFly, it's a movie called "The Killer Tongue"

    Anyways, the movie concerns a hot chickie played by the always gorgeous Mindy Clark (billed here as Melinda Clark) who was a standout in "Return Of The Living Dead 3" who eats some alien infested soup and becomes a chickie with a mutant, talking tongue.

    Her poodles eat the soup and POOF they become drag queens.

    Anyways, I don't want to spoil the twists and turns and fun stuff.

    I got a huge kick out of Robert Englund (who plays Freddy Kreuger) and Doug Bradley (who plays Pinhead in the "Hellraiser" movies) towards the end when Robert tells Doug "I like you better with the natural look" a great inside reference about the Pinhead makeup.

    So, if you want something different then by all means check this out. If you haven't even seen a NightMare On Elm Street or Hellraiser movie, please proceed to the Julia Roberts aisl of the video store. ;)
  • Flipping through the stations the other night and came upon this movie. started watching it and was hooked. This is a melding of a sci-fi horror flick and all of the "Evil Dead" movies. The writing was a little below par but that was more than made up by the effects and the acting. Robert Englund was great. When it was over I still couldn't believe I had watched the whole thing. If you got the time and you are an "evil Dead" fan you will love this one.
  • A wacky saga for those fans of early Sam Raimi/Coen brothers movies, this movie has a great blend of rollicking humor and horror! The makeup effects are terrific on such a low budget, and the acting is zealous! Overall, the film has that flavor of late-night cable movies that can damage you in your formative years!

    It's quite a cast, with Mapi Galan, from "The City of Lost Children" and numerous other Spanish films, as well as Freddie and Pinhead, and even a cast member from "Straight to Hell"!

    Mind you, if you're here at Killer Tongue, you're a fan of the genre (or at least of those bizarre independent flicks that bring a smile to your face), and can appreciate the movie on those grounds.

    Beware, while having a strange, childlike nature, it's most certainly not Disney, and not for children (or for most grown-ups). However, if you like movies that appeal to your sense of absurdity like "Liquid Sky", "Greaser's Palace", "An American Werewolf in London", or the LEXX series, then rent this if you can find it. It's one of those obscure flicks that puts a smile on your face.
  • Here's a horror version of PRISCILLA: QUEEN OF THE DESERT (they wish!) starring Melinda/Mindy (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3) Clarke as Candy, a desert dweller who pulls off a bank heist with boyfriend Johnny (Jason Durr). He ends up in a South-of-the-border prison run by the sadistic Chief Screw (an overacting Robert Englund in a toupee). She and her beloved pet poodles end up in hiding at a gas station convent until they're transformed by a newly fallen meteor. The dogs turn into obnoxious drag queen "bitches" and Candy develops a VERY long, talking, killing forked tongue she can't control. Thugs looking for the stolen loot and other assorted numbskulls add extra complications.

    First off, Clarke is fantastic and makes what there is to make of this movie. You watch her and see someone very funny during the slapstick scenes, very convincing during the horror scenes and VERY sexy in various wigs and disguises, including an eye-popping, skin tight latex bodysuit...and wonder how come this actress isn't a huge star. It's too bad the rest of this cult attempt doesn't live up to her promise.

    Blame director/scripter Sciamma, who thinks the outlandish premise alone is enough to sustain laughs...but his vulgar gags, annoying supporting characters and stupid dialogue are no substitute for a real sense of humor. Another nail in the coffin; the film looks cheap, lots of garish colors and sets are strangely muted by muddy photography and the dusty desert locales. Luckily for Sciamma that Clarke is in his film, because she alone keeps you watching.
  • Man you really can't imagine what this movie is before you see it. Well to start with the plot: a girl lives in a convent, waiting for her boyfriend to get out of jail. Something like a pink meteor falls in earth and a piece of it goes inside her soup. Then she turns into this weird woman in black tight clothes, with a 10 feet killer tongue. To complete this nonsense her poodles are transformed in three really strange gay men, all this while her boyfriend tries to escape from the mad sadistic guy in prison. A must see if you enjoy B horror movies!
  • In his calculated bid for cult status, director Alberto Sciamma makes Killer Tongue as weird and wacky as possible, throwing in such outlandish ingredients as a talking extraterrestrial tongue that inhabits the mouth of a female bank robber, a group of poodles transformed into drag queens, a nun given a sexy make-over by the aforementioned poodle people, a fascistic wig-wearing prison guard with a pet dove, and all manner of bloody deaths including lots of full body explosions; the result is a predictably garish, gaudy, gory and extremely camp exercise in cartoonish excess (think John Waters' films/Earth Girls Are Easy/Priscilla, Queen of the Desert mixed with any other outrageous nonsense that crosses your mind), but it is one that frequently falls flat on its outlandish ass, not just by being dreadfully unfunny and extremely irritating at times, but for simply for trying TOO hard.

