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  • This trashy masterpiece is based on a cartoon by the great German cartoonist Ralf König (he is still quite unknown outside his home country and especially in the US for some reason). Your typical hardboiled, cynical, chain-smoking trench-coat wearing Italian detective stalks the street of New York. Only this one is openly gay, and is famous for his enormous..."schwanstucker". At the Hotel Quickie in his district, an alarming number of men have lost theirs. Over-eager hookers are first suspected, but our hero soon discovers the truth when he goes to the hotel and almost loses his – to a condom with teeth! Who may be behind this fiendish creature, and how is detective Macaroni going to convince others of the existence of this killer contraceptive before it strikes again? Unlike most Troma films this film actually have a rather good and coherent (but extremely absurd) plot. It is a satirical comedy that is actually played straight for the most part. For being a European film it actually had quite a big budget. It is also interesting to notice that lots of famous German actors and celebrities clamoured to get roles in this film that would have made Hollywood stars run away in terror screaming "Career killer!!!". The bearishly handsome and openly gay actor Udo Samel who stars as detective Macaroni has previously played in famous German masterpieces such as Far Away So Close and Kasper Hauser. There is a tender (but funny) love story included too. There is no frontal nudity but there are some sex scenes that might offend. But if you are easily offended, why are you here?

    The DVD version includes some nice animated menus, some Troma extras and a great comment track by the director and special effects supervisor. There are lots of funny anecdotes about the directors claiming to be making a documentary so they will get permission to film in famous locations, police officers closing off New York streets for hours, stunts that went horribly wrong, and all the gruesome scenes that were cut. "For some reason they cut a close-up shot here of the condom on the floor after it had just...fed. I can't see why. I think it was a beautiful shot". At one point there is a nice fade from a flashback sequence, into a reflection in a window, and then a pan as the actor turns and walks away into the distance. The director explains how he did it, and then with a big laugh adds "But this was probably lost on the average Troma viewer!" Alien designer Giger is included in the credits as a creative consultant, but he joined the filming so late he could basically only say "yes, that looks good" about the designs already made. The film is in German with English subtitles. Unfortunately you can't turn the subtitles off, they are not on a separate track but for what its worth, it is a very good translation. American viewers might find it amusing to see German actors speaking German pretending to be New Yorkers, but as the directors point out, that is what Hollywood does to the rest of the world all the time.

    The second half of the movie is unfortunately less polished (relatively speaking of course) than the first because the makers ran out of time and money. Lots of scenes were cut from the second half, which makes some subplots a little confusing, but the directors admit that the film would probably have been even better if some more stuff had been cut from the last half. However, it is still a good film and I can recommend it if you are a fan of trashy entertainment.
  • A brilliant piece of tongue-in-cheek work. Played with magnificent straightness and forthrightness. This movie has so many things lacking in modern film. It has mad scientists, deranged religious maniacs, New York City, Italian detectives, hard-bitten police chiefs, loves lost, loves found, loves misplaced and never looked for. We get to see the deranged work of genius put to the evil task of eliminating the impure before the second coming of the Messiah. Major bummer that He's a regular patron of the 'Hotel Quicky." Watch it, laugh at it, enjoy it. It's worth your time.
  • smokehill23 October 2000
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who liked this flick. It sounds like a real waste of film, but they actually have plot, subplot, character development -- it ain't Citizen Kane, but it sure is a lot of fun. The special effects probably didn't cost more than a lunch at McDonald's, but they were entirely adequate and a real treat to watch.

    I thought for a moment that Det. Mackaroni's speech was going to evolve into the Second Coming of Christ (which would have been quite wonderful), but alas they went a different direction. I'm really glad I taped this one.
  • In New York, four men have their penis ripped in room 308 of the cheap Hotel Quickie. The Sicilian homosexual smoker Detective Luigi Mackeroni (Ude Samel) is in charge of the investigation. While inquiring in the hotel, Mackeroni has a crush on the prostitute Billy (Marc Richter), goes with Billy to room 308 and they have intercourse in the crime scene. Luigi uses the condom supplied as compliment by the hotel and it eats his testicle. The official version for the police department is that Billy torn Mackeroni's testicle, and nobody believes in Mackeroni's version. After many other mutilations, Mackeroni finds that a fanatic religious woman intends to destroy gays, hookers, travesties and other perverts, using this weird specimen developed in the laboratory to castrate men.

