Moll Flanders: I kept kissing frogs looking for a prince.

Hibble: Circumstances have taught me that a man's ethics are the only possessions he will take beyond the grave.

Moll Flanders: I'm not going to fear any man of flesh and blood, no matter what costume he wears.

Moll Flanders: Hope comes to the young as naturally as the spring rains.

Mrs. Allworthy: Life's terrible short girl. Give yourself some pleasure. I'll bet you've never been kissed.

Artist: Great money does not a great human make.

Moll Flanders: I always thought I had to be rich to own the stars.

Moll Flanders: We experienced a delirious, timeless peace.

Artist: I found my creation in you. It's life. God is love, Moll. Love is God.

Hibble: Um, for your understanding, Flora, this is rather... delicate. Do you know what the male and female were intending?

Flora: Sure! I seen dogs in the street doing it!

Hibble: Yes... well, it's not quite the same thing.

Flora: How do you know? You're not a dog!

Moll Flanders: Don't you understand? I'm going to fail you.

Artist: I can accept that.

Moll Flanders: No, *feel that!*

[hits him on his chest]

Moll Flanders: That's nothing compared to the pain that comes with me. "They hung her mother!" *Feel that!*

[she continues to hit him and begins to cry]

Moll Flanders: "She slept with *hundreds* of men!", *Feel it!*, "She's a bitch and a trollop" and I hate you!

[picks up her things and heads for the door]

Moll Flanders: This is madness.

[walks out the door]

Moll Flanders: [storms Back In] I forgot me bleedin', stupid shoes!

[while Posing for the nude pregnant portrait]

Moll Flanders: It's moving!

Artist: Keep still... Both of you.

Hibble: There are more compelling motives than fear.

Hibble: Escaped from Cardiff prison hulks I did, with a highway alchemist named Gay; he could turn the lead in his pistols to gold

Artist: The Mad hermit that I am lived a wild life as a child. I made wings from canvas and bamboo. I wished to navigate the atmosphere like a bird; instead I studied gravity, and plunged forty feet from the mill roof.

Artist: [after his own long soliloquy, philosophizing on the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, & everything] What do you want from life, Moll?

Moll Flanders: Nothin' anymore

Artist: Come on Moll; I bare my soul

[interrupted by Moll]

Moll Flanders: [interrupting the Artist] and I bare my bosoms. We make a good pair

Moll Flanders: [after the Artist has challenged a threat from Mrs Allworthy's pistol] Was that gun that useless?

Artist: I lied

[. clears throat . ]

Artist: rather well, I thought

Moll Flanders: [Moll has cleaned up the Artist's loft. Artist enters... ] Well?

[points at his feet]

Moll Flanders: Take your boots off

Artist: You have yours on.

Moll Flanders: I haven't been outdoors

Artist: This is VERy unimportant.

Moll Flanders: . you angry 'cause I cleaned for you?

Artist: DON'T do this again! I'll never FIND anything.

Moll Flanders: [Moll grabs a shelving unit and throws it & contents to the floor, then repeats] There! Back where it was.

[Moll crosses her arms & turns her back]

Moll Flanders: ... GOD that felt good!

Ruffian: [Ruffian shoves Hibble as they pass each other] Oy blackie, go' any news from the devil?

Hibble: [Hibble decks him, hurting his hand] Sent you that. How'd you like it?