    The cast, clearly believing that this film would become a favourite with the B-movie crowd, thus immortalising them in the pantheon of cult cinema, put in embarrassingly OTT performances, desperately trying to inject a manic sense of fun into proceedings but failing spectacularly. Robert Englund is particularly cringe-worthy in his role as the jack-booted guard who leers at photos of hunky men in the john, but everyone else gives him a good run for his money. Meanwhile, Sciamma ladles on almost every vulgar and ostentatious camp cliché possible, only drawing the line at delivering a musical number involving gay dwarfs in sequined tutus and a troupe of fire-breathing gimps.

    About the only people who deserve any praise for this mess are Bob Keen and his Image Animation team, who don't let the inanity of the whole project prevent them from providing some impressive animatronic tongue effects and quite a bit of nice splatter.
  • Maybe I set my self up for a fall by believing the mini-hype around 'The Killer Tongue', but whatever the reason I found this movie for the most part to be tedious, and generally unfunny. It's equal parts early Almodovar and Peter Jackson without being as inventive or entertaining as either. It also reminded me in places of the underrated 'Accion Mutante', another zany Spanish sci fi comedy, though it was nowhere near as good. The premise of this movie is promising but the execution fails to realize its comic and surreal potential. Melinda Clarke ('Spawn') shows a lot more screen appeal than the mundane script she has to work with, and is easily the best thing about this. Genre fans will also get a kick out of seeing "Freddy" (Robert Englund) and "Pinhead" (Doug Bradley). Personally I was more chuffed to see Eddie Tudor-Pole, a guy who knows the answer to "Who Killed Bambi?".
  • This movie right off is not one of the most bizarre or even gory films which I have seen. The movie tries too hard to come across as both. I usually disregard plot and characters in these films because it always makes things confusing. The plot in KILLER TONGUE at the begininng is terribly confusing. The film is by no means bad. Actually I enjoyed the movie.
  • This was Alberto Sciamma's first film, and it won him a Best Director award at the Fantafestival. I don't know what he was aiming for, but he hit something.

    While her boyfriend (Jason Durr) is in the cooler, Candy (Melinda Clarke) hides out in a nunnery. Not your ordinary nunnery, but one that runs a gas station in the New Mexico desert.

    After some alien magic, Candy grows a long tongue and her poodles are turned into flamboyant drag queens (one is Jonathan Rhys Meyers). This are certainly getting interesting because this isn't just a long tongue, it's a killer tongue. It craves meat! While Candy is getting used to her new tongue, her boyfriend is being tortured by none other than Robert Englund, who is the Chief Guard at the jail.

    The nuns don't go away from the story after Candy leaves. One (Mapi Galán) is wandering the desert and comes on some alien rock that gives her healing powers, and another has been transformed by the transvestites.

    The huge tongue - we are talking 6+ feet here - transforms and talks! Candy tries to commit suicide, but the tongue heals her just like the nun in the desert heals her boyfriend.

    That nun was doing some special healing to Johnny later on, and they barely escaped with their lives after Candy caught them.

    Anyway, Candy finds out that a six foot tongue can do things that Johnny can't.

    This is one strange movie. It would have been more interesting if the only nudity wasn't two men's butts.
  • OK now this movie has so many twists and turns. Just when you thought you were going left, the wheel jerks sharply to the right. I won't give to much away just put it this way. Melinda Clark ( from Return of the Living Dead 3),Two horror icons; Robert Englund ( Freddy Kruger from "The Nightmare on Elm Street movies" )and Doug Bradley ( Pinhead from the "Hellraiser" movies ),Transvestite Poodles, A women ( Melinda Clark )that gets a "Killer Tongue" that could self impregnate, and a prison break. What is not to love about this. Cheezy, YES!!! Under average acting, Yes!!! Entertaining, YES YES and YES!!!!! If others think they could make a better movie that Ebert could praise ( if you want him to *COUGH* *GAG* )...I'll wager them to go for it. Most people will not like this film. It is only for a selective few. It might make you feel dirty after watching it or leave a sour taste in your mouth...but that is the enjoyment of it. And seeing Mr Englund and Mr Bradley together is priceless. The comment coming from Englund to Bradley..." You know...I kind of like you with the "natural" look." is also priceless ( both Englund and Bradley known for their latex covered Horror icon characters )...well there is my two cents and please don't take my words seriously either...but I'll leave you with this...Horror movies are suppose to be rated R NOT rated PG-13!!!
  • I've recently discovered this movie, and you might say I've been catapulted into a miniature cult status with it!