    "Killer Condom" is one of the funniest politically incorrect trash cult movies I have ever seen. The story is narrated in off, as if it were a film-noir. Detective Luigi Mackeroni, the hero of the story, is gay; the former detective Bob is now Babbete, a travesty who sings in a brothel. Babbete had a three minutes affair with a drunken Mackeroni in the past and has been in love with him since then. Billy is the boyfriend of Mackeroni. Most of the story takes place in mundane places, such as the hotel / brothel where the crimes happen, full of hookers, homosexuals and perverts, and satirizes mainly fanatic religious, conservative groups and politicians. The first time I saw this movie was on 01 July 2000 on VHS. Today, I have just watched it for the second time and laughed a lot again. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Camisinha Assassina" ("Killer Condom")

    Note: On 08 November 2014, I saw this movie again.
  • Expecting this to be bad cult film in the vein of "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes", I was pleasantly surprised to find this a delight. New Yorkers and Oklahomans speaking German started me tittering. (It was also rather creepy--as though Hitler had won the war.) A little further, however, my tittering escalated into full-throated laughter. This is a clever parody of film noir, sci-fi, and soft-core porn films rolled into one. Top-notch performances by an excellent cast, a clever script, and talented direction make this one to see. Watch it with a group of unprudish friends for its full effect. Better still, watch it with a gay audience.
  • No, not KILLER CONDOM goes on to prove, that the fine line dividing mainstream comedy and good old-fashioned tasteless exploitation, has all but vanished.

    At the "Hotel Quickie," a New York City hotel/brothel, mostly male hookers and tricks are falling prey to a slew of razor-fanged prophylactics. Yes, castrating "carnivorous condoms," which, actually turn out to be man-made creatures concocted by a man-hating, ultra-conservative, religious fanatic psycho to wipe out homosexuals, hookers and other unsavory "perverts!" A grizzled, gruff and gay cop, who loses his "right nut" to one, is on the case.

    Other than running the gamut of penis and testicle synonyms, this vulgar, often side-splitting, deadpan horror/comedy does an fairly decent job satirizing politics, religion and sexual taboos and serves as a focused, pointed and blunt look at the gay lifestyle (and the stereotypes it creates) from a refreshingly pro-gay agenda--a first in the world of horror. It's surprisingly well made, directed and acted, too, with big time cult movie potential. The video is subtitled and unrated. Very much recommended (if you're open-minded)!
  • You've heard-it, and probably said-it: "Germans aren't funny, they have no-sense-of-humor", but it's untrue. How do I know this? The existence of this film, silly. This is an absolute laugh-riot from-the-get-go, the hilarious "Killer Kondom". A lot of North American-men will feel-uneasy watching a film that revels-in gay-culture, but this is some great social-satire too. Virtually every sexual-taboo is explored here, so Killer Kondom isn't exactly a date-film, heh-heh. But, if you want to remove uptight, unwanted company, you could do worse. You have to admire something this funny, yet-annoying. Ferchrissakes, that's what a "cult-film" IS. This could never, ever be distributed in-theaters within the territorial-United States. Our culture could not-withstand this film in that medium or setting, especially for the rampant homosexual-themes.

    Maybe the funniest-thing is that the film takes-place in New York City, with an all-German cast speaking their native-language. This-alone is pretty funny, but that's before you reach the plot! The story is pretty-simple: male-clients of prostitutes are being-castrated by penis-eating creatures in a seedy New York Hotel (amazingly, not the Chelsea!). The protagonist-cop has to discover what the attacks are, and who originated-them, and why. It's quite-a-trip to the ending, and often hair-raising, especially if you're male. The depiction of American Midwesterners is hilarious in the prologue with the Hayseed-father The story is a camp-noir-horror, involving a very-ugly gay-cop, lots of subplots of his past-relationships, and lots of baiting-and-chasing of the condoms.

