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  • This movie was very good, it surprised me. You usually see a lot of romantic movies in which two people are soulmates they meet and they live happily ever after. This movie took it to the next level by showing you that just because your soulmates doesn't mean it will work out. Plus it showed it to you in a Hilarious way with Dead Poets, Family and friends...even the main characters telling they're story. Tim Curry is always superb so it was an excellent movie the only problem was the cinematography it was pretty crude but for being a low budget movie it shows. Still it's a good movie I give it 5 stars.
  • Overall, Lover's Knot was interesting and entertaining and certainly much better than expected considering the low rating and mixed reviews. It's not a great movie and could have been executed better, but once you stick with it it is not a bad movie at all.

    The photography is rather crude at times, especially in the first half, which gives Lover's Knot a slightly rushed low-budget look. The last third lays it on a little too thickly with the silliness and froth, with some of the characters behaving irrationally compared to the rest of the movie, and the Steve-Cheryl story strand lacks the warmth and focus of the rest of the story and at times a little random. Lover's Knot biggest problem for me though was the first five minutes, this review has mentioned that the movie doesn't get off to the most promising of starts but that's putting it kindly. In fact the first five minutes are so horribly cheesy that it's embarrassing, enough to make one want to switch it off and watch something else, but as a huge Tim Curry fan and as somebody who never judges a film/movie without seeing the whole thing(no matter the temptation) I never was going to do that.

    If however you stick with Lover's Knot, even if the movie still isn't to your tastes you'll find that beyond this point and once things get going that the movie gets much better. The scenery is nice, the music is bright and breezy and puts one in a good mood and the movie's pacing neither feels rushed or dull. The very funny and tonally wry script(with the exception of some moments of banal college humour, like the argument of who takes out the garbage), some of Curry's quips raise a good laugh and the meaning of love interview and Steve's room mate are breaths of fresh air too, and the suitably restrained direction work just fine too. The script also succeeds in providing a good deal of insightful observation and surprising amounts of heart. And while there are a couple of story elements that have been done to death(i.e. lovers in jeopardy), Lover's Knot manages to give these familiar elements a freshness, and the execution of the story helps.

    Lover's Knot's story conceptually was very interesting but when hearing it described as a mish-mash of documentary, past-life flashbacks and Shakespeare quips etc., it immediately gives off the impression that if executed wrongly it would come over as too weird and confusing. Actually it was executed quite cleverly and wasn't hard to follow at all. The kookiness present in the movie was refreshing, the movie is smart and funny in its dialogue and in the sweeter moments it doesn't become too syrupy. The characters on the most part are reasonably likable, as long as you don't expect three-dimensional, complex ones(it's not that kind of film), nor do the characters come over as too cardboard either. The cast add a huge deal here, Tim Curry is great fun while Billy Campbell and Jennifer Grey are charming, Kristin Minter is amusing and Adam Baldwin plays smarmy to perfection.

    Overall, starts off badly, but if you stick with it Lover's Knot while never a great movie gets much better and is worth seeing. 6/10 Bethany Cox
  • This movie I found totally out of the blue on a search for Tim Curry movies. At first since it was a low-budget movie I didn't have any expectations for it. But I thought it was good! Tim Curry made me laugh and Bill Campbell and Jennifer Grey together were adorable. If you're in the mood to just watch something entertaining and cute I'd recommend this. The only thing about the movie I didn't like was the other couples scenes. I thought that the way they did it was too random, when it first happens it's kind of confusing, but it wasn't that bad.
  • It was a lot of fun. It was very well-acted and written, except the end. I didn't like the ending, a little hokey. Still, it was more honest than most romantic comedies, and it was short. I like the documentary style, and the switching back in time. They almost overused the latter, but they restrained themselves just enough. All in all, not bad. Was it ever released in theaters?
  • confession #1: I do not usually enjoy romantic comedies. confession #2: I actually enjoyed one. The movie? Lover's Knot. It's a simple story between two people who are destined to fall in love with each other(duh) as told by Cupid's helper. But what makes this simple story interesting is HOW it is told. Documentary-style interviews of their parents to friends to even the (deceased) romantic poets! Kooky but refreshing than the average romance comedies which have the characters instantly falling for each other. Watch it.
  • Cupid's helper (Tim Roth) has been assigned to bring two people together. Steve (Billy Campbell) is a college lecturer who is working toward a doctorate in Renaissance literature. He is the consummate romantic, having once played Romeo on stage, where he changed the ending to let both of the lovers live! Steve especially loves poetry and has been known to use classic rhymes to woo his women. Megan (Jennifer Grey) is a pediatrician whose most recent boyfriend was an ego-driven fellow doctor. These two attractive people meet at the costume party of close friends and they are smitten. Steve takes Megan out on boat, where he has planned a romantic dinner on a starlit night. They soon become quite close and move in together. But, as Cupid's aid states, they have met in past-lives and, as a couple, have always gone up in smoke. As this is their last chance, will they make it this time? This is really a wonderful movie for those who love romance and, considering its small budget, is even more noteworthy in its success. Roth is great as the envoy for Cupid, making the most of his scenes, and the very handsome Campbell and the lovely Grey are also just right in their roles as the couple of destiny. The remainder of the acting crew is nice, too, with some stars making significant and funny cameos. As for the script, it shows plenty of imagination and refinement while the costumes, sets, and production are fine, too. All romcom fans are urged to get this film immediately, from the store or the internet. It is "knot" an overstatement to say that you will adore this sweet flick.