    I'm just amending my previous comment by saying; Killer Tongue is a film that has great unpredictable flair (I keep saying; "Meanwhile..." after scene changes with a lopsided grin), and reminiscent of many other filmmaker's early work, while they still have that restless vitality that comes without the jaded, cynical nature of experience. It's actually precisley something in that nature, something "funky", which I think a lot of big-budget movies have lost. Many of Mario Bava's movies have that great taste of whimsical flair, not the least of which is Danger: Diabolik or even Twitch of the Death Nerve. Some foreign films can really be found to deliver some spice!

    Also, the Tongue itself is uncredited, isn't it? For a while, I thought it was Charlie Adler, voice of Ickis from Real Monsters, friends of mine joke its Harvey Fierstein, but I doubt that pretty well. Well, good luck out there, there's much I could say about the childlike nature that is tapped by any monster movie femme fatale, and the self-deprecating nature of the movie, but suffice it to say I've got the CD soundtrack, and I'm hunting down the DVD.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a comedy-cult horror that misses on all cylinders. A space meteor/alien lands in soup as "boring as nuns" that is ingested by a woman (Melinda Clarke). She is taken over by an alien tongue and her 4 pet poodles are turned into flaming homosexuals (I didn't write this.). She is awaiting her boyfriend to get out of a Mexican prison, where Robert Englund appears to be the only guard. The movie lacks in horror. The dialogue is bad and lacks the humor and style needed to create a cult plot.

    F-bomb, adult situations, no nudity
  • Released in 1996, "Killer Tongue" stars Melinda Clarke as a woman hiding out with her four poodles in the desert of the Southwest USA with the cash from a bank robbery while her boyfriend (Jason Durr) is released from a nearby prison. When a meteorite crashes, her pastel-colored poodles morph into four drag queens while her tongue becomes an elongated separate entity that she must learn to control or somehow kill. A mute Nun (Mapi Galán) is also exposed to the meteorite and is converted into a racy majorette. Robert Englund is on hand as a gay prison guard.

    The movie plays like a mish-mash of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," "Rocky Horror," "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" and "Pulp Fiction," but with a micro-budget. If that sounds like it'd be good; think again. The plot's creative, to say the least, but the writing is more tedious than amusing and the filmmaking is all-around subpar. By the hour-mark I was seriously tempted to stop (or, at least, fast-forward through the rest), but I forced myself to finish it. Thankfully, the last act perks up a bit.

    On the positive side, there are about four genuinely funny moments. Both Clarke and Galán are easy-on-the-eyes; the former ultra-sharp with her amazing eyes running around in a skintight PVC suit and the latter donning an alluring outfit à la Marvel's White Queen. There are 2-3 quality songs on the soundtrack/score and the tongue F/X were excellent for 1996 and hold up quite well.

    But it's all for naught because the movie's generally incoherent and tries too hard to be a bizarre cult flick with an overabundance of fruity twaddle.

    The film runs 94 minutes was shot in Almería, Andalucía, Spain, with studio stuff done in Madrid.

    GRADE: D (2.5/10)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    An odd one, this. Following in the footsteps of other recent Spanish flicks like ACCION MUTANTE and DAY OF THE BEAST, KILLER TONGUE strives for all out comedy of the Troma variety. There are many strange things in this film which you'll see and then afterwards wish you didn't see. It's definitely unique, but whether it's good or not is another question...

    All of the elements required for a cult film are here. Perverse sex? Check. Gory violence? Check. Cheesy special effects? Check. Poodles who transform into annoying transvestites? Check (okay, maybe not the last one). Unfortunately, as is nearly always the case these days, much of the comedy in this film just isn't funny, and not a lot really happens until the last twenty minutes or so. It's just people walking/driving about in the desert, which isn't really that interesting. This feels like the idea of a killer tongue was invented first by some drunk, and then a plot loosely constructed around it. Which is a shame, as the potential was there for it to be something interesting.

    The cast, too, are wasted in useless roles. Everybody shouts at each other and acts in an offbeat way, but this isn't what I'd call acting of any sort. Another shame, because there are quite a few cult/exploitation actors and actresses involved. Firstly, the heroine, Melinda Clarke, more familiar to red-blooded males for her piercing eyes (amongst other things) in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3, here looking a lot like a goth. Her performance is at best poor. The male lead, Jason Durr, is uniformly bland, and manages to survive despite being shot, stabbed in the chest, and having many other injuries inflicted upon him. Plenty of scope for some wisecracks a la Bruce Willis but it came to nothing.