    You could say this film makes-fun of several-genres, sometimes all in one-scene! From gumshoe-detective films, to John Waters grossout-insanity, to some truly-bizarre scenarios, this film has-it-all for those who love trash-cinema. A number of the scenes and makeup were designs-by Swiss-surrealist, H. R. Geiger, though several never made-it to the final-cut. I've seen his sketches, and they were downright-Medieval. Too-bad, as his concepts were what made this film worth-a-looky! Troma's DVD is passable, with lousy-audio, but it's cheap and fun, just like a one-night-stand. A cult-classic with a "Get-the-F%*#-Outta-Here!!!" -ending. If you find religious-intolerance of-sexuality bad, this film will definitely resonate.
  • I really liked the humor of this movie. The acting was very good and I didn't even mind the subtitles. Some may not like the special effects, but I thought the corniness of the movie and the cheesy effects went perfectly together.

    I highly recommend this movie.
  • highly entertaining and unusual movie - helped me to get away from Hollywood-made movies and see something truly different.

    Hope you like it...
  • chaosnbeer16 January 2004
    Definitly one of Troma's strangest and with a message. Killer Condom is definitly not for the homophobic or conservative as it is a pro homosexual movie that deals with society's issue's with homosexuality and morality and is an attack on the gay bashing conservative religious right community. The Killer Condoms of the title was created by the government( i think i can't remember) to murder homosexuals and sexual deviants proving a roller coaster ride of cheesy low bro humor and gags. Definitly for the open minded people out there to check out

  • Warning: Spoilers

    Killer Condom is not your typical horror film.

    Luigi Macaroni is the hard, stoic detective that can't love and dreams of returning to his home in Sicily, the only place that is truly home. He's a character from right of the classic film noir period. His longing to belong is a theme throughout the film. Detective Macaroni, along with nearly every other character in this film, is gay and he finds it impossible to truly belong in the big city of New York.

    Meanwhile he's got other problems: clients at the Quickie Hotel keep losing their dicks, and as strings of whores are led into the police station, charged with the heinous crimes, Luigi is the only one who learns the true terror - condoms with large, sharp teeth that attack victims right where it hurts the most. You can probably guess where that would be.

    None of his fellow cops will believe his story of these killer condoms because the only witnesses are drug dealers, whores, and pimps. But Luigi stands by his beliefs, eventually saving us all.

    Underneath the carnage and the sex, lies a story that is a biting (literally) attack on the religious right and also the Republican party. This film brings out the dark side of the religious right and makes the viewer question the basic foundations of morality.

    When Luigi gave his speech at the end about acceptance and tolerance, tears formed in my eyes.

    The only thing I can't figure out is why this film, which is German with subtitles, takes place in New York. But perhaps I'm just analyzing too much.

    Oh, Killer Condom is absolutely hilarious too. I wish my name was Professor Smirnoff or Luigi Macaroni.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this film last night on the LOGO network. As I suppose I should have expected, the show ran longer than the time LOGO had alloted for it, so I didn't get to see the whole thing -- my DVR cut it off early. I have to say, nevertheless, that I was having a great time watching it! The notion of killer condoms terrorizing New Yorkers is just too damned funny! The effects are hokey to the point of ridiculous -- the condoms are alternately cute and muppety or terrifyingly huge and ferocious. Too silly. The performance of the lead character, a a police Inspector, is actually quite good. He plays a rough-hewn gay cop looking for love in all the wrong places. His friend Bob (Bobette) is a former cop turned drag queen. And the love of the Inspector's life is -- well, you'll just have to see for yourself. All of this, plus an international conspiracy to purify mankind...
  • also known as "Killer Condom" this film takes place in New York,but all the characters are is after all,German film.i'm not sure if it's a good's a spoof film,but it's also a commentary on society,in my opinion at's deliberately absurd,that's certain.if you are a conservative fundamentalist Christian, you might find this one offensive(which may be the whole point of the movie)as a lot of its subject matter is quite...i'm not sure how to describe it.let's just say this film is very liberal in its portrayal of certain activities.i didn't really like it,but i think it's one of those movies that either works for you or doesn't,with not much grey area.i could be out to lunch with this one.all i know is,i haven't see anything like it so far.anyway,for me,this movie is too hard to rate.all i can say,is prepare yourself before watching it.
  • This movie was GREAT! The effects were created by H.R Gieger (Aliens Desinger)The extremely homosexual overtones kinda freaked me out, but it made me laugh so hard, my throat nearly bled! (I had tonsilitis at the time)The way the film played out, though seemed kinda long from watching it at 3 oclock in the morn, its really about homosexual Detective Macoroni's search for love. He's insulted by his co-workers, loses a testical to one of the killer condoms, and is caught in a love triangle. One's name is Billy and the other is Bob...Err...I mean, Babette.The film is witty, gross, funny,dark, and not for timid or homophobic. The best scene: A killer condom hid in a garbage can and jumps on a woman's nose.
  • slytherincap7 November 2004
    When I heard my friend had borrowed a movie about condoms that killed from a guy we call "troll boy"- I was a more than a little skeptical. However, "Killer Condom" wound up being one of the most humorous and original movies I've seen in a very long time. It may be in German with English subtitles, but that just enhances the gritty texture of its faux film noire style. This movie, though it lulls you into thinking it is predictable, has surprising twists and quite a lot of dark humor. A New York Detective, Luigi Mackeroni, is on a personal crusade to stop the genitalia-severing condoms after one of his own testicles has been attacked during a sexual encounter with Bill, a young gigolo who is after the balding cop for his...remarkable endowments. Will the condoms be stopped? Will they find true love? Will you be able to resist the luscious Babet? And most of all:

    how can you not watch a movie where the main character's name is Luigi Mackeroni? Come on, now. Thats pure gold!!
  • Based on one of Ralf König's gay comicbooks. Great adaption, great humor, great effects (by german sicko Buttgereit) and much better than Der Bewegte Mann, also a König adaption. One of the best german movies in a long time... and with a nice message! Also check out the original german soundtrack, with the lamest titel song EVER + a lot of disco!?
  • emildandy29 December 2006
    Funny, well acted, well directed, well edited: a surprise. Way less camp than you could imagine (for a movie about carnivore preservatives). In the movie you can dig the sensitivity and yet the somewhat teutonic brutality of the great cartoonist Ralf Konig, author of the script (more known for his comics about neurotical homosexuals). It makes regret to us Italians the times when WE did silly but good slasher movies, with little budget and many ideas. It's a bit weird hearing new-yorkers speaking German (weird and slightly disturbing...), but Americans should'nt bitch too much, considering that in Hollywood pictures everybody world-wide speaks English.
  • tedg15 August 2004
    Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers herein.

    When I enter one of these worlds, I expect risk. Not by itself of course, but paired with clever insight, unusual metaphor or sliding perspective. But above all, risk. Their risk is my risk. Quite literally, I enter these film relationships promiscuously without protection, bare, expecting permanent change.

    That's why I have higher expectations for something like this. But alas, this is not a risky project. In fact, it wraps itself in 80's satire and mundane fimmaking. It is too safe. It is as if its own condom kills it.

    Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
  • altheasus28 January 2000
    How much can you really say about a condom with teeth? The plot was really out there, but it was something campy to see on a Friday night. The story has a lot of unexpected twists, and it's a great way to offend all you're conservative friends!
  • Maybe I'm in a somewhat... special... situation. I'm teaching myself German and during an extended (and somewhat indiscriminate) search for German-language media, I came across this movie (no pun intended, that would be indelicate). I am also a fan of B-grade horror. So this was almost perfect. --- I must say: I laughed. But, more importantly, I learned some delightful vocabulary and some amusing grammar.