    Ed Tudor-Pole turns up too, although for what reason I can't quite say - perhaps to up the ante in terms of weirdness. Then there's Doug Bradley, who's never really been in anything good apart from the HELLRAISER series (he played Pinhead), which is yet another shame as he's quite an interesting actor. It turns out, then, that the most memorable actor in the show is in fact Robert Englund, who steals every scene he's in as a sadistic prison officer. Englund's acting is completely over the top, appropriate for the tone of this film, and frankly he's a delight. It's just a shame that his role isn't bigger. With Englund and Bradley involved, the film was begging for some 'Freddy vs. Pinhead' in jokes, but we get none.

    The special effects won awards but it's hard to see why. The only impressive thing is that they were achieved on quite a low budget, but the mixture of CGI and rubber is easy to spot. It's difficult to see who would like this film. Most of the characters are obnoxious. There's a lot of crudity (aiming for a teen audience perhaps?). The gore isn't plentiful enough to make the film a hit, like BRAINDEAD, yet despite all this the film never becomes an all out comedy. Perhaps if your idea of a good time is watching an actress run around in a PVC suit, then this film is for you, but otherwise give it a miss. I'm sure there are more important things to do. The only good thing about this film? I only had to pay a couple of quid for it, in the January sales.
  • "The Shawshank Redemption" is a wonderful, thoughtful, touching and intelligent masterpiece regarding crime, punishment, and the limitations of the human soul. I guess what I mean is, "The Shawshank Redemption" is a better film than "Killer Tongue". When did I come to this realization? Well, maybe it was around the time in "Killer Tongue" when the hateful prison warden (Robert Englund) gets into an outhouse plastered with pornography only to have an inmate dropped right on top of him from a crane. I think it was right about then that I realized that "Killer Tongue" was not going to be the cinematic masterpiece I had hoped for.

    Don't get me wrong, the "hilarious" outhouse shenanigans are not the film's only misstep. Take, for instance, the movie's "hilarious" gag of having poodles magically transformed into loathsome and annoying humans. Before I saw this movie I had a generally positive image of Poodle-Men, but "Killer Tongue" has changed that- I will never vote for a Poodle-Man now! No, no, no! > > My only thoughts that could collect reasonably while this frightful mess unspooled before my unbelieving eyes was that the film-makers had attempted to >. Their movie is near unwatchable- jokes and gore are merely suggested instead of shown thanks to the poor editing, the acting is horrible, the sets are supposed to look off the wall but are pretty bland, parts that are supposed to be outrageous are trite (Sex Starved Nuns? Oh, there's an original blasphemy!), and the whole thing reeks of the incompetence only A-Pix productions can put forth. Parts of it are funny, but still, you can actually smell how bad this movie is. It's mephitic stench reeks from the television screen. Horror icons Doug Bradley (Pinhead) and Englund (Freddy Kreuger) give the worst performances of their careers, and Mindy Clarke was a favorite of mine from "Return of the Living Dead part 3", but is painfully bad in this.

    Unless you're a connoisseur of killer tongue movies- and, rest assured, this is the "Citizen Kane" of killer tongue movies- stay very, very far away from this movie. Rent "Death Mask" or "The Wizard of Gore", just run away from "Killer Tongue".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    first of all let's start out by saying that Robert Englund Doug Bradley and Melinda Clark should be commended for having to be associated with this piece of drivel. i had to give this a 1 it wouldn't let me give it a zero. wanna know how bad this movie is? my mom calls me from across town and tells me "son, i just watched the stupidest movie ever. i responded as saying "the killer tongue huh?" she was like how did you know that? that's how bad this movie is. i mean it looked like a good movie at first Freddy pinhead Melinda. okay i'll give it a chance. i sat through the rest of this movie only because i wrote a column for reviews of horror movies. i implore you, don't waste your time money or even brain cells on this ludicrous piece of crap. run away. far away. if you see it on the shelf at Hollywood video blockbuster or even your local video store, turn it around and walk away....and i still want my two hours back dang it
  • jazza92316 January 2004
    This has to be one of the most outrageously stupid movies I have ever seen in my entire life. Just when I think I have seen the stupidest scene in history, along comes an even dumber and more bizarre scene. I think the transvestite poodles did it for me, or better yet, her talking tongue...or perhaps the guy getting the virgin mother statue mounted to a jeep windshield caught in his throat. Decisions, decisions...
  • This film comes from the crappy movie company called A-Pix, They were responsible for distributing crappy 90's movies such as Jack Frost, Razor Blade, Smile and The Ice Cream Man. I remember watching a couple of A-Pix movies when I was younger and being just appalled at how crappy they were.