    This movie does not, in any way, take itself seriously, and that makes for some decent comedic horror. Language learning works better when it's fun!
  • ThyDavideth19 September 2018
    A gay German speaking Phil Collins plays an Italian who is investigating missing pee pees from a hotel perpetrated by monstrous condoms. Killer Condoms is a sleazy and silly $#!+ level budget movie. It homoerotic nature may turn off some people. I personally I find it contradictive to my nature but I don't think it's anywhere near bad. Just a few sensual moments and one gay sex scene that will make you go "nnnnaaah" but nothing graphic. Another thing is that the movie takes place in New York and everyone in this movie speaks German. Oooookay! And this is a Troma release so..... yeeeah! Overall, I thought it was well shot film. I like the dialogue, comedy, acting, the condom monsters and the story. It is even politically incorrect, at times. Killer Condoms is trashy but original. Recommended unless you find homoeroticism too disturbing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is a complete "what in the hell am I looking at?" kind of movie. Not for the conservative or for the homophobic or for the religious. It is a criticism to noir films, action films, cop films, horror films... probably every film on the planet.

    This movie's plot is insane: A condom that eats the genitals of every man that uses it. From republicans that look a lot like Trump (in 1996) to crazy experiments with condoms with brains I have no idea what to say.

    Characters? The titular is Luigi Macarroni, a gay italian cop that speaks German in New York. He is the least insane one.

    The dialogue is so abysmal it is bellygrabingly funny. The cinemathography and photography are more cheap than the effects (and these are cheap as hell), but it actually feels adequate to the insane plot. Scenography? Supremely cheap, but you feel in ambience. Seriously.

    It is an enjoyable, cheap film. Would watch again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A German movie in the German language, but with the plot located in New York and the main characters being a Sicilian gay inspector named Macaroni and a Russian crazy scientist named Smirnoff. By itself, this is enough for a hilarious movie. It has elements of Film Noir and, with scenes and music, it parodies "The Godfather", "Psycho", and many more legendary movies.

    The plot is based on the living condoms that bite off people's genitals in the hotel "Quicky" and the inspector who is trying to solve the case. As much as it sounds retarded and ridiculous, this movie really isn't bad. Two hours flew like nothing and I think I will watch it again, because I probably missed some more concealed references.

    Objectively, the movie doesn't have some special qualities, but for originality and entertainment, I would rate it ten out of ten.

  • The concept for this movie alone is worth renting it. For all of it's flaws , you cannot say that "Killer Condom" is unoriginal or unimaginative. I was actually surprised , during the first hour of the film , to see that I had actually been able to stomach a Troma film. The movies tries to have a B-movie type feel to it but numerous scenes within this actually lead me to believe that it was actually made by someone quite competent. The humour is crude and largely genitalia centered ( that's a given with a title like "Killer condom". ) which you would think could keep you entertained for close to two hours. To my dismay though , it gets old rather fast and the movie just seems to go on and on like a really funny sketch that goes on a little too long and ends up being awkwardly unfunny. Meh , Rent it anyway.
  • I thought only Troma could make weird movies, but it appears that Germans can come up with movies just as insane as Troma. Killer Condom is the tale of a homosexual New York detective, Luigi Macaroni, who discovers a "killer condom" is responsible for biting the member off of numerous men in the City. Obviously, the citizens of NYC can't have this, and Macaroni goes on a quest to find and destory the condom, uncovering a huge Christian conspiracy in the process. There are a few funny jokes, and one scene evokes an eerie parallel to the AIDS virus scare ("You knew about this?" "Yeah, but it only affected queers and hookers til now..."). All too often, this movie moves too slow and with too little development. But if you don't mind reading, and like weird movies, pick up Killer Condom.
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