    The movie starts with a bank robbery a la Bonnie and Clyde. Well Clyde goes to jail and Bonnie becomes a nun waiting until his sentence is over. time goes by and he's getting ready to get out. Well it just so happens a meteor crashes to Earth at the same time releasing a rogue alien creature that winds up in Bonnie's soup. She eats it and converts into smoking hot sexy babe,with a Killer Tongue!Well she fights it at first but eventually she gets used to it. Also she has 3 dogs and for some reason they all turn into homosexual men. Then suddenly her alien tongue begins to talk and they have a sexual intercourse later in the movie.

    The picture quality for this movie is really terrible, considering the small budget and they obviously used a crappy camera.

    Bottom line killer tongue is very horrible film, but a lot of men might want to watch it due to the title, hey that's the reason why I watched it.

    But if you wanna watch this movie go ahead and watch. If you are bored to death or feel like blowing your brains out just do what I did and take a short nap in the middle, You won't miss anything. Just make sure you're awake for the final 30 minutes. They will blow your mind...and tongue.
  • If you have time to kill this isn't a bad movie to do it with. That is if you HAVE time. Mindy Clarke is the best in an over the top performance with her Tongue who sounds like that gay actor guy with the hoarse deep voice. The first 30 minutes are a bit slow and hard to follow. I would liked to seen more of Mindy(Candy in the movie) and the Tongue do more stuff together. They are kind of comical. The video box does not give you much of a hint that this is a comedy. But there are a couple of laughs. This Spanish production could have been better if it were given more of stylishness of a Pedro Almodovar but, take it as it is. A class C movie good enough to pass the time with.
  • Uurrrrggghh!! Where can I possibly start.

    The Killer Tongue looked good on the shelf. The cover screams out quotable quotes, like the now obviously sarcastic one from Quentin Tarantino; `Wow!!!'. I should have read between the lines but instead I thought `Wow!!!' It's even got the hilarious one-liner under the title that reads `Go for your gums.' Tack City here we come.

    A black, bizarre comedy with a heavy Sci-Fi/Horror element running throughout, The Killer Tongue is an absurd film that you really cannot prepare yourself for. It doesn't really matter what I tell you about it, the good bits, bad bits. it's one of those films that you really have to see for yourself.

    The film can lay claim to winning a host of alternative film awards including `Best Actress', `Best Special Effects' and `Best Director', but somehow this is totally meaningless when you're watching a film revolving around a 10-foot, flesh-eating, talking tongue that lives inside the oh-so-cute figure of Candy (Melinda Clarke).

    Candy is waiting for her boyfriend to be released from jail. Trying to lay low, she adopts the guise of a Nun whilst living at a petrol station turned nunnery in the middle of the desert. With a very `From Dusk Till Dawn' backdrop, Candy decides that its time to sod-off and wait for her boyfriend elsewhere. which is when an alien being descends from the heavens via spaceship/moon-rock/pod (hard to tell) and lands in her soup! Yep, alien invasion through soup.

    So stupid in fact that my brain switched off, Candy then turns into a complete Marilyn Mansonesque figurine that simply has to feed her tongue with human flesh. We're even treated with Candy satisfying her own curiosities with a bit of tongue waggling in the downstairs department. Best bit so far.

    Not alone, Candy's' pet poodles also had a good deal of soup that night. As a result we've now got four very camp, "Priscilla" styled drag queens wandering around the house. What follows are scenes involving a lot of tongue wrestling, strangulation and wriggling.

    Robert Englund (of Freddy Krueger fame) plays an eccentric, evil jail warden who is partial to a bit of man-on-man. Surprisingly he's great in the role, which makes me wonder what he got into after the Nightmare on Elm Street series of pictures.

    A completely off-the-wall, highly unpredictable film, The Killer Tongue is worth watching because you'll probably never see anything quite like it ever again. Bizarre, trashy, sick and twisted it may be, but can it be described as being any good? Hmmmm. Can you polish a turd?
  • Really bad movie. Maybe the worst I've ever seen. Alien invasion, a la The Blob, without the acting. Meteorite turns beautiful woman into a host body for nasty tongue. Bad plot, bad fake tongue. Absurd comedy worth missing. Wash your hair or take out the trash